Stella Dimoko Bobby Brown Sues To Stop ‘Bobbi Kristina’ TV Biopic


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bobby Brown Sues To Stop ‘Bobbi Kristina’ TV Biopic

Singer Bobby Brown says it’s his prerogative to put the brakes on an upcoming TV biopic of his ill-fated daughter’s death that falsely portrays him as a neglectful, abusive dad.

The singer, whose daughter with Whitney Houston met a tragic end after she was found unconscious in her Georgia bathtub, wants a federal judge to stop the film, “Bobbi Kristina,” from airing.

The project, set to hit TV One next month, includes scenes of Brown being “violate [sic] towards Houston,” and suggests Brown “does not love his daughter [and is not] committed to his daughter,” Bobby claims in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit.

The “defamatory and untrue” film tries to profit off Brown’s pain, insists the “My Prerogative” singer, who denies being abusive to his family.

Brown is played in his daughter’s biopic by Hassan Jonson as a “hard drug user” who neglects his fatherly duties after Houston’s 2012 death, in which she was also found unconscious in a bathtub.

Producers Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley unfairly took advantage of their previous work with Brown to make the movie, he charges.

The pair used information from a 2004 Bravo TV reality show, “Being Bobby Brown,” without the crooner’s permission, he alleges in court papers.

Brown is also seeking $1 million damages from the biopic’s production companies, TV One LLC, Simmons Shelley entertainment, and their affiliates. Baker-Simmons and Shelley couldn’t be reached.

TV One isn’t backing down. They “stand by the film and its representation of this period in Bobbi Kristina’s life,” the production company said in a statement and producers have already started promoting the film. A promo photo included in the lawsuit shows actors depicting a gap-toothed Brown, with a young Bobbi Kristina and 90s-era Whitney, sporting a white visor and million-watt smile.

Edited from New York Post

*I have a very bad impression about Bobbi Brown,Perhaps I am wrong I dont know but it would be nice to see him correcting that impression if it matters so much to him cos I am sure a lot of people have this impression too...otherwise leave that Biopic make we see Oga!


  1. Most people have a bad impression on Bobbi Brown... Most

  2. Of course it's his prerogative.He can do what he wants to do.He just might win this fight.Not like he needs permission to make his decisions.

    Stella,I know you think he is crazy and nasty.It could just be you don't understand or you don't know the deal.Could be he is just a brother trying hard to make it right.


  3. Stella u think say e dey easy for him??no matter what she was his little girl.

    ....although I too feel same way about him.

  4. He might win the fight but doesn't change the fact that he neglected his duty as a caring father to Bobbi Kristina.He introduced Whitney to drugs which is a fact he can't deny.

    1. Point of correction,Whitney was not introduced to drugs by Bobby. It was her brother who did and he came out on Oprah master class to own up and apologise for it....take that to the bank..

    2. Thanks jare ,I love Whitney but the truth is she was an adult that could have say NO to drug when it was introduced to her.

  5. 'My prerogative' was one of his greatest hits... With 'Good Enough', 'Roni' [My fave] and his duet with Whitney.
    I'm a major New Edition fan and let's just say Bobby's drug use and awful behaviour made him leave the group and would later cause major issues between he and Whitney. He got her hooked on drugs, he really messed her up. Some would argue that she was an adult and did those things willingly but I beg to differ, there's an unhealthy hold that some people have on others that makes them do things they ordinarily wouldn't. I dont know about now but then, he was something else. Why didnt he sue the production team of the New Edition story?
    It's just so sad that Whitney and Bobbi passed on just like that and in similar circumstances.
    My fave New Edition song is still 'Can You Stand The Rain' and I'm so glad he wasn't in it.

  6. Brown is not finding it easy on his part that he neglected his daughter, but let's see how far he go to win the case


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