Stella Dimoko Family Declares CORPS Member Missing In Delta State...


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Family Declares CORPS Member Missing In Delta State...

A lady identified as Vera Uloma Ukah, a Batch C 2016 Corp member, deployed to Sapele in Delta State has been declared missing for more than 9 days now, according to a report by her elder brother. 

Her family members have been left in distress due to the development as nothing has been heard from the missing corper.

Read the letter which was sent to Facebook user, Sapele Oghenek

Good morning Admin

We are the family members of Vera Uloma Ukah, a Batch C 2016 Corp member, deployed to Sapele in Delta State.

Sir, we have not seen or heard anything from her for the past 9days. We equally understand that the primary and secondary schools are on vacation, as such; she should have had some time to visit home on permission from the corp.

Sir, we are not comfortable with the situation as every member of the family has been put in a trembling situation over her sudden desertion. All efforts to connect her on phone has proved abortive following the unavailability of her phone lines for the past 9 days.

We decided to sort for a helpful avenue such as this platform to solicit for the help of your good office to conduct a search for her by using the appropriate channels.

We look forward to hearing from you within a shortest time.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Ukah.
(Elder Brother)

Awwwww,I hope she is found or has already been found .....


  1. Father bring her home safely wherever she is.No evil shall befall her in Jesus name,amen.

  2. Hi read where a female corps member was being buried in delta state. May she be found

  3. What if she went to Dubai with that maga.

  4. She will come home soonest amen.

  5. I hope she is found in one piece. Let this end in praise Lord.

  6. I pray she gets home safely

  7. Is there still batch c corp members?
    May she be found

  8. Ah
    Lord, may she be found in one piece amen

  9. There is no batch C, its just A and B. J hope they find her sha

  10. I know this girl o. she is in batch B stream one. very arrogant and troublesome. she has quarrelled with almost every corper and staff in sapele. she was ist staying at d redeem Christian corper's lodge but was chased out cos of her stupid character. she fought with almost everybody at d lodge and there was jubilation In d air when she left. so I won't be surprised to hear that she is missing. too many people don dey plan for her. maybe one Ghana burger don treat her fuck up. that's what you get when you keep making trouble and fighting with everybody.all sapele corpers are even happy that she is missing. I read comments on our whatsapp page and was rotfl. her own is too much. Haba!

    1. You people are wicked. Yea. Those of u happy she's missing!!!!

      I could never pray for that to happen to my worst enemy. Demons!!! And to think they are living in a church lodge!

    2. Even at that,killing her or kidnapping her isn't the best na.shes stil human.

    3. According to You, she is troublesome so you people are happy she is missing. Don't be shocked when you pray to God and your prayers are not answered. You and those rejoicing are evil!!

  11. she don go her bf house cone switch off her phone so they'll think she is missing in order to avoid head count. and she lied to her parents. which one is batch C again? is she really a corper?

  12. Such a pretty girl.
    I dislike this NYSC thing. They should scrap it already. I pray she hasn't been involved in an accident..

  13. They can't find her because there is no such thing as "2016 batch c"

    How comes such a misinformation?

  14. This girl has lied to her family.
    There is no Batch C 2016,

    Maybe she has travelled out with her sugar daddy for summer break.
    I pray they find her soon.
    And if she is fine, let her use her brain and call her family, instead of keeping them worried.

    Come to think of it, is she the only graduate in her family? Why will she tell them she is Batch C 2016 and they believe?

    That's what you get when its just one learned person in a family.
    May God protect her and bring her back safely.

    1. So you basically assume she told her family her batch ?
      What if it was the person that announced made a mistake ?
      Until people start thinking GREY it will be very hard for women to survive .

      I am sure if it was a guy that's missing you lots will be here praying etc . Smh

  15. Hope she is found . With all this ritual dents in the country .is scary


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