Stella Dimoko Lagos -Another Residential Building Collapses


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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lagos -Another Residential Building Collapses

A residential building has collapsed at Ilufe Road, near Alaba International market in Ojo area of Lagos.

 The building collapsed at the early hours of Tuesday. The building has been sealed off by emergency officials presently at the scene.

Luckily No lone died!


  1. Barracudianusaurusunamon - When you spend 9million on a 15million naira project because of greed or low budget, luckily no life was lost, this should be an eye-opener to people whose houses are poorly constructed, at least, even a tenant should be worried about his or her safety - cracks on the wall, water leakage from the wall, straircase tilting, foundation sinking, pillar cracks, et cetera. Government should create a body to check these things out, also over-population in these residences also is a major factor, places like Lagos were cheap houses are gotten only in poor settlements, then a house that is supposed to take nothing less than 50 occupants is being occupied by 101 persons, how then will it not fail and collapse?

    Lagos buildings are oh-so common with collapsing of buildings, very common, simply because of overpopulation or overlooking certain health concerns, Landlord in a bid to save cash and minimize cost won't reinforce his building, all in the thought of "they will still occupy them", it is so sad. Thank the Christian God that no one died.


    1. Who is this 7up abi 7 even wateva mr pls do you read up b4 you write? being the first to comment won't win you a trophy. They built the house in a swampy area the building is too heavy to be on the land regardless of the materials used in building the house Even if you import expensive materials when Mother Nature cracks it would collapse. What you should say is government should make good drainage system. Thank you

  2. substandard building materials,lack of maintenance...

  3. Lagos and collapsed building are like 5 & 6. Substandard lots.

  4. Thank God for no loss of life. ...

  5. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Dear Anonymous, it is unfortunate that you are not reading correctly, you did not fully grasp what i posted, be it a swampy area or whatnot, i made a general comment that as well affects this issue, it is rather the main cause, now, please, read carefully next time.

    Have a nice day ahead.



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