Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 201


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Labour Room Drama 201

 Respect your mothers and worship God, as the process of Birthing is nothing short of miraculous.

Hello Stella,

I hope this meets you well.

So, I had my baby February this year. Oh Lord, it's the craziest experience ever. People, respect your mothers and worship God, as the process is nothing short of miraculous.

I woke up early that Friday morning to pee, like 6:00am. On peeing and trying to clean up, I noticed something slimy and bloody. Instantly, I knew it was time but still, I wished for more time. I called my husband to see what's up. I began to pack my stuff and the baby's for the hospital. I began to feel menstrual like pains but it was very bearable.

Fortunately, that day was my routine antenatal appointment, so by 10:00am, we went to the hospital. The doctor asked me to lay down for the vaginal  exam and I obeyed. As he inserted his fingers, I screamed so loud. It was insanely painful. The doctor said my body was preparing to go into labour. He said I could stay at the hospital, or go home and come back when the contractions come every 5 minutes. I opted to go home, as I had read extensively and SDK labour room segment too informed me that it could be a while.

I went home, called the woman who cleans for me to come clean, I walked to my tailor's to give her clothes, then walked to the barber's to trim my hair and walked back home. All the while, the menstrual like pains continued and was more intense bit still bearable.

By 6:00pm, it got realer and by almost 7, I was in pains. I called my husband to come home immediately. I went to shower and he got home. He cooked rice, we ate and by 8:30pm, we left for the hospital. The contractions were every 5 minutes.

I was examined at the hospital by past 9:00pm and was told to be at 2cms dilation. That vaginal examination was so painful, I cried. The doctor laughed at me, that I haven't seen pain. I got a room and the real deal started.

The pains increased that I stripped naked. I flung the hospital gown and went about naked. I was hot and cold. My back was on fire, I was just confused. I would scream, beg the baby to hasten up, call God, etc. I vomited twice or thrice. I told hubby to massage my back and I would scream for him to leave me alone. I craved sleep but the pain was too intense. My parents kept calling every 20 minutes. At a point, when they were talking with my husband, he said "the doctors says she's close". My mum thought he meant my pelvis is closed, so she started scabashing. She screamed "we are on our way there". That was like 5:00am.

By 6:00am, I was 8cm dilated and I was taken to the delivery room, my legs were heavy and every part of me ached. As they put me on IV and all the processes, my parents came in.

Apparently, my husband had given them address and went to take them up. They left home 5:00am and got to me by past 6:00am The doctors told them to excuse us. My parents refused. They said they needed 5 mins with me. See drama. They turned that place to mini crusade.

All I saw was anointing oil, mantle, Bible. They finished and left to wait. I felt the urge to push and they told me to push with the next contraction. When I pushed, I was told it was incorrect and told to push like I wanted too poop, while holding my ankles. I indeed pooped and kept apologizing. My husband was there all through, encouraging me, teasing me, filming, going to give my parents information. It was time and I pushed. However, my vagina was sorta small, so I had to be cut.

By 8:05am, out came my beautiful baby girl with lots of hair on her head. My tummy went in and I felt a calm immediately.

My baby was taken to one corner. She had to be turned upside down and her feet beaten before she cried. I saw this on video. I thought the storm was over. That was the beginning.

The cleaning of blood from inside was killing. They inserted clothes in and out. I thought I was in hell. They said they must take our as much as possible.

Suturing the episiotomy was a nightmare. I was given some anesthetic but it wore off too soon. I screamed, cried, begged. I felt every prick of the needle and drag of the thread. My mum came peeping. She couldn't bear my screaming. She was waving, saying sorry, but was ushered away. It was agonizing.

I was taken to my room and my mum barged me. Showering was handwork. I tried to sleep but they kept making calls, announcing they are grandparents, and a few friends came visting. I kept staring at my baby like a stranger. I couldn't believe I was a mum, I was exhausted from all the drama from the past 24 hours, I was confused as I didn't know what to do with a baby.

Thanks to my mum, aunty and a friend of mine who's a mum. They helped me so much, till I was able to be by myself. I had oedema, I.e water retention that caused swelling. I was so big. Those hot water rituals ehn... I hated them. My vagina was sore for 3 straight weeks but got better in the fourth. Sex was painful till like 4 months later.

Thank God for his mercies and grace. Just a look at my baby makes it all worth it. She is 7 months old now. Very beautiful, active and smart. She gives us unquantifiable joy.

Vaginal birth or CS, women are strong beyond what anyone knows. Pregnancy and birthing are a miracle. Motherhood is a lifelong journey of sacrifices.

Sorry for such a long write-up.
Thanks SDK,
You rock.

