Stella Dimoko Immigration Says ''No Ntional ID Card,No International Passport In 2018''


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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Immigration Says ''No Ntional ID Card,No International Passport In 2018''

AS from January 1, 2018, no international passport would be issued by the Nigeria Immigration Service without the applicant providing National Identification Number (NIM).

Similarly, no foreigners residing in the country would be issued permit without having an identification number.

Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Mohammed Babadede, disclosed these to State House correspondents after a meeting of the database harmonization committee on Tuesday.

He said the move was part of efforts to have a centralized database for Nigerians that would also contain biometric data.

The immigration boss revealed that 20million Nigerians have so far been registered in the National Identification database under which it hopes to capture about 180million in the next three years.

He said the immigration and the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) would collaborate to realize this objectives.

He said: “We have agreed that from 2018 1st January, anybody who is going to apply for Nigerian Passport, whether renewal or fresh must first have a NIMC number, national identity number.

“I have also given directive that any foreigner, non-Nigerian resident in Nigeria will not get his permit renewed until he has a NIMC number.

“To achieve this, NIMC and passport numbers will be harmonised and we are committed to allow NIMC in Immigrations office.

He added: “There is no need for you to go and have your bio metric captured by NIMC and then you come and capture again with the Nigeria Immigrations.

“Once you give us your NIMC number we will collect the bio metric from NIMC and produce your passport. That is the intention to do in all other agencies.”

Babaded noted that NIM and passport numbers would be harmonized, noting that NIMC staff would be allowed to work in passport offices so that “when you come to get the passport you can also get the National identity card. The NIMC has also allowed immigration staff to work in their offices so anybody who is coming to claim Nigerian citizenship they will help to identify that citizen. That is the cooperation that we have had so far.”

Also speaking, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Information Communication and Technology, Lanre Osibona, said the government intent on ensuring the delivery of a concise database for all Nigerians.

from tribune.

*Will this affect Nigerians in the diaspora?...I wonder why they just came up with this and made January a deadline...Such things take a long time and should be made a slow process.....Hsss!!!!


  1. When old men ,quarter to go, take decisions, you'll know.

  2. Pls o my international passport has expired o! And am not yet back in Nigeria till DEC. Pls who has information what will happen to me wen returning back . am so scared but I can't abandon what am doing here..... I went for a renewal but as usual the story no good and I had to leave cos of time. Pls who can assist ? How do I get back in

  3. End time no. I obtained mine sometime last year sha just because they brought the awareness to my office domot.

    1. National id that takes 1 year to do. Na wa.

    2. Ofcourse anon, I didnt get it like immediately. Took some months after registration. They have a space gan where I work till tomorrow.
      I mustnt necessarily go into details for you.
      The bottom line is I already have mine smiling in my folder now. Kapish?!😎

  4. The national id card I registered for since 2002, I didn't get it.

    Please, they should hold their peace. What happened to BVN they were making noise about, is that not enough to go with our Nigerian passport? Millions of people that applied for National id card are still walking around without the card, some have even lost their slip.

    Priority please!!

  5. Mschew. What happened to the initial national identity card that wasted Nigerians time and money? Another futile exercise to waste more money! Looking for where to steal money from pmb adminstration.

  6. I did national identity card since 2015 I'm yet to receive mine. I wonder why it always take long. Does anyone has similar problem?

    1. Something that should have been given to you same day. Nigeria is just a backward country

  7. Haba! Deadline is too short. Please where can I get my national ID card? Aside from the local government, there should be designated places around your area where you can go register and pick up just like the voters card

  8. Nigeria is a country with no law, anything goes, go and do your natinal if card and see hoe stressful it is, such a short notice

  9. They shouldn't try any rubbish ohh.

  10. Maybe when other countries starts refusing Americans visa,then he will know how it feels.America was built on the backs of slaves after taking the land from Native Indians who welcomed them to their lands!How soon he forgets history because of his short-sightedness! Yes,he can deport criminals and illegals, but those with children should be pardoned and granted amnesty.This Obama did,for illegals who have been in American for over five years and gave birth to children.

  11. I have only slip since 2015 they have not changed to card form though the slip has all the details I need from the card

  12. Very unserious set of people! I've registered for my national ID card for almost 4 years now and was issued the temporary one. Up till now, they haven't called us to collect the permanent one. Mtchewww

  13. Very dumb set of people. They know how difficult it is to get national ID card, yet they want to implement this policy without first tackling the issue with getting ID card.

    I am so tired of this country. At least I've got about 5 years to worry about this issue, what about those that are yet to get their passport.

    I am really really tired

    Boo, do fast abeg

  14. Anyone with useful information about those people registering on the street/bus stop. Are they truly reliable, who has done through them?

  15. Here in Kenya everyone gets a national identity card at 18. In fact the government goes around schools registering those who are 18 and above.

    You cannot get a passport, pay tax, get a driving license,get a SIM card and so many other things without an ID.

    So Nigerians don't worry, you will get used to it.

  16. They have tried to clarify over and again that what you need is your National Identification Number (NIN) not the card perse. You can walk into any NIMC office for your registration and immediately your details are captured u are immediately issued with a temporary national identity slip bearing your NIN same day. So it doesn't take long although the permanent card itself is another story, havnt gotten mine after over four years of applying.

  17. Anon 11:09
    As long as you're a Nigerian by birth, registration or naturalisation and have proof of this; all you need do is go to the Nigerian Embassy/High Commission closest to you and apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate. That's all you need to get back into the country...Immigration officers would take it up from there

    1. At 20;23 God Almighty bless ur soul


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