Stella Dimoko Gov Fayose's Sister MO Shares Her Abuse Story On Facebook...


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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gov Fayose's Sister MO Shares Her Abuse Story On Facebook...

Oh Dear....

She wrote:

“Just looking through my memory archive, & I asked myself this question… Mo, what makes you so mentally strong & stable?

The only answer to that would be the s*xual & physical abuse I sustained when I was a child… although it rocked the boat of my sanity for many years, but today, I give God the glory for giving me the strength and love to live again.

Summer 2011, one of the men that sexually abused me messaged me on Facebook & from the bottom of my heart, I forgave him. People that I tell the story to usually tell me that I should have reported him to the police….. but my answer is, will take replace the mental and emotional torture that I’ve been through???? Or of what use will it be to my life now??? Hell No!!!!

Today, am a very happy girl. I live and take each day as it come. I give unconditional love out and always ensure that I leave a beautiful footprint anywhere i go.. .. plus I get to share my story with those who are truly searching for sanity again.

Remember this fact as you go around this week, forgiveness is for you, not for the person that abused you.


  1. Replies
    1. It is so true that you get peace within you when you forgive from your heart

  2. It is well. Thank God for you and for the spirit of forgiveness

  3. It takes a strong woman to forgive and even stronger woman to forget and move on.

  4. Hmmmmmm God help lots of people passing through this Amen

  5. I gave been raped by four Men in my life. Each time I remember I placed a curse on them.

    1. Ooh dear so sorry I can imagine the hurt u feel inside.

  6. Eeyah...thank God for you,it is well.
    Eehn but is that face real cos i yam not understanding it

  7. Eeeeya
    So sorry Ma'am.
    And I am happy you conquered the Demons caused by the Devilish man that abused u.

    But sorry,I don't quite agree with u on the answer u gave about not reporting him to the Police.
    It may not resolve or replace all the agony u went via like u said but it wil take a Peadophile off the streets. You wil be saving other countless young children.

    And again,if one does the crime,he does the time.

    Soo sorry once more🙏🏽

  8. She really looks like her brother

    1. You left the message to talk about the looks? The brother is 'very handsome' if you want to compare

    2. I wasn't comparing and yes I got the message, even if I didn't talk about it


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