Stella Dimoko US-Based Nigerian Doc Who Removed Foetus To Treat And Returned It To The Womb Hosted By Osinbajo


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Monday, August 07, 2017

US-Based Nigerian Doc Who Removed Foetus To Treat And Returned It To The Womb Hosted By Osinbajo

Nigeria produces the best in every way, its citizens continue to shine in various ways around the world, and as we continue to do what is right in public service, the country is bound to reach the top globally as a people, according to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

Prof. Osinbajo was speaking at the Presidential Villa where he received Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, Houston, US-based Nigerian doctor who successfully led a medical team that operated on a foetus, winning US and global acclaim for the feat.

In a rare medical feat that drew global applause, Olutoye brought out a foetus from a mother-Margaret Boemer’s womb to remove a tumour from the foetus, and then restored the unborn baby to the womb successfully. The mother then continued to carry the pregnancy to term, and later on, delivered the baby safely and well. She named her Lynlee Hope.

Osinbajo told Olutoye who was accompanied to the Presidential Villa by members of his family including his wife and parents that “our country continues to shine in various ways, your achievement is remakable in every sense. People are bound to wonder. It’s the kind that fables are made of. And this is from someone who is Nigerian-trained.”

According to the Acting President, “this country can be well run, we produce the best in every way, but it will take a lot of doing, by good men and women. This is what i have learnt in the past over two years here. If we do the right things, day by day, we’ll change and improve the Nigerian situation significantly.”

He continued, “the problem is not the about the availability of resources, but its the management,” recalling how it is that the Federal Government is now doing more when funds are scarce than in the days when oil was selling at over $100 per barrel.

“When we were making over a $100 per barrel, we were owing oil JVC cash calls, not able to pay salaries and owing contractors. Now that we are down in earnings by 60%, we have sorted out the problem of cash calls and are able to support states to pay salaries.”

Speaking earlier, Dr. Olutoye attributed his medical successes in the US to his Nigerian training and education up till the university. He is a graduate of Medicine from the then University of Ife.

“All we have achieved from primary to university is from Nigeria, and I believe that Nigeria will surpass what we have achieved out there.”


  1. Such a great feat!

    We bless God.

    Proudly Naija!

  2. I once read and watched Ben Carson's GIFTED HANDS, so I can relate. The book did it for me. It was more detailed and explained than the film.

    Weldone Dr Olutoye!

    1. I was expecting to see the face of the awesome Doctor.

      Our Nigerian professionals always do well OUTSIDE THIS COUNTRY. The reasons are not far fetched.

      GOD BLESS and increase the wisdom of Dr Olutoye.

  3. Welcome Dr Olutoye proudNigeriašŸ‘

  4. Good one...

    chim-oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

  5. Prince charles : thank God u said US base.........if na nigeria malaria drug the sabi give

  6. The psycho guy.7 August 2017 at 08:36 he hosted him to praise him or talk about Nigeria's problem? Chai! I was expecting to hear about offering him a chance to help turn things around in the field he thrives. Wetin be all this abeg?

  7. Great Nigerian doctor great, great Nigerian man great. We dey cut cap for you, for making us proud, we are happy.

  8. Such a brave and beautiful one. God bless him

  9. This is Good. God bless Nigeria. God bless us all.

  10. He couldn't have done it in a Nigerian hospital because the equipment won't be available. My friend lost her baby, just because her water busted at 5 months, which wouldn't have been so if she was in abroad.

  11. Well done Dr. Olutoye. We are proud of you.

  12. Well done sir! Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talents.


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