Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of A Nurse Taking Delivery For The First Time And The Shocker......


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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Chronicle Of A Nurse Taking Delivery For The First Time And The Shocker......

Nurses were taught the ethics and scientific procedure to enable us deliver care adequately, but no training was actually put in place to prepare us as managers of care. In healthcare delivery system nurses are mostly seen as a rear figure in the whole health care delivery system.

Securing a job immediately after school for many is a thing of joy. But it comes with a combination of joy and a little bit of melancholy feelings for practicable professions such as Nursing. Most especially when you find yourself in a situation where you are at forefront of healthcare delivery:place like private hospitals.

Practicing nursing as a profession could be fulfilling and at the same time frustrating But what I’ve learnt in my one week experience of working without supervision is “You are never a Nurse until your patients look at you and say you are a GOOD NURSE. Some patients could be annoying and find it difficult to be contented with anything. 

One may also be faced with a whole lot of responsibilities and working under chronic stress as a Nurse could alter delivery of care. But the outstanding and professional ability to deal with these situations is what makes us Nurses.
It’s my first week,first experience working as a nurse in a private organization. 

The first day at work was not demanding and it went smoothly because just few patients came around with mild conditions. It was fulfilled.. .lol

Seventh day at work was the deal day....a labour case, I was the only one on duty with a nurse assistant. She was an unbooked patient (she never came for antenatal....we had no medical history) and  the head was almost out.....had to rush to put on an elbow length glove, set the trolley for delivery and put other necessary things in place...

Then something just told me to ask about her HIV status the 2nd time after she said she was OK the first time i asked...... she told me she was HIV positive but had been healed by a Pastor.!!..She had never taken her drugs and never been to hospital the whole time of pregnancy....


I was very angry but I had to smile just to calm the tension in the air...I tested her and she was positive!!!!

Took the delivery with great caution for the sake of the baby and myself.....she apologized for her negligence and all....

The baby is so beautiful...

Now the hilarious part.....her totoh was just TOO wide(she had no tear) hand could easily dive in and I could spread out my five fingers that normal?....the mother in law no gree carry pikin...she told me the baby would be a spoilt child if she carries her.She stayed far from her daughter in law and looked scared like no one should come near her and i wondered if she knew about the status..........It was pathetic imagining that this beautiful baby will not be carried by her grand mother for any reason whatsoever...

MIL Quickly left.

Lesson of the story...please HIV isn’t spiritual.Get the necessary medical attention once you find out your status (positive).Its actually not a death sentence. All you need is required drugs adequate nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Nurses will always be faced with plenty bullshits but we just need to be swallow them all without 

To me Nursing is more of a calling than profession.


  1. Replies
    1. The Mil is crazy, was it not her son that infected the poor woman.

      I pity those women who put up with cheating hubby's, those that don't treat the side chick's fuck up.

  2. ..... and the head was almost out.....

    ...... I tested her and she was positive!!!!

    The head was almost out and you left that to go and do HIV test?? I don't understand.

    MIL from the pit of hell.
    The woman no get faith she dey believe in pastor. She will be fine.

    1. What don't u understand? Hiv test takes just few minutes, just a prick on the thumb. In as much as they r trained to save other people's lives, I don't think it will be wise to endanger her own life. This is a patient she said never attended ante Natal so they don't have her medical history. I think she did the right thing by testing her first so she knows how to take extra caution. Poster did the right thing

    2. So you are part of the people that write without thinking,if you are a nurse you would know that's a very important test to carry out,unfortunately you are not,Think before typing next time

  3. hmmmmmmmmm na wa. Now that i want to eat amala, i come read this.

    let me look for another food

  4. What??? Healed by her Pastor?

    Oh Lord have mercy on the beautiful child cos i lack words for the Mother, Pastor and MIL.

  5. Only passionate nurses will understand this.

  6. But there have been cases where pastors healed HIV patients

    1. Which cases? Ehnnn which cases that everyone abroad has not trooped to naija for healing? Is it the staged cases? Or is it the one that ni be live they are healed by past but are still positive? Lol

  7. So the woman didn't go for further testing after the pastor declared her healed. Such carelessness!
    An innocent baby already facing stigmatization from the very one who's suppose to love and protect it.

