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Sunday, August 06, 2017

London Tatafo season 80

Tatafo Help!! Help! 

Here's the cry for help that I got from a young gentleman who resides in north London. His message to me was.. "Tatafo help me. What do I do?"

I was a bit skeptical about this story. But after going back and forth communicating with this young lad, I say mba mba, nor be only Tatafo go hear this one, all sdkers must join in. Since I dropped a contact email address on this platform I've been receiving a lot of intriguing stories.

The gist here today is that... the man that contacted me said he's stranded with a lady he invited to the UK from Nigeria. He said that he doesn't know what else to do because the lady has refused to go back to Nigeria or leave his house.

Shuoooo make una hear the full gist..

According to the guy's story.. he said that he met this young lady by the name Lara on social media. He said that himself and Lara really got along for about a year before they started to discuss how to meet in person. Lara lived in Nigeria and the guy in London.

Lara had never travelled out of Nigeria Before, in fact she didn't even have a Nigerian passport until she met this man. The man said that he got really close to Lara and her family because he spoke with them everyday over the phone. So one day, they both talked about how Lara would come for a short visit to the UK to see him.

Story continues...

This man said that they were both excited that they'd be meeting soon. So he arranged for Lara to get her Nigerian PASSPORT, which he paid for. And he also sent a letter of invitation to the British embassy in Nigeria to request a tourist visa for his babe. Everything went as planned and Lara was issued a tourist visa for 6months(multiple entry).

Ghen ghen..

After collecting the visa, Lara's mother was so excited that she thanked this guy profusely for inviting her daughter to the UK.. the woman exclaimed that Lara, her daughter, would be the first in their family to travel abroad. Eventually, Lara travelled to the UK as planned to meet this man. The man said that the original plan was for her to come and visit for a month, return to Nigeria, and then make subsequent visits to the UK. But somehow, the plan changed when Lara arrived.

Hmmmm.. na so

Mr lover man said that he happily received Lara and he took care of her when she just arrived. He said that as was expected of someone he had never met, there were a few things he didn't like about Lara. He realised a lot of things could not work between them, but he however decided to manage the situation so that Lara would not feel bad during her holiday. But in his mind, he was counting days for her to return to Nigeria after one month.

Na wetin come cause yawa?

The man continued, he said that about a week to lara's scheduled return to Nigeria, he noticed that anytime he talked about getting her ready to go home... she would suddenly become cold towards him. As it became clear that she didn't want to go back to Nigeria, he started telling her all the reasons why he wouldn't allow her stay back with him in the UK.

At first, he explained to her that as a first time visitor to London, she needed to go back to Nigeria to build a good travel history with the British high commission. He also explained to her that he would not allow her become redundant in the UK at his expense. Especially because he is still a student working part time and not ready for such a liability.

My people, this brother talk say na so Lara refuse o. He even changed the ticket date twice. She come begin cry and vex say she nor dey go Nigeria again o.

Lara's mother who was so warm to this man before her daughter entered the UK, suddenly became very aggressive and demanding of this man. He said that Lara's mother made matters worse when she called him one day to say that he cannot force her daughter to return to Nigeria, that it is because he has another woman somewhere, hence his reason for wanting lara back home.

If I hear..

Now, this man said he told Lara to leave his house if she wont go back to Nigeria in Peace. That he would not be responsible for whatever happens to her after she leaves his custody. According to him, he doesn't want to involve the police or immigration, but Lara has over stayed her welcome in his home.

She's been in his house now for a little over 3months, instead of one month that was originally planned. She stays indoors all day and keeps going online to contact old friends and people who she thinks can help her in London. This lady is 27years old, she's really frustrating the man and he doesn't know what to do.

Although he's still responsible for her feeding and she sleeps in the other room in his apartment, but he said she must leave his house oh. They hardly talk, but anytime they do, the only thing he asks her is when she'd leave his home. He also noticed that she's been speaking to unknown people lately but none of them has volunteered to come take her into their home.

Na by force Lara?

So this man needs our advice on the best way to handle this matter. Should he call the police or allow her stay till she can find another host? Mbok I just Tire.

