Stella Dimoko Former President OBJ Pours Encomium On Gov Rochas- Says Rochas Gave Him The Worst Advice During His Presidency


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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Former President OBJ Pours Encomium On Gov Rochas- Says Rochas Gave Him The Worst Advice During His Presidency

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has jokingly blamed Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, for “all the bad things” that happened to the country during his tenure between 1999 and 2007.

Obasanjo was speaking in Owerri, at the graduation ceremony of students of Rochas Foundation.

He said the worst advice he got while in office was from Okorocha, one of his then advisers.

“As you may all know, Rochas was one of the advisers I had when I was president,” he said.

“All the bad things that happened to this country under my presidency was advised by Rochas Okorocha,” he said.

Obasanjo however extolled the qualities of the Governor, who he said never ceased to surprise him.

“He (Okorocha) has never stopped to surprise me. He is a man of vision, of ideas. He is a thinking man. And when he explained to me his ideas about education, what he has done, I was marvelled. I doff my hat for you, Okorocha.

“Let me say this, the beginning of the development for any country is education. And the extent that we take education seriously, that is the extent that we take development seriously.

“Rochas is not just dealing with education; he is dealing with education for the underprivileged in general. Which means that if the poor and the underprivileged will rise above their disadvantaged position, it is only through education.

“And with what I have seen today, I have no regret at all to accept his offer for me to be part of this wonderful programme and wonderful development agenda to our country and for our continent,” he added.

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  1. Evil Rochas, pls who knows Ada gorgeous on Ig? I saw her videoing Rochas at a gathering on her insta stories,pls who is she? They are so rich.

    1. Taah gbafuo! Looking for cheap publicity and follows. @theyaresorich,sense fall on u

  2. Two evil genius

  3. Okorocha u r people are suffering n you r celebrating birthday with state fund. God is watching you

  4. Na play play we truth the from comot. That "playfully" of bad advice wey dem talk.......Omo shows the irony of calling him a "thinking man". Go figure.

  5. Enter your comment...I wonder why most of our leaders keep deceiving themselves while thinking they are deceiving all. going by the reaction of citizens, Rochas is the worst governor IMO has ever had. he is a typical example of 'e dey do me they pity me. God save IMO state.

  6. Lols bad adviser of the universe
    I think old age is already telling on obj

  7. Rochas told Obasanjo that a presidential aircraft was no longer serviceable and should be sold off for a paltry sum. Obasanjo agreed and it was sold, only for Riches to go behind and buy it as his private jet.

    1. Hian this man no be am then
      Serious crook

    2. He has been a serious thief

  8. Thats the only part I love obj he says it as itis, with Rochas method of governance you will knw he is a senseless leader.

  9. Obj indirectly told Imo state that their choice of governor is the worst choice, since he cannot give a good advice as a PA.


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