Stella Dimoko Gov Rochas Alleges That Charly Boy Was Hired To Attack President Buhari And Himself


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gov Rochas Alleges That Charly Boy Was Hired To Attack President Buhari And Himself

Imo State Government has alleged that Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy was hired by the opposition to attack Governor Rochas Okorocha, the All Progressive Congress and President Muhammadu Buhari.

The state government also accused chairman of Owerri branch of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Lawrence Nwakaeti of having joined in the attack on the governor.

A statement signed by Okorocha’s chief press secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, said Charly Boy was recruited since 2014.

“He used his late father’s burial service in Oguta to launch his war against the governor after he had collected money from the government for the same father’s burial, and he has continued the unprovoked and unwarranted war.”

“The governor influenced construction of the road to Oputa’s house, built a court complex named after the Late Jurist, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and gave money for his burial, which Charly Boy personally came to Government House to collect.

“He said before the burial, they told him that the former president had directed that he should not allow Okorocha to speak at the burial service not minding that protocol demands that he should talk.

“Acting on the script given to him, Charly Boy snatched the microphone from a sitting governor, who came to honour his late father and who also gave money for the burial and he did that to satisfy Okorocha’s opponents and see whether that could help them in the 2015 election, and, up till now, Charly Boy has not cared to apologise to the governor, in spite of the general outcry his action attracted then”.

Onwuemeodo said Charly Boy continued the war by visiting Owerri at the weekend to insult Governor Okorocha.

“He deceived some Human Rights people like Prof. Chidi Odinkalu into coming to Owerri over the relocation of Ekeukwu market without such innocent figures knowing he was recruited since 2014 against Okorocha”, the statement added.

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*Na wah...Recruited since 2014?


  1. Mallam governor. Ndi Imo bara one chance ebe ino.

  2. Replies
    1. Rochas was also hired by the devil to bring hardship to the people of I o state, see how he is treating his own people. He should please shut up, maybe he was there when they were bribing chally boy

  3. Rochas Rochas Rochas. How many times did I call u?. Our elders say, he who the gods want to Destroy, they first make mad. They also say, the stubborn fly follows the corpse to d grave and is buried withh it.

    1. Na lie. Nothing bad will happen to him.

  4. kikikkiiiii Dee Anayo, you no dey tire?

    Charly boy's beef with rochas started from his Dad's burial, Rochas was not slotted in to speak and attempted to steal the show, na im charly collect microphone from am sharparly.

    The oputa family of Oguta has got breeding they are not hungry and certainly wont ass-lick any democratically elected or military governments back-side.


    Where lives lost in the process of your forceful relocation of the market ?

    Leave Charley Oputa alone and face your woes.

  5. Sometimes I laugh at the way this Okorocha and his Cohorts talk. They talk like people that do not have brains. Rochas Okorocha, you demolished people's structures without any form of apology or compensation. You sent armed policemen and soldiers to accompany those demolishing. People (even a young boy) were killed in‎ the process. You have destroyed lots of things in Owerri and most are still under construction till date. You come out and have the guts to say Charlie boy was hired by the opposition. So you are trying to say that what Charlie boy and the human rights groups are saying is wrong. Well..its a party thing. Anybody that does not support what you people are doing is either from the opposition or its hate speech.  

    No problem oo Rochas Okorocha. You feel you are a governor and you are greater than everybody. My prayer for you is that whatever thing you are doing ‎to people in Owerri, may it also be done to you. You made people shed tears over their source of livelihood and even their children and you say you've done well. May you also receive the same measure. It's just fair that you receive as much 'good' as you say you've done. 

  6. Rochas...
    You both are of the same ilk.
    Devils in human form.
    You demolish structures people paid for with thier own hard-earned money.
    Only to force them to pay for the ones you built for yourself, but registered under another name.
    Even Amaraku village market and Nkwo-Orji.
    What did the masses do?
    Simply because they won't be made servile.
    You want to become a Saraki in Igbo land!
    It won't work.
    Igbos don't beg, they fend for themselves.
    Leave the people alone.
    You are even so confident that your succesor must be hand-picked by you...
    Playing God now right?
    You guys need to come to Owerri.
    Nothing is working!
    No roads, yet he keeps demolishing standard roads.
    Education... Zero.
    Health.... Worse.
    Business environment in Owerri has got to be the worst in Africa.
    Yet, he is demolishing markets..
    Putting people in hunger and so much strife!
    Civil servants are worst hit!
    What is wrong with this governor?
    Charly boy said the truth.
    Human right activists need to come to IMO state and speak up!
    We indigenes have been talking.
    On the side, appointing Uriel Oputa as ambassador of something something won't change a thing.
    Uriel is an entertainer, Charly is an activist.

    1. True talk my sister...d man has gone mad..its even d road that is my problem..he said he wanted to widen them so he broke down all d existing roads blocking d entracne to people's houses yet nothing has been done...Owerri that use to be beautiful and peaceful is an eyesore right now...mayb d rest of nigeria has a democracy but imo state is currently under a military regime..everything is done and taken by force...Rochas u will surely get what u deserve

  7. Charly Boy has more honour than Rochas. I don't blame Rochas, it is because nigeria don't bother about the source of people's wealth if not wetin for concern agbero with overload. U can never be in the same upper class as Charly Boy anyday or anytime!!!


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