To contact tatafo with hot gists happening in London please send a mail to Note that all stories will be verified before we publish them.

Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!

Kisses Stella


  1. Replies
    1. The guy had better borrow sense from his ascestors, this story looks exactly like a story of a brother who gave testimony in church, his own woman later called police that the brother had been raping her consequently, and you know police for UK no dey hear rape, even if it's historical or historic rape(rape with no evidence) the person will be arrested and they will collect his passport and send letter to the border agency. The brother who gave testimony in church that he lost his job, paid thousands of pounds to lawyer, after prayer finish for prayer house, the lady later confessed and she was asked to leave UK and the govt.returned all the money the brother spent on litigation,he was crying in church, two wasted years because he decided to invite a woman introduced to him by friends for visitation o. This guy is playing with fire, what most Naija girls do now is claim domestic violence, as that's the cheapest route to permanent residency for a spouse visa(you won't pay kobo self) and if she's not a spouse and she get a good lawyer and claim domestic violence, she could seek asylum or change her visa to student then later to tier whatever and then long residency. This Egton is playing with fire.

    2. Well said anonymous 16:38, if the girl goes to one of those charities and tell them she's being raped or sexually abused or claims domestic violence na one time dem go organise Lawyer to file for stay for her or claim asylum.
      In as much as the guy has used her he might have done some other thing that's why he can't report her to the police.

    3. The guy is the sponsor, let him notify home office,, they will recall her visa and he won't have any problem on inviting any other person in future. IF sponsor says no, UK will give you 28days to leave their country, even if it's spouse visa.

    4. All I know is that this man is in a deep shit either way. I hope someone doesn't teach this lady a way to get him into trouble. I hope her Mom won't device ugly means to force her daughter on him.

      Mr man, perhaps you should seek another means to cunningly remove that lady from ur house without getting into trouble. Nobody in the UK will accept her inside their house nah. Don't you have friends that can come up with something fast? Both of u are living in bondage together and I think that can trigger something bad eh. Best of luck

      Ok bye

  2. Spreads mat, grabs popcorn, shawarma and smoothie.

  3. Toooooo long, I'll wait for comments

  4. Oturugbeke be dis o!
    Abeg let him pursue her asap,let him report her to police since she refused to leave on her own.
    Maybe if she enter street she will see people who will b willing to take her home & pay her for 'special services' since she's desperate to stay in the Uk

    1. Some women are looking for live in Nannys to enslave in London sef😀

  5. Tatafo, you that lives in the UK. Have you ever invited anyone to the UK before, which kain fabu story be this? The guy said he sent a copy of the invitation letter to the British embassy, no be the lady he go send am to make she go use am apply for visa.
    Abeg, give us another gist.
    Why would she apply for tourist visa, when its 6 months visiting visa.
    Abeg jare, next please.

    1. Anonymous 13:21 you're ignorant.

    2. Anonymous 13:21, your ignorance is pregnant.
      My advice, bros, if you really don't want her in your house again and you don't want her to cause you any problem ie lying against you to thesame police you don't want to come and move her out then call the police to escort her to the airport. All those ppl she is calling, you don't know what they are feeding her until masala burst.

    3. Hahaha like your id sounds and anonymous 14:33, I am entitled to my opinion so STF.
      Waka pass jare.

    4. Huh? Anonymous. The guy can send an invitation letter to the embassy direct. And for a first time visitor with a virgin passport, youll prolly get 3/6months depending on the host's level of income and other factors. It's discretional to the approving officer.

  6. Hian! Which kind of wahala is this? Uk is not a place she can disappear in, just like that! She should better come home jejely. If he reports her, Britain will be more than happy to deport her. Lara is just being silly!

    1. She never enter city yet, dts why she want to destroy her visa.

    2. People don't understand that the UK of today is not the UK of 10 years ago.
      They are now allergic to migrants and have tightened their laws and all loose ends.

      As an illegal immigrant, you can not work? rent accomodation, have a bank account, have access to NHS or drive etc. You will also be living in fear and watching your back every second.

