Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 200


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Friday, September 15, 2017

Labour Room Drama 200

Thank God!

Hello Stella, a job well done for this platform that you have given to your dear readers. Please forgive my typos and long epistle because am not a good writer.

My pregnancy was stress free, no vomiting, no spitting, no cravings. I had my baby July this year.

It was around 7pm I started feeling menstrual like pains but it wasn't that serious, was watching TV with my husband and my mum came visiting. I told my husband about it and he was like, oh the baby is coming and he said we should go to the hospital but I said no that I was fine. My mum was just smiling that it hasn't started yet, that we should still hold on.

Fast forward to 10pm, the pain escalated, I was like please let's go to the hospital, I told my husband to take my phone along because I only have gospel songs on my phone and I intended to play the songs in the labour room.

We trekked down to the hospital because it wasn't far to the house. When we got there, I was checked in and was taken to the labour room by the nurses and the doctor came to check on me this was around 11pm, he deep his hand into my p* and said I was 3cm dilated.

All this while my husband was with me in the labour room, I told him to play songs from my phone that I needed something to relax me, I was listening to the songs and at the same time calling my husband name and Jesus to help me, wasn't funny at all.

My mum was coming to check on me from time to time, praying for me and my husband also prayed for me. The pain was out of this world, I was always pressing the bell beside my bed telling the nurses to get me the doctor, it got to a stage that the nurses ignored me and didn't answer whenever I press the bell.

My husband was holding my hand all this while, it got to a stage I said I want to poo, I was told to poo on the bed but nothing came, I said I wanted to pee, I was told to pee on the bed, I said no then my husband was given a bowl for me to pee inside.

All this while my water has not broken, then the doctor came in around 2am and checked me, he tried inserting his hands but this time around I shouted NOOOO, I beg him.... Please doctor don't then he said I should trust him that it wouldn't be painful then he deep his hands in and said I was 7cm dilated.

I was given drip, then the doctor told be he will have to break the water himself so that I can have my baby in the next 1 hour, I shouted again that it will be painful oooooo, my husband was already at the door peeping through because the doctor told him to excuse us. The procedure was painful but I kept shouting Jesus help me, Jesus help me.

At 3am my screaming was out of this world and I said I want to push oooooo, later I Turned it to I want to poo oooooo, it wasn't funny oooooo. Then the doctor came again and a gush of water just came out and doctor said my baby was ready to come.

The doctor told my husband to excuse him but once again he was peeping through the door. I was told not to push yet and everything was set and I was asked to push I pushed twice and my handsome baby boy was out, he weighed 2.5kg. Then I asked the doctor if I didn't have tear, then he laughed and said "if I have I will know". My baby didn't cry when he came out, he had to be spanked then I heard is tiny voice. God is really Great.

For all those who are TTC, God will surely give you your own testimony to carry before these year runs out in Jesus Name (Amen).

*Sometimes when i read stories like this eh,I just thank God that I didnt go through labour like this cos I have zero tolerance for in ZERO!

Congrats on your baby!


  1. Congrats poster... May your kid grow great and make you so proud... I enjoyed your LRD

  2. Stella all dey pain o. Labour pain, Cs, induction and all....thats it.
    My threshold for pain is zero. Common menstral pain i will dose myself wt painkillers. Kai

    Congrats poster. God bless your lil one.

    #My case is different

    1. Have you put to bed ? There is a day you made a comment that you want to deliver that day .

  3. Aww congrats ..God is truly awesome..

  4. Thank God for you o. Give your baby a hug for me,I receive my testimony too in Jesus name.

  5. Congratulations, very wonderful delivery. I pray to have a stress free delivery on d D day in Jesus Name. Amen

  6. Congrats poster, a big hug to your boy

  7. Amen, thanks to everyone for the prayers.

  8. Thanks to God on your behalf my sister. Enjoy motherhood jare....

  9. When we say zero tolerance for pain I wonder oooo. I have gone through VD delivery and CS. Stella CS recovery is painful. For over 7days I was useless. A very painful something. chai. I prefer VD jare

  10. Congratulations love baby u are welcome...


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