Stella Dimoko Federal Government Plans To Take Over And Sell Off Empty Houses In Abuja


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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Federal Government Plans To Take Over And Sell Off Empty Houses In Abuja

The Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property on Tuesday said that the federal government may soon take over empty houses in Abuja and sell them.

The chairman of the panel, Okoi Obono-Obla, who is also the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Prosecution, made this known when the Say no Campaign, a civil society organisation, paid a courtesy call on him in Abuja.

Mr. Nwagwu said that there were empty houses wasting in Abuja and most of them had been built for over 10 years and nobody lived in them. We have to take over those building and sell them and maybe put the money into education for our children.

Jaiye Gaskiya, another convener of the group, said that there was a need for property identification scheme in Nigeria so property owners could have numbers just like the BVN.

Mr. Obono-Obla said that there was a law known as the Recovery of Public Property special provisions Act which had been in existence for the past 40 years without being implemented by successive regimes. If that law was used, corruption would have been reduced drastically in Nigeria.



  1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ€”

  2. I support.. so many buildings abandoned here and there .. stolen fund houses.. i enjoyed my stay in abuja.. thanks bv.. i was nervous at the airport bt on my way back it was so cool.. nice experience using flight...kisses Bvsss

  3. There are so many in Ministers hill, Miatama, being occupied by rodents & cobwebs.

    1. So true...even along Mpape road when coming from A.y.a, a lots of empty houses

  4. I will use my money to build house. Then travel for greener pastures overseas so I can retire to my house in Abuja when I'm ready.

    Then one useless govt somewhere will want to sell my house that I built with my sweat.

    Ko ni da fun gbogbo wan

    1. Thanks for this comment. I wonder if some people think with their anus.
      So I'll finish building house with my hard earned cash or not so hard earned cash as the case may be, then one govt that doesn't know my story and can't make life better for its people will now come and seize it cos its been vacant? They are not serious!
      There are many project in Nigeria that should take their time and not being bothered about vacant houses.
      They should set their priorities right abeg!!!

    2. Re read what was written. "property identification". If your source of income is genue, then come and claim it.

    3. They(politicians) didn't travel for any greener pasture. They have so many houses in Abuja and they only live in one.

      Go to minister's hills, maitama, asokoro, gwarinpa then you will know what I'm talking about. They are all furnished to taste.

    4. I don't support them selling the houses though but they didn't sweat for the money they built the house with

    5. So lafresh, it's only politicians that build houses in Abuja???

      Let's even say they are all politicians, if u can't find evidence that they stole funds used in building those houses, u have no business with such houses.

  5. Abeg they should do the needful, many houses in abuja are empty nd parked with cars with nobody.. The u can get is an aboki a geateman living with his family nd Oga is nowhere to be found for years. .

  6. So many empty and abandoned houses in Abuja

  7. Some bvs baffle me o, someone builds a house and live in a state or country and a government comes to claim it saying it's empty,Eka joy you get sense o, I just dey wonder how some bvs dey think, no house is abandoned, they all have owners.

  8. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, guys. It's me again.

    Opinions are subjective entitlements of different individual, if this were not true, i'd say some BVs are wicked and hypocritic, so houses built and owned by human beings, because they are empty, they should be taken over by the Government, where is the sense of free-will and democracy, as expensive a place to build or buy a house is as Abuja, one's property would be taken by the government and people on here are happy about this news? I can't relocate, have different houses and not use some, I have no rights to stay in whatever house I choose, or leave my house to rot if I want? I am sure the shit-worth propaganda tagged as "generating more money for our Children" is what caught their eyes, how many of the retrieved funds have actually gotten to you or your Children, the funds that greedy and wicked politicians horde are not enough to solve your problems, then it is the one that would be gotten from selling non-occupied houses of fellow citizens, be them politicians, civilians or what have you. Clearly, since you do not have a house in Abuja, or perhaps the only one you got is being inhabited and you think you are safe, when they are done with the empty houses, they will come for the "less occupied" ones.

    There are things we should take serious, taking someones property to enrich the Nations Purse, and someone up there is saying "abeg, they should do the needful", as you are entitled to your opinion, and you come here to be mean and say unthinkable things, so are people entitled to their hard-earned properties in Abuja. Be self-less in thinking, Nth good comes from coveting, in the olden days and even now, I have said my piece.

    Yours blogospherially.

    1. All this your epistle is just a waste of ink. Come forward to claim your property(ies) if your source of income is genue.

    2. What are you guys blabbing about,which sweat did they use in building what?
      Please govt,that estate on your way to Next supermarket,by Kado,should be on the top 10 o.πŸ‘πŸ‘
      I am of the opinion that taxes should be put on these properties,most of the owners won't be able to pay,then govt can come claim them and make them affordable to average Nigerian.

  9. Una dey mind this yeye APC government that dont know anything. The houses have owners. They should do their findings to get their relatives. Ole dem.

  10. So I can't travel out n lock up my house?
    Na wa!
    All these fried brains in govt!

  11. So I will would build my house and then some idiot govt will think they can come and sell it off because I am not living in it at the moment.

    chai this APC govt should just say that they don't know how else to raise funds for the growth of the country again.

    Plus most of this locked houses in abuja and not really locked oo.

    I remember a friend telling me that her company renovated a house that was supposed to have been under lock for over 7 years in Ministers Hill only to discover human bones in some of the rooms.

    She said on interviewing the gateman he said he has not seen anybody come into the house in the 7 years he had been working there.

    That the cars parked in the garage has never been driven by anyone and he has never gone into the main building because it had been locked since he resumed work there.

    Plus the windows where covered from inside so u can't see though.
    Yet he gets a call once a month to sweep the environment and wash the cars.

    She said the guy collected his salary through a delivery company and her company was called and paid upfront with a key delivered to their office for renovations of the building

    So BV'S not all supposed abandoned looking house are really abandoned oo.
    Some are headquarters of fetish and evil people.


    1. πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

  12. Kie! Di's life ehh empty houses, am in Di's same abuja looking for where to stay. Who get head no get cap. It is well o. I wish I have who to give me now I will just be helping to maintain it.

  13. Kie! Di's life ehh empty houses, am in Di's same abuja looking for where to stay. Who get head no get cap. It is well o. I wish I have who to give me now I will just be helping to maintain it.


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