      Infact, they want to start requesting certain details from children before they are admitted in schools.

      Get her out of your house fast, change your locks. Let her go wherever she wants but if she has chosen to be an illegal immigrant, let her do it without getting you involved.

      Threaten her with the police but please do not call the police on her. Just get her to leave your house in peace.

      Another drastic thing to do is you can get another accomodation, inform your landlord you want to move out.

    3. They've started the children's school admission thing since. You can't even register a child with a GP without a redbook, so if a child doesn't have a redbook they know the child wasn't born in the UK and won't register that child with NHS.

    4. See me oh, I didn't know they have started. Thanks for the info anon 17.58.

    5. She's so stupid to want to destroy her chances. What stops her from going back home and then exploring other opportunities if she must go to the UK? Their relationship is obviously over so why the fuss? 😞

  7. Dry gist, you no know someone but u invite dem come UK.
    After having sex with Lara several times you won chase her abi? If the guy doesn't have anything to hide its very easy for him to report the case to the police.
    Let him talk another one cos he's got things to hide.

    1. Well said, my advise for lara is not to go back to Nigeria... She's here already, as a babe she will definately survive.. Shame on the man that wants her to go back..

    2. Anonymous 16:12, you no talk am well ooo. The only thing that can save Lara is if she gets pregnant for a British but how she gontake register with NHS bcos things don hard now ooo

    3. Anonymous 16:12, you no talk am well ooo. The only thing that can save Lara is if she gets pregnant for a British but how she go take register with NHS bcos things don hard now ooo.
      She should go back to Nigeria, it can be very difficult in the UK. Even those here legally are struggling let alone staying with a student.
      Its not like the guy is rich, if he's not British it means he can only work for 20 hours.
      Make she give herself brain.

  8. Abegi, the man don chop her cookies he now wan drive her comot..... Mr lover lover Kolewerk sho gbo!!!!!

    On a more serious note, tafofo be careful when publishing these stories that relates to matters of the heart. These UK boys are heartless,they want to eat their cake and have. This story seems one sided to me. He probably discussed marriage with her, enticing her with his red passport,after the passion is over he wants to discard her like a piece of thrash. Hear the lady's side of the story.

    1. Ko ti elewerk ni, after chopping her dry. Let him go and report to the police if he doesn't have anything to hide.
      UK police no hard like that.
      You no know person u come invite them come UK, stupid idiot.

    2. Don't mind this man. Tell us you have not chopped her finish then I will advice you well. What were the promises you made her before she travelled to meet you?
      One sided story indeed. You want to drop her after using her, settle her na let her go.

  9. The guy has to apply wisdom with her. He should endure with her pending expiration of her visa. Sikena.

  10. MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama6 August 2017 at 13:57

    He better report her to d police ! If she refuse to go back to Naija and stay illegally in UK somehow it will be very difficult for the dude to invite someone else over.

  11. This tatafo is stupid,after now she go say she do verify her yeye stories.this kind of thing you're suppose to collect the girl's name,find her on social media and contact her to get her own side of the story cos if you ask the guy her number he might give you a set up number to call and a babe will talk to and tell you what you want to other words I think you made the story up but if I want to believe it small but I'll still say some things no sound right here,you said the guy said the babe sleeps in the other room,big fat lie,am finding that really hard to believe.the guy is a student that works part time yet he has a spare room in his house...a room in London rent is around £520-£540 inclusive in London,am not talking about outside London cos it's cheaper out there,you can even rent a whole 3bedroom house with garden outside London for less than that in some areas.i don't believe this story,most people that lives alone and have spare rooms usually will rent the spare out to make up with their bills,house is very expensive in London,gas and electric too is very expensive,it takes a lot of bills to maintain a house that's why some flats and houses are shared except for if you have a family(wife & children) am sure that guy is still sleeping with the babe on the same bed,he has used her and wants to dump her and he's just making up excuses,he can't be perfect himself yet he's complaining that he saw some things he didn't like in the girl.look man you bought a black market,deal with it's not as if there are no babes in London for you to date but you decided to go and ship toto come from naija hoping she'll be a novice that you can treat anyhow you like but you forget say no monkey for jungle anymore,all monkeys don wise have promised this babe marriage before she left the shores of Nigeria,biko happily live with her,betterstill you can accommodate her and help her to get on her own feet,then she can move out of your house and go start a new life on her own and move sure the babe has already bade her friends and families goodbye that she was going to the abroad to be with her man now you want to send her back to naija,you want to shame the babe and families hence the reason why her mother was the way you said she was on the phone with you,mama wey don already boast to her friends that her daughter has gone to the abroad to go join her man.leave this story ooo you hear,I am not believing it at all

