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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Critical Steps To Take Before a Job Interview

There are certain critical steps to take before a job interview that can significantly increase the chances of a job seeker’s success.

Ensure You Understand the Job Requirements

It is easier to excel in a job interview when you understand what you are interviewing for. By truly understanding what is needed and wanted on the job, it will be easier for you to position yourself as a great fit for the position.

Research About the Company

This is a critical part of your interview preparation, it can help prepare you to answer interview questions and also help provide you with questions to ask the interviewer about the company. Aside from helping you ace the interview, researching about the company can also help you find out if the company and its culture will be a good fit for you.

Have a Mock Interview

Taking time to practice answering interview questions in a mock interview can help boost your confidence, help calm your nerves and make it much easier for you to answer interview questions. Try to conduct the mock interview in the same format as the real interview, take everything as seriously as you would a real interview. You can ask experienced person or a friend or family member to review common job interview questions and answers with you, and critique how you will respond to them, as well as suggest changes you can make for a better delivery.

Be Prepared

There is nothing that can disorient an interview candidate like unpreparedness. It has a way of disarming and crippling the confidence of an interviewee. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for a job interview. You should ensure that your full portfolio is ready with extra copies of documents, just in case. Also, ensure that what you intend to wear for the interview is well dry-cleaned and ready to wear a day or two before the interview. In addition, decide on what to do with your hair and facial outlook, and ensure it conforms to interview norms. Finally, and most importantly, be very clear about how to get to the venue of the interview (if you are not familiar with the place). Ensure you have a transportation plan in place to get you to the right venue on time.

Pay Attention to Your Interview Etiquette

You should practice this in your mock interviews, so it becomes a part of you. This way, it will be much easier to do during the interview. Interview etiquette is very important because it helps an interviewee make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

By Damilola Ojo


  1. Good to know, thank you Damilola

  2. Thanks a lot dear. But what if the text invite you got didn't have the name of the company attached to it? How then do you research about it?

    1. You might not know much, but never try to outsmart your interviewer. Interviewed a guy recently for a sales position, he knew next to nothing but in a bid to cover up his lack of knowledge, he showed his desperation. For a sales position, thats a no no. We absolutely loved him, his confidence was good, his spoken english was top notch, he was willing to learn but, his desperation was the only thing we were worried about, now I have to do a background check on him before he can be placed on a probation.

    2. Who applied for the job?
      Some friends and relatives who have your CV can submit it on your behalf without telling you about it. Sometimes too, we may have applied for the job months back together with other ones, so to know which one exactly is calling for interview would be hard.

  3. Nice tips.
    Thanks Dammy and Stella.

  4. Thanks for this.
    I'm still hoping on God for a good job in this Lagos. Still praying to qualify for the next stage of the interview I attended few weeks ago.
    Chikito reply that mail bikozienu.

  5. The secret to passing interviews is all of the above plus learning to answer this question - Why do you want this job and why should we hire you? If you have a good pitch for this question then you would find the other questions easier. Also, remember to have 2 intelligent questions for your interviewer, it shows that you were prepared and intelligent. All the best to all applicants.


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