Stella Dimoko FG Re-introduces History Into School Curriculum


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Friday, August 04, 2017

FG Re-introduces History Into School Curriculum

The National Council on Education has approved the reintroduction of History into the curriculum for primary and secondary schools nationwide.

The Chief Executive of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, who announced the NCE’s decision in a briefing in Abuja, noted that the re-introduction of History was agreed on at a meeting in Kano State.

The NCE held a meeting last week in Kano State where it also agreed that History should be re-introduced into the curriculum.

The TRCN boss lamented that there was still a shortage of qualified teachers for the country’s 170m population.

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  1. True and whole history NOT adulterated to suit some people

  2. This is good news. We cannot move forward if we don't know our history. Basically one should never forget where s/he is coming from!!!! Knowing your past is different from forgetting your past.

  3. This is great, proudly Historian

    *Larry was here*

  4. That is a very good news to hear and why was it removed​ in the first instance? I want the teachers to also teach the students all those government officials in the past that successful made away with public funds. They should tell them specifically that it is a bad act and they should not take after them ooo.

  5. anonymous gangster4 August 2017 at 12:16

    Perfect timing! Especially for idiots who want to go back to MMM.

    1. Anonymous gangster...MMM ke? How nah

  6. Who authorized the removal in the first place?
    I can never forget my history teacher/lessons.

    Is there a shortage of history teachers?
    If there is, then History should be reintroduced into the University/college of education curriculum. In the next 4 years, there will be thousands of history teachers.

  7. Hope measured would be put in place to ensure its sustainability.

    Our govt knw how to mk policies but lacks ability to execute especially educational policies.

    When we take a look at d national policy on edu n d objectives of each edu system (pry, sec n tertiary) we find out dt 80/90% of the said objs r hardly achieved. Reason being dt most of those d edu policies are on papers alone

    For example, d NPE states dt a child must attain 6yrs if age before entering into pri 1 n must hv uninterrupted 6 yrs of basic education before proceeding into sec meaning, u must be at least 12 yrs old before entering sec sch.... But as of today, 8/9 yrs olds are in sec sch

    Going wt the new 9-3-4 system if edu in Nigeria, I stand to state dt we are still practicing d 6-3-3-4 system bcx if we go by d 9-3-4, there won't be be need for first sch leaving certificate examination (pry 6 exam) pupils would only move into sec sch n it won't be called js1 rather, it would be pry7 or basic 7....

    The NPE also states dt students who r thru wt sec sch must hv developed entrepreneurial skills dt can mk them start up something on their own n become independent Incase they dnt get opportunity to forge ahead wt tert.

    But again? How do wen d curriculum is only theoretical?

    Teacger in some cases are made to teach wgat they didn't study n those who r willing to acquire more knowledge thru in-service training are not given d opportunity

    Teaching aids are not provided. We are made to improvise (which isn't bad) but d govt should pls put in more efforts to mk sure these policies they mk are achievable

    *No time to proofread*

    1. Great news! Most millenials don't know about our rich history. Our hetoes, heroines, events leading to the civil wars,re building Nigeria, coups, and our immediate history in general. The curriculum should also be reviewed

  8. History was in the curriculum before but the problem was, schools were asked to either choose government or history and many schools opted for history. I dont why the federal government should introduce civic education and make history an option instead history an option instead of merging civic and government.
    80% of Nigerian students who passed through secondary school don't know their history thats why they talk so ignorantly about Biafra. Some dont know even know about June 12, 1993, the numerous ways our heroes fought for this nation and for her independence.
    That's why we will continue to sing our national anthem as 'just something to be sung' without any effect and thats why the labours of our heroes past shall continue to be in vain because no nation progresses leaving behind its history.

  9. I've never liked history as a subject when it comes to taking exams but I live reading about historical facts. When I first heard history had been removed from the curriculum, I asked why and the lady(a principal) couldn't explain. I was vexed in the spirit(lol) because I know some people who are great historians and love sharing. Met with one and when I raised the topic, he assured me they were working on getting it back in. Thank goodness that has happened

  10. I thank God we want to know our History. It is the only medium that we can make use of to resolve our political and economic crises.

  11. That history should be well balanced. Then in then in Onitsha when I did history in SS1, the only history we learnt about was that or Kanem Bornu empire. About Uthman Danfodio and about caliphate.

  12. I am ecstatic! But in my excitement I hope this will be a 'True History', not some one-sided, concocted stories and ridiculous oyinbo narrative of Mungo Park discovering the River Niger where people have lived and fished for hundreds/thousands of years before. That is a demeaning, ridiculous history. Please re-write the curriculum o

    1. Hahaha. The curriculum is versatile now covering many ages.

      Cool down biko.


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