Stella Dimoko Suspected Ritual killers’ den uncovered in Mushin


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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Suspected Ritual killers’ den uncovered in Mushin

Two people on Wednesday were killed by an irate mob in the Mushin area of Lagos State over suspicion of involvement in kidnappings and ritual killings.

It was learnt that while one was butchered and set ablaze on the road, the other, who had been beaten to a stupor, died at the police station after rescue.

The incident happened at Challenge bus stop, Mushin.

It was gathered that the lynching of the two suspects in Mushin started after a vulcaniser sighted a ‘mad’ man discussing with another person in a tunnel at the Challenge bus stop around 6am.

The vulcaniser was said to have raised the alarm as residents gathered around the scene.

However, only the ‘mad’ man was seen, as his interlocutor had fled.

The ‘mad’ man, who was tortured by the residents, allegedly confessed that his gang had been operating in the tunnel for the past three months.

Some members of the Oodua People’s Congress were said to have led a search team into the tunnel and found hundreds of syringes. The tunnel reportedly linked different parts of the community.

When Punch visited the scene, some of the syringes allegedly used by the suspects were seen on the ground.

A resident, Mr. Sulaiman Adio, said the ‘mad’ man disguised as a woman when he was first sighted by the vulcaniser.

He said, “When the youths of the community tore his clothes, they discovered that he was actually a man. He was wearing a woman’s bra and wig to disguise. The discovery came to us as a surprise and the policemen came and took him to their station at Olosan.”

It was learnt that the police, after rescuing the suspect, smoked the tunnel around 6.15am and a suspected ritual killer came out.

He was reportedly hijacked by the youths, beaten and set ablaze.

The mob was later dispersed by some soldiers.
  from Punch


  1. What's going on in Nigeria???
    This is getting out of hand o!

    Ritual Dens everywhere u go and ritual killings so rampant it's so scary😱

    May God please keep us safe🙏🏽

  2. Yes, the news is true. I hate jungle justice though. Innocent lives have been lost through jungle justice. It needs to stop

  3. "Money Must Be Made" is the motto of the youth in Nigeria now. Visit nairaland and see for yourselves. This is thanks to ritualists like E-money and hushpuppy, when will EFCC or the police take action to interrogate people with questionable sources of income!?!?

  4. Even streets arecnit safe again. Lord have mercy!

  5. God please help your children

  6. I thank God Almighty for saving me from the ritualist, I was on way to work at ikeja when they carried me and tried to hypnotized me but God did not let their charm work on me and they asked me to go and called me bad market.

  7. Lagos is gradually turning into centre of ritualists and kidnappers.

  8. That's how one man in a car tried to stop me between Obanikoro to Town planning but I refused him only for another elderly man to convince me to answer the man in the car. I went back to the car and the man asked me to direct him to Evans Hospital at Ilupeju. He said he is a pastor and wants to go pray for students who are accident victims. I described Ilupeju to him and after that he started asking me personal questions and telling me stories of my mum and I ..blah blah blah. The elderly man corroborated his drama and scheme by saying that he once saw the man beside Pastor Adeboye on TV. After the long story between the 3 of us, he told me to do something like 'SARA' and all my problems will be over. I nodded affirmatively. He shook hands with me and said "God bless you". I left him on the road but the elderly man said he would follow him to the hospital. I continued my trekking o. Nothing happened to me cos I realized God got me covered. I just want to use this medium to tell you to trust & obey God totally. I never knew these people were fraudsters until I told my family about it after 3 weeks. They were shocked I didn't come home to pack all their valuables. You can never be too careful but God got you covered.

  9. Money at all cost. And we celebrate them without investigation,

  10. Would Jungle Justice ever end???
    God save us all


  11. So not everyone you see on the road are mad, that's how I saw one "mad man" in V/I buying something on the road side with clean mint note& I was just wondering who could be giving him such amount,& if u see the English he was speaking ehn...

    1. Yes oo...not every mad 😡 people you see on the road are truly mad, they disgust themselves like crazy people and stay in mostly isolated places to catch their victims.

  12. Using mad people as tools for ritualist and armed robbers is not new. That's how this mad woman came to warn my neighbour's son to desist from monitoring him (imagine the guts)else, he will blame himself, , that one na mad woman? The boy narrated his findings and was relocated by his mother instantly. He noticed the woman's hair is always neat and new.. he asked his neighbour that has salon if she can allow a mad woman into her shop let alone touch her hair,,,I guess the lady insulted d mad woman with it,, that d guys assumptions might b right,,, on d long run, we get to know she is normal, goes to places like festac and surulere to make her hair, as in correct straw curls or setting,,, then my area later to keep and dispatch guns for A lava boys that rob,,,she is still there,,, nobody want to front or report her to police, b'cos she might have police as a dependant and fear of being visited @ night

    1. Drop the address and description of the mad woman and let someone do the job here

  13. Na wa for you o. In this Nigeria of today, you are shaking strangers hands! Kontinue shogbo. I pray they will not use hand shake to collect your destiny.#Beware


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