*Your words gave me goose bumps....we take it for granted but the process of birthing a child is one awesome Miracle that happens every second.


  1. Now this is how babies are born... Thank you for a detailed story Poster. Jesus will help his children oo😧😧

  2. Wow! I was reading and feeling the pain as yiu were narrating. That was one painful journey but thank God for his faithfulness. God bless and keep the baby.

  3. Wow. That inserting hands into d vagina to clean off blood is something else.

    I could almost feel the hand on my chest.

    Im happy for u poster.congrats

  4. omg guys please stop saying PAINS, the word is pain - even excruciating pain is still pain. where did the S come from?

  5. True, having a baby is a miracle. Congrats poster

  6. Congratulation dear

  7. Ewoo...32weeks gone. I will just stop reading these LRDs... Hei!!! who send me read Ds story now...😔 my chest is doing me somehow already. Lemme gaan read my bible... n start cabashing against every spirit of labour pain... mine will be a different story. This is my last LRD biko

    1. Hahah. Nor be only u ooo I don dey fear ooo. What if person take epidural. Will it be better pls someone should help a sister out ooo

    2. Same here oooo. Anytime I read LRD I become scared but I know God will take control. Guess I should stop reading as well cus the fear of labour is freaking real.

    3. Same boat na carry me ans you, 32 weeks gone, but my God is able ijn

    4. My dear we all have different destinies and stories. I always believed mine will be different and it really was.Pray and believe then read books on supernatural childbirth.

  8. Hey God oh! This is scary o! To think I'm already due. God see me through this easier.

  9. Anon 14:58....Na only that one you see pick out of all she wrote akwa? well, a lot of people don't use their brains to think before sounding off... Lemme enlighten you.. when someone says pains..its because we all know that pain comes in waves...there are mild pain...real pain and then the excruciating add them all up = pains. So please exercise your brain before sounding off next time. tried jare...still looking forward to birthing mine and your LRD almost put small fear for my body..but I'd rather go thru such pains and get my twinnies anytime or day.

    May God keep you and your beautiful princess.


  11. feeling the drawing of the thread kwa? Chimooo

    1. That pulling of the thread can pain ehn Chai! I wish every ttc to experience motherhood o.

      Poster, congrats.

  12. I think the doctors didn't do a good job with the pain management

  13. Congrats dear
    My day will soon come

  14. @ BRENDA C, that's your business if u continue to say the wrong thing. Na why una country be as e be. no one is ready to learn

  15. wow....clothes goes in and out.... packing of blood... hmmmm.... OK o, we r waiting, am 22 weeks gone

  16. Congratulations sis. I am next in line for this kind of miracle. God of fertility pls pick my call.

  17. Wow! I love your story. Pele! So sex after birth is usually painful?

  18. Poster, Pele. Thank God for everything.

  19. Anon 15:25, there's nothing the Doctors can do about the pain except these days they give epidural. This method is the old traditional way of birthing but i think medicine has improved so much now and there are better ways to reduce the pain.

    I thought i wrote this story except that i birthed a baby boy then, i didnt poo in the process and i had my son in 2010,,, but trust me mine was exactly this way too. The pricking of the needle and feeling the drag of the thread is soooo true. In fact i screamed more when they were suturing me than when i was in labour and trying to push my baby out.

    All in all, once u set ur eyes on ur child, u forget the pain and that's the real miracle there if not people like me with very low pain thresh hold wouldnt birth more than one child,,,but hey, i got more than one.

    Congratulations poster, hope u're preparing to visit the labour room

  20. I tap into this blessing in the Mighty name of Jesus. I believe you Lord for my own blessing. Here I am..26..still waiting on you Lord for a life partner. I have faith that I would share my own labour room drama one day and have kids call me mummy. Amen.

  21. I keep on saying it....if you get pregnant naturally, go into the delivery room, give birth via vaginal or cs and both you nd comes out hale and hearty, you need to thank God.
    I work in a hospital and I have seen alot. Where people spend more than 5 million naira have children ie they go through ivf( which cost alot), then they go through an emergency cs due to one issue or the other and then have preterm baby/babies who have to stay in the nicu for a while.
    God is great. The whole pregnancy and birthing process is really a miracle and testimony that should not be taken for granted.

  22. Your narrative make given birth scarier for me. God have mercy I am a woman

  23. I bless God for you....... after child birthday is very painful... like you are being deflower again

  24. Wow,and am almost due, 38wks gone already. I know my case is different. Father let me experience a supernatural childbirth.poster thank God for you

  25. Wow
    GOD is wonderful
    I wonder how a birthing twins would be..


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