Stella Dimoko Ghanaians Allegedly KILL 5 Nigerians To Protest Murder Of Ghanaian.


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ghanaians Allegedly KILL 5 Nigerians To Protest Murder Of Ghanaian.

The Police in Sowutoum area of Ghana have arrested a Nigerian for allegedly stabbing a man to death, claiming him to be a thief.

The incident has reportedly led to xenophobic attacks against Nigerians living in Ghana.

As posted on Facebook by one Ifeanyi Chukwuemeka who claimed to have studied at Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, the Nigerian Ghana resident, Thompson Peter, allegedly stabbed Ghanaian 27-year-old Misbau Amadu in the head with a knife after a confrontation at his residence at about 10:00pm on Thursday.

“The victim was rushed to the Mary Lucy Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors..

“Inspector Kwabena Danso, Deputy Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), said a week ago, Thompson Peter lodged a complaint at the Sowutoum Police Station that Misbau Amadu had broken into his apartment and stolen some items.

“After taking the statement of Thompson, the PRO said the police proceeded to the residence of Misbau Amadu with the intent of inviting him to the station to help investigate the claim but he was not available.

“Thompson said at about 9:00 pm last Thursday, Misbau came to his (Thomson’s) house, armed with a knife to attack him for reporting the case to the police. In the course of the fight, Thompson said he overpowered Misbau and stabbed him in self-defence.

“The matter is still under investigations,” Inspector Kwabena Danso posited. Meanwhile, crisis has allegedly broken out in the area, with many Nigerians being attacked,”



  1. So many reasons I can't live in any African country not even as a tourist; those people hate Nigerians, they stereotyped Nigerian and their law enforcement is not different!

    I will continue to say it, Nigerians are the most welcoming people in Africa. Imagine if this had happened in Nigeria: no other Ghanaian will be dead, rather they will allow the cops to do their work. But, in other African countries, one Nigerian will commit an offense (even in self defence) all Nigerian will become their target of retaliation.

    1. Well said. I dunno why they hate us. Maybe cos our jollof rice is better than theirs. I dunno

    2. Seconded @ Mrs.R

  2. Replies
    1. Ghanaians are the most Nigerian haters, but their people come here make money and leave. They should've killed the suspect alone and leave others, I wonder why most African countries hate us so badly. Any little thing, they will use the opportunity to unleash homophobia on us. All we do for them is to give aids to most of them whenever they're in trouble, yet they pay us back with hate.
      We fought and fought during apartheid in South Africa, now what do we get? Homophobia. During Liberian crisis, we deployed our troops to that place for peace. During Ebola time we helped and gave money to some of the countries affected, even though one of them hatefully brought it here to deal with our people. What do we even mention? We have given money to many of them in economic crisis. We are always playing the big brother to most of these countries, yet they hate us like a plague. Well, we will continue to be the giant of Africa nothing can take that away from us, not even their hate.

  3. Xenophobia attack....hmnnnnnn one of the reasons I changed my mind about building a house in Ghana,remember when Ghanaians were chased out of Nigeria years ago,so I heard,don't really know much about it though,that's how they came about Ghana must go bag,most of them left Nigeria with the stripey bag carrying their loads,what if Ghanaians too decided to chase Nigerians out of their country,what's going to happen to houses built by Nigerians in Ghana????the thing is I love Ghana so much but don't like their,I dated a Ghanaian in Uk for 3yrs,he was the sweetest lover ever.

    1. 😵😵😵

    2. Princess Scheherazade20 August 2017 at 14:30

      Ghanaians were the first to chase Nigerians out of their country, sometime in the seventies I think.
      So we only just evened the score when we did ours ( even though I don't think that was the reason they were chased out of Nigeria)

    3. I'm telling you, their food is gross.
      Their jollof rice is a total flop.
      I never believed theirs was better anyway.

  4. #Wisdom is rarely found in a crowd*

  5. Don't know why other African countries hate us so much

  6. The African mentality can be so flawed sometimes one wonders if education will actually make a difference. Someone was killed and the solution the people could come up with was xenophobia? The only fact here is that they already had hatred for Nigerians and chose to use that as an opportunity to act on the hated.

  7. Nigerians, now victims of xenophobic attacks.
    Every country wan use us play ball now...


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