  12. Monkeynofine that's correct. If he doesn't report her to immigration or police, next time he will be unable to invite anyone, so in a way it's his problem

    1. Evil... You want the poor girl to be force back to naija... If she's your sister, would you advise her to go back just like that..

  13. Tatafo can we hear the lady story too, before we make judgement?

  14. Beht wat are u people saying sef?so d guy shd keep d babe as a heavy liability dat she is bah? Una head no correct o!guy get d metropolitan police to escort d para girl to d airport asap!dats wat happens to guys dat invite girls dat hv nothing watsoever to do with dia lives!look at her staying indoors frm mornin to night doing nothing, just only surfing d web!dude u had better do d needful o,call d police on d mofo,let dem deport her asap!nonsense girl!dats hw de wd be givn bad name and blocking genuine applicants frm geting visas to go to dis countries!dude nxt time look very well before u leap!its nt all dat glitters dat is gold!control ur prick!zip up!dont allow ur dick to control ur sense of reasoning!i wish u all d best!next time u look before u leap!

    1. whats the meaning of this jargons you typed up there... What do you expect a girl that is new in Uk to do, start roaming the street for the sake of going out..

  15. #The only way to survive is to admit you are on your own, learn to make your own decisions, and trust your judgement*

  16. This was me when I came here 2007, he wanted me to go back because I didn't fit into the posh look he was expecting then.. I look very smallish, brought few native clothes with me.. He bought me a winter jacket and a white trainers at shoe zone, my pocket money was £5,i got pregnant my jacket became too small, I asked for another jacket, he said what about your pocket money.. Thank God I survive, through charity shops, now my children are 10 and 8yrs,I don't love this man but for the sake of the kids, now I work and look very beautiful... Now he like to show me and the kids pictures to everybody but my mind is not in this relationship again..

  17. Tatafo,

    Because ur an illiterate or ur ass & pussy got u a fake education to write this nonsense opinion about the man " not liking the character" of this girl & rejected her after inviting her to leave Nigeria to come to the UK & cohabit with him even for 1 day ??? On tourist visa!!!

    Let me tell u the curses & wahala that will fall on this foolish man if this girl decide to deal with be for here oh!!!
    Rape, subjection to forced intimacy, coerced sexual relationship & even human trafficking with the intention to exploit her for domestic purposes.
    ... Shey u get the idea now???

    Let me tell u that UK is not the end of the world or life for her today!!!
    She can travel later or migrate to any other place & country in Europe or around the world when she finish teaching this agbaya man a lesson & make an example of those foolish & cunny naija men abroad always looking for a vulnerable girl or desperate women to use, take advantage of & come up with that excuse of " her character is not good"

    1. Hmm, there are a lot of babes in London to sleep with and I doubt if this dude will go through the stress of bringing her all the way if he didn't have genuine intentions for her.

      Uncle,I hope this isn't a case of use and dump? Hope you didn't promise her heaven and earth and now you are stylishly backing out?

      Anyway, just be careful how you handle this, maybe if you had elaborated more on the character thing, we will be able to advise you better.

      Please be fair to her and treat her like you would want your sister or daughter to be treated. Marriage is not a must but don't hurt people or take advantage of them.

  18. pls call the immigration officers ASAP. Remember that the embassy has your letter of invitation that you wrote for her visa. if she is caught it can be traced to you and you may also get in trouble. If you don't want to call police call immigration; the earlier the better if not you too will be in trouble.


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