Stella Dimoko Woman Sues American Airlines For N1billion,Claiming Flight Attendant ‘Destroyed’ Her Wedding Gown


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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Woman Sues American Airlines For N1billion,Claiming Flight Attendant ‘Destroyed’ Her Wedding Gown

A Boston-based Nigerian woman, Yetunde Oteh has filed a lawsuit demanding $3.4million (1billion naira) after alleging that an American Airlines flight attendant destroyed her wedding dress as she was travelling to her ceremony.

Yewande Oteh claims she ‘suffered severe diarrhea, dehydration and depressive symptoms’ after a flight attendant went into an overhead bin and dumped red wine on her wedding dress in court papers filed by her mother in New Jersey.

She also claims that she remained ‘physically and emotionally ill over the next week’ and was unable to enjoy her Jamaican wedding, which took place back in August 2015.

The lawsuit is asking that Yewande, her lawyer husband Chidi, their then-nine-month-old son, her mother and attorney Yvette Sterling and her sister Dr. Kemi Fajolu each be compensated for the ‘sustained and continued emotional and physical distress.’

American Airlines told in a statement:

‘We are reviewing the lawsuit.

*I await how this will turn out.

original report by dailymail.


  1. Good for her! She will definitely be paid some amount of money for her bitter experience.

    Americans like to sue and they make huge amount from it always.

    1. This doesn't make sense...the attendant whom she didn't know before just went to the overhead head bin and poured wine on her dress...because she wants to lose her job. There has to be more to the story. I suspect she must have had an altercation with the staff prior and that one wanted to show her 🌶. Anyway, she is not getting any #billion there was no actual bodily injury. The legal system here in the states no bi like in Naija. The insurance will cover a little amount that is even if they offer anything, at best they will give her free ticket for another future trip. Good luck.

  2. Hmmmm,this na better money o

  3. Some people are just looking for any opportunity to extort people.

    I will share my story. When I was returning from my trip, on my way to where I was to take my connecting flight, one flight attendant in the process of serving me tea spilled hot tea on my hands.

    She apologized profusely and I told her not to worry. Shortly after, while she was trying to clear trash from the person sitting next to me, she mistakenly knocked down my full cup of hot tea and the whole thing poured on my laps. You needed to see people around me screaming.

    This time around, she was almost on her knees pleading. I just told her not to worry, went into the rest room, took off my trousers and started dabbing the mess with cold water.

    What am I saying. A thief will want to exploit that opportunity like this woman up there

    1. Heard you travelled, you say you didn't... Anyways thank God you weren't hurt. So may misdemeanors/misconducts with oyinbo people.

      But that doesn't make the woman a thief! If she the flight attendant (black) they will scream racism, so you see?

      ... Jesus is my worth!

    2. Eka, why will you call the woman a thief? Because you can happily swallow bullshit doesn't mean another person should. You changed your trouser, her wedding dress was ruined! And her health was affected by the situation. That is a hard pill to swallow. She has the right to sue.we are trained to chop shit in Nigeria doesn't make it right. Hear u calling someone a thief...u dis first time traveller. Mtscheewww!

    3. This is a wedding that dress that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Plus it wouldn't have been easily replaced like you replaced your trousers. Live and let live!

    4. You must be stupid eka. The fact that you can stomach ill, doesn't mean the other person should. Who made you judge and jury? Leave and let live!! Why call her a thief? This is her wedding dress for god sake, not a silly top and jean... talking about dabbing your clothes with cold water. You could have gotten at least $3,000 for compensation. #ignrorance is not an excuse to leave money on the table

    5. You better just shut up there.
      She has every freaking right.
      I work in a law firm and people call asking to sue for the most stupid reasons.
      I was walking...I fell
      I was eating cereal... I broke my teeth.
      Then someone sues and you're complaining. You're mostly used to being messed up

  4. #Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself*

  5. EKAJOY!! Please stop displaying stupidity. Just because you cannot stand up for yourself does not mean others should not. The lady is not a thief, she is just not ready to sleep on her rights. I am sure if the flight attendant gouged out your eyes, it would still be ok by you.

  6. @Eka Joy, you are either telling lies or just insensitive! The hot tea did not burn your thighs with everlasting mark otherwise you would have asked for compensation. Some Nigerians are very cruel and must make negative comments! You should complain even if you are too rich for compensation as you want us to believe!!! Complaints help companies to improve in services delivered to the public if you don't know! You are very annoying, mind you.

  7. She is not a thief. She has every right to sue if she felt she wasn't treated well.

  8. I am not a woman so I no de there - the argument.


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