Stella Dimoko Rivers DPO arrested for ritual killer’s escape from custody


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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rivers DPO arrested for ritual killer’s escape from custody

A Divisional Police Officer in Rivers State (name withheld) has been arrested on the orders of the State Police Command for his alleged involvement in the escape of one Ifeanyi Dike, who killed an eight-year-old for alleged money ritual.

A reliable police source disclosed that the DPO, who was arrested on Monday, was deeply involved in telephone calls between him and Johnbosco Okoroeze, a dismissed police sergeant, which indicated that there was a premeditated action by him to allow the suspected ritual killer to escape.

It was gathered that while preparations were ongoing by both the father of the deceased, Dr. Ernest Nmezuwuba, and the suspect (Dike) to write their statements, several calls were received from the said DPO by Okoroeze.

The top police source said, “We have enough evidence to believe that the DPO was working hand in hand with the ex-sergeant, who has been remanded in police custody. The DPO has been arrested.

Even the father of the girl that was killed had said that there was communication with the IPO (dismissed sergeant) handling the matter and somebody that has not been disclosed. This happened while they were bringing the suspected ritual killer to the State Police Headquarters.

“All these and many more will serve as evidence against the DPO, who we believe has a lot to explain about his possible involvement in the escape of Ifeanyi Dike, who killed an eight-year-old boy, ostensibly for money ritual.”

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  1. Barracudianusaurusunamon - I thunk so, LOL. well done, he should be handed over to an angry mob for some jungle justice, this should serve as an example to all the leaders who think they can do anything and get away with it. now ask yourself, if a DPO could do this, what then will the underlings do? LOL. entrust your life to the police and then they are cohorts to the bad guys.

    One day, everyone will get what they deserve, do bad, you'd deservedly be dealt with badly.

    great news in fact.


  2. Ehn. Remaining the dpo in charge of abaji lokoja axis. He should explain why robbery takes place at least twice every week there in broad day light

    1. Nawa. So sorry for what the residents in your neighborhood must be going thru on a regular basis with armed bandits known by the Naija police. On the other hand, the arrest of the DPO in Rivers State is a welcome devpt. Seems there are many more heads (Oga 4 top) that must roll before the killing of this innocent girl and the recapture of the alleged ritualist by Naija police gets a measure of justice. QED@atm

  3. This news sweet me for belle no be small.This should make any of them inclined towards such acts sit up.

    Sherry's Daughter

  4. "Withholding his name" means nothing is coming out of this arrest.
    when they catch suspected criminals and petty thieves, they do not only publish their names but strip them and give to the press to publish.

  5. The corruption is Nigeria is so deep, the force and judiciary are worst, go to the courts and see what they are doing, Nigeria is filled with very corrupt heads.This is a sad case

  6. Very good news, the Dpo in my area is a theif on his own, one by one they will all go down.

  7. The plot thickens....i hope smthing comes out of all these arrests ...

  8. i always suspected the DPO was part of the plot, there is no way that dike child killer could have escaped the Police station without assistance, there is more to this girl's murder.

  9. First time I am commenting... I'm so happy...

  10. Unless they tell us the name of the DPO, that arrest isn null and void because we don't even know if there was an actual arrest or not.

  11. The DPO maybe innocent,his calls to the Sergent may just be a coincident, Sergent Dike might just be a victim of his own lakaidastical attitude to the police job though the poor sergent might have been carried away by the thought of unpaid salaries and hardship associated with meagre salaries which hardly come. Do not believe that a DPO and a sergent could have colluded to allow the escape of a criminal with this magnitude of crime when they obviously know that the consequence is that they might spend the rest of their lives in Jail if found culpable.


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