Stella Dimoko Tragedy Averted In Ikeja This Morning..


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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tragedy Averted In Ikeja This Morning..

This is a Blog visitor eye witness report.

''This happened at Ikeja Bus stop this Morning...The big bus with over 100 passengers plus those standing ran into the small bus at the bustop and it was a bad one.
Thank God no one was injured or died.
Only Army officers stopped by to help and the Police drove by..... ''

Thank God!



  1. Replies
    1. What kind of bus will have over 100 passengers??? Was it a train? Over exaggeration

  2. Wooow!
    Thank God no life was lost.

    1. Over hundred people keep? His!

      Thank God no life was lost ojare.

  3. awesome wonder, the mighty ruler, king of all the earth, we bow to worship you. Thank you for another testimony.

  4. Of course the police will drive by,if it were two motorists arguing over a minor scratch, they will stop cause money must be involved. Police is not our friend, and we all should know by now. Thank God no life was lost.

  5. Wow!thank God.That was how a bus reversed into a parked private car yesterday at Ikeja along bus stop, not knowing the driver of d private car was a soldier, the man who drove d bus received a resounding slap before he could say jack.

  6. So Poster are you saying Police did not help at all. Only Army. That word is deep.

    Thank God for all that did not injure or died in that accident. This is thanksgiving to God

  7. Thank God for His mercies.All praise belongs to HIM,Master of the universe.

  8. Thank God oo...
    Over hundred(100) passengers?
    For that motor?
    How many seaters?
    How many standing?

  9. Over 100 passengers???

    The bus na aeroplane???


    Thank God for safety.

  10. What do I've to say really, but God bless everyone and tho I rarely comment, I'm in awe of what this blog has been able to achieve; building a community of people that genuinely care about/for each other. God bless you immensely Mrs. Dimoko-Korkus.

    1. You mean people who care about each other abuse each other even when they do not know themselves??? They abuse each other's tribe as if any one decides where he's born into? Comm'on, be real okay

    2. Anonymous, The General's Wife has for days now(more like weeks) been sending a shout out to Vice and virtue(or is it the other way round? Anyways, it's VandV). If that isn't genuine care, what is?
      In your family, don't you tease each other? For those who "genuinely" show hatred, don't you have those in your family too? A post today was dedicated to a hang out done by Abuja BVs to show support and encourage one of their own who's bereaved. What's that called? Hope you're not one of those "children of anger"(whatever that means) that are also here. Do try to balance your sour with some sweet so your heart will ultimately thank you.
      P/s: Couldn't find a suitable emoji, so here's a hug from me. Hang in there, it will be alright

  11. God be praised forever. His kingdom is supreme.

  12. Yes, we thank God. No one died. But the truth is that death comes unannounced. Most important thing is to be prepared. Its appointed unto man to die once, after this, its judgment. No fornicators, liars sinners shall go to heaven. Pls, lets get closer to God. 1corth 6: 8-10


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