Stella Dimoko Health Workers Threaten To Begin Nationwide Strike Tagged 'Operation Alligator Bite'


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Health Workers Threaten To Begin Nationwide Strike Tagged 'Operation Alligator Bite'

The Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) says it will begin a nationwide strike next Wednesday.

JOHESU tagged the planned action ‘Operation Alligator Bite’, saying it would be more severe than ‘Operation Python Dance’ the army launched in the south-east.

The unions said the planned action was due to the government’s failure to meet their demands. Their demands include payment of arrears of specialist allowances and upgrade of their members due for promotion.

The threat is coming a few days after resident doctors embarked on strike. The government negotiated with the leadership of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) with a resolution to meet some of their demands. But days after the end of the negotiations, the strike has not been called off.

The meeting of the leadership of NARD in Abuja on Tuesday was stalemated; hence the association could not take a decision to call off its strike.

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  1. Mstcheeeeew. Bite who? Patients or government?

    1. Mtchewwww. When health workers were busy fighting themselves instead of accepting their different profession and uniting to fight for their right from the government. Una never see something. Keep fighting yourselves, a house divided against itself can never stand. The government knows that and will always use it to exploit you all. They will call one union behind closed doors and empower them to fight the other. There will never be a restructuring and better pay for health workers as long as they keep fighting each other.

    2. Gbam!
      Anony@ 19:06
      U know their (employers, in this case its the govt.) game!!!
      Playing them with divide & rule. Lol!!!
      After all there's cure for this madness.
      Trade unions have been infiltrated long ago, manipulated & seriously made useless by the employers every where. Among their members r full of saboteurs who will be motivated by so many different reasons to secretly betray the plans of the trade union to secure better working conditions & pay for their members.

    3. The name gave them away, so they are angry about operation python dance abi. Keep fooling yourselves around while the disgruntled PDP member deceiving you people stil have leftovers of their stolen wealth. Whatever they are fighting for, did it just start 2 years ago. Mumus. Abeg Wakanow give me ticket let me gerrout of this place. I'll be back when you guys have regained your sanity. Everyone should go on strike but Buhari and his family will remain untouched, PDP guys sending you people will fly out and your relatives will be the ones to suffer

    4. Anon 19:06 Spot on 🤛👍

  2. Lmao. Alligator sef go bite join. Which way Nigeria?

    Stella swallowed my comment today. 😂😂😂

  3. ASUU, Oya come and do 'Operation Mosquito Bite'...

  4. Anon 19:06,your head too correct abeg.

  5. Ofcourse everything now has to dance.

  6. Failed government with failures as workers

  7. Carry go! No be only army sabi operation

  8. They could have tagged it "operation rat bite" since the presidency is used to rats already. 😆

  9. Ah! Ah!! What's happening, have we now turned to animal kingdom? If python is not dancing, alligator is biting, lions, jackals and lesser animals are on one side, even rats taking over Aso rock. What is really happening? Is this what we have come to? Who is in-charge?

  10. Abeg! Don't go on strike ooo,people's life are at stake.

  11. Everybody dey strike for Naija.... It's a WAWU something


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