Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 195


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Labour Room Drama 195

Sometimes you read and get pissed off?me too

Good day to you Stella. I say make I send my LRD as a BV that I is.

I got married on my birthday and I ttc'd for a year.

 During that period I was very depressed . Sometimes I wouldl pray to God to lemme get pregnant even if for a month. At least I will know am not barren. Like two months to my birthday which would also be my first year wedding anniversary I decided to love myself, enjoy myself and not think about conceiving again. I just zeroed my mind .

So as God will have it, I knew I was one month along like 2 days to birthday/anniversary. I was so joyous. What gift could be better than that?. So that was how my journey of 9months began. OMG it was fun/eventful

The first semester was all about vomiting, sickness, was unable to eat well. Any kind of smell was nauseating.

During my second semester , I would vomit when I force myself to eat cos I couldn't eat well. I was taking my obron6 diligently. Then during the end of my second semester naso longer throat start o. 

If I cook I wont be able to eat it but na when my neighbors dey cook I go dey hungry. So tey my life longer throat carry me go eat one insect like looking dish.

My EDD passed for like 2weeks. So on a Sunday morning I went to the hospital to complain cos I was already tired of being pregnant. I saw the doctor, fortunately it was my antenatal doctor. D first thing the man said was ""Ahn Madam you never born"" in my mind I was like see me see question.

I was admitted and told I would be induced. Na so e start o. Oxytocin tablet was inserted into my vijay around 4pm, I no feel anything. Another around 9pm.. Nothing. I was given drip.. Nothing.. 

On Monday morning around 4am the doctor said I have to do CS since I wasn't feeling labour pains. Meanwhile I was attached to a machine to monitor my babys heart beat.

My mum being a very religious woman rebuked it o(saying na her village people) no CS for my Child she will deliver naturally. E get one of my dad's step brother who is a native doctor, he too was saying dey should bring me to his house that I will give birth naturally that he can do it ,that the doctors just wanna collect money ... Shuuuuu . He is in another state o. DH sef  tire..

To cut the long story short o, DH signed """dermal"" (discharging against the doctors orders) . I was transported to my uncles house he did all he can CS I still do o. I delivered my prince through on a Tuesday morning. Since then my joy has no bounds. To all ttc , God has done it just have faith.

Pictures for your eyes only.

*You were discharged and taken to another state to your native doctor Uncle to help you gave birth?Someone who isnt a doctor?Do you know the risk you took?OMG!


  1. This is so annoying to read, some people are soooooooo backwards that you just can't help but cry for them! What the heck!!! Anyway congrats 😠😠😠😠😠

    1. Madam you are just an educated illiterate. Thank God nothing happened to you and the baby. In all I give God all the glory for you.

    2. Very irritating something!

    3. Madam, that was a very dangerous thing you did.
      Thank God you and your baby are fine.

  2. Lol, madame your God dey awake, I blame your husband say he gree your family carry yu go another state, your God really dey awake . Congrats say hi to your Miracle baby.

  3. Congrats to you and yours but you get mind sha

  4. Amen
    Pls next time dont try that

  5. U really took a risk my dear someone who is not a doctor

  6. Wow! Please don't try it again,don't you believe in God and I won't blame the husband ohhh,he may be the gentle type plus he just wanted peace cause I'm sure before he allow them his wife's family must have caused wahala,saying things like she is our child,you want to kill her for ritual abi,blah blah blah for people to think an herbalist will be the one to save her,you should imagine the way they will think and the husband fit no like wahala after everything na CS she still use at least Next time,he will tell them he wants it his way

    And wife biko,don't endanger your life like that again,

  7. You gambled with your life, thank God it didn't end badly for you.
    There is nothing wrong with having a CS, when doctors that know more than you do advice it please go for it. A woman lost her life and that of her babies (twin boys) for same reason she was taken to a traditional midwife and she died in the process, her husband almost went mad with grief but it was little too late, he brought it upon himself

  8. Lord have mercy!
    Well, I guess you must have learnt your lessons.
    Congratulations and kisses to baby boy.

  9. Congratulations
    Thank God for your life even after you risked it
    And it is DAMA - Discharged Against Medical Advice

  10. Your husband agreed you travel to another state to see a native doctor to deliver😳😳😳😳😳If you had died or had complications,your families would have blamed the hospital.Educated illiterates

  11. I have always wondered why people resist Cs I just had to conclude its the amount attached to it.

  12. U and ur husband get small brain...its like u don't know that children who are delivered by native doctors are initiated into marine or occultic world.NNE better take that child to a good church fr prayers.Thanks to God fr the safe delivery and pls don't make such mistake again.

  13. #Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness*

  14. Madam you tried, you allow them to take you to babalawo...i race yansh for you . Abeg no try am again next time

  15. Father lawd!!! Poster you mean you risked your life and that of your unborn child by going to a native doctor??? Esekeeeee... lips sealed.
    Thank God for your life sha

  16. Most times too much instrumentation of the cervix either through D and C or other gynecological proceedure/ complication, makes the cervix fibrosed and no matter the mistoprosrol or oxytocin,the cervix doesn't dilate. You took a very foolish decision to go to a native DR for delivery after medical DRS counsel, bit that God for His mercies that you and Baby were saved.


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