  8. Oh God you really saved that woman and the baby. Even if you believed that a pastor healed you, why not go for another test to be very sure instead of endangering your life.

  9. Sorry to bring this here.I need help urgently.I am new in Abuja and need to enroll my kids in school before next week Monday. Please an info on any good Nursery /primary school within Gwarinpa, Abuja would be appreciated. Thanks all

    1. Try starville on first avenue or trail blazers.

  10. Okay this poster sounds like a nurse who is passionate about her job. We have so many nonchalant careless nurses who are so used to blood and dead bodies that people in distress and pain mean nothing to them. God help us all

    #My case is different

  11. Poster God bless you for sharing this.

    That's how some people will be sick, if the Dr tell them the nature of their sickness they will say God forbid, that children of God don't suffer that kind of sickness.

    When I was small, there was a young boy that dead that time because his parents refused blood transfusion. When Dr asked why they said "anyi bu ndi ama" (Jehova Witness)

    Some will even be sick and refuse to take medicine. This one is common with some pentecostal churches.

  12. God bless u poster.

    Most pple avoid antenatal bcx of HIV screening during pregnancy.

    I praise nurses alot

  13. Oh dear, poor child. The stigmatisation has started from birth already.😳😳😳

  14. May you be given a just reward for your dedication to humanity. You will never lack anything that is good and God will not allow the devil to tempt you to use your calling for evil. Amen.

  15. Good job you did, thank you for saving that babies life

  16. We are called to serve humanity
    Endowed with the act and sense of caring
    We are built on integrity and discipline
    That transcient through every generation
    Immaculate and amicable
    We are the source of hope to ailing ones
    And foundation for building a health world
    Together we shall stand.
    Nurses are great
    Nurses are caring
    Am epitome of humility to service
    We are specially ordained for this vocation

    Yes am proud to be a nurse

    2nd verse:
    From near and far we have gathered with one goal
    To uphold the good name of our profession
    N- for neatness and splendor
    U_ for understanding
    R_ for responsiveness
    S_selfless services
    I_innovative and initiative
    N_for nobility
    G_gentleness and love ...

  17. I'm a proud nursing student
    Nurses are great

    @SDK ma, I think you need to open a chronicle or something for health care workers and students

    There's a lot people need to know

  18. Am proud to be proud to be a nurse

  19. Wow I admire Nurses, especially those in private hospitals where their uniforms sparkle like its for an Ariel Advert. Kudos.
    P. S Why do you guys put red and blue biros in your pocket?

    1. In Nigeria they put red and blue pen .Red pen for example, to chart patient blood pressure in case there is any potential red flags), and the blue pen to document other writeable.

      But over here in UK, we make do with black pen because it can never fade with time compared to blue pen.

  20. Wehdone nurse.

    This reminds me of my service year.

    When I was posted to d maternity department to work as a nursing assistant.

    Imagine working in a maternity department of a general hospital in a remote village in the north

    Trust the north, HIV be lyk malaria for them
    Its very rampant.

    The women won't shave their pubic hair, some of them won't take their bath because of the cold weather. Nd you av to deliver their baby.
    It was a great experience.

    Health workers rock.
    Proudly healthcare provider.
    We treat, God heals.

  21. With all due respect ✊ for the nursing field, medical field and all allied health professions; I think it's very unprofessional for you to speak of a woman's genital in details. Whatever happened to privacy; code of ethics and your nursing training, HIPA and co.

    We (nurses) need to continue to raise the standards for our profession, while I agree with you that nursing is a calling; evidence base practice has also shown that Nursing is the most trusted field in healthcare, our care is rated higher than that of our physician colleagues. So my dear carry yourself as a healthcare leader which you are, and respect the mantle that comes with the most trusted profession (nursing)..
    To all my fellow nurses, thank you for choosing to serve the volunerable clients and thanks for saving lives.


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