Stella Dimoko Mama Taraba Denies Accusing El-Rufai Of Knowing About Chibok Girls' Kidnap, Mismanaging N12m


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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mama Taraba Denies Accusing El-Rufai Of Knowing About Chibok Girls' Kidnap, Mismanaging N12m

Minister for Women Affairs and Social Development Aisha Alhassan, also known as Mama Taraba, has described as false a rumor alleging that she accused Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai of knowing about the abduction of the Chibok girls before it happened.

 She also described as spurious the allegation that she mismanaged N12 million.

Her special assistant on media, Dantsoho Suleiman, said the statement on Mr. El-Rufai falsely credited to the minister and the allegation of financial mismanagement were invented to discredit her.

“In order to verify the authenticity of the statements, I enquired from Senator Alhassan and she categorically denied making any comments, statements or interviews to the press. The comments going round social media on Governor El- Rufai did not emanate from Senator Alhassan.

"She is not a security official and has no knowledge of the events that resulted in the kidnap of the Chibok girls. By nature and character, she is not the type to divulge sensitive information,” Mr. Suleiman said.

The spokesman added that Mrs. Alhassan has enormous respect for Mr. El-Rufai and sees nothing wrong with the governor's opinion of her.

“It should be noted that a lot of people will be cashing in on Aisha's BBC interview to concoct all sorts of fabricated lies in order to achieve their selfish agendas. The public should note that apart from the BBC Hausa interview, no further comments and statements being attributed to her [Alhassan] are from her," said Mr. Suleiman.

from sahara reporters.


  1. Replies
    1. Politics and its dirty nature

    2. I have never seen a country that thrive in rumours as Nigeria. People will hastily jump into conclusion without first verifying the source and authencity of an information. I have been waiting for clips of evidence that she said it or if it was through social media, was it her original account or a forged account like what they did to Zahra Buhari? These are sensitive issues and shouldn't be joked with. Children were kidnapped, defiled and traumatised and still going thru the pains. It will be stupid to use such a thing as a political propaganda. Even if the kidnap was planned , how come the president on sit then couldn't foil the attempt? It is in the numerous temptations of the devil that God uses to prove his supremacy. If he allowed the devil to win,then he is weak and not worthy of our trust. Election is coming and this is how politicians thrive. Very dirty people who don't care whose ox is gored. Any harsh tag you associate your self with by contributing to its trending, kindly take responsibility at the end when the evil plan of the devils are accomplished. The least we can do is verify the information before joining in the trend. Otherwise these people already know how social media works,they wait for the appropriate timing and then push up one thing for all of you to use your money and make it viral while they smile to the bank. More will come as the election nears.

    3. Oh shut up, na today, someone said it yesterday that she will come out and deny. What I know it that Nigeria isn't cursed, Nigeria has given its people the best resources but the leaders are cursed. Lord save us from every cursed leader amen

    4. God bless you Anon 09:35. My sentiments exactly. The journalists in this country are damn lazy. They only put in extra work if the report is about someone close to them or someone who can give them 'brown envelope'.
      I was waiting to see proof of an interview where she said so or screenshot of her social media handle where it was posted.
      Journalists need to wake up from their slumber and get their acts together. Stella you inclusive!!!

  2. Don't wanna believe she said that openly, not likely but owing to the fact that she was caught on camera rubbishing President Buhari who she pledged her utmost loyalty to in the wake of the 2015 elections, anything from her(cooked up or not) in this period is believable. She is sly and evil.

    If you get to the bank of the river and do "tsaah" frogs and toads will certainly jump into the river. Na you cause their jump. You are liable.

    She caused this rumour so let her debunk it herself.
    Whichever way it goes, we are close to "The Truth 2018" as campaigns and meetings will take center stage. Some will TALK. Till then say nothing, hear nothing.

    APC remains an Aberration!

    Una goodnight.

    1. Sorry, if you read transcripts of her interview you will understand better rather than making the fallacious claim that she caused the rumour. She only spoke about where her loyalty lies and that is the way a true ally should be. Atiku nominated her for her position as a compensation for his contribution to APC's success at the poll. And what she said was sticking to Atiku by virtue of her not biting the finger that fed her. But you and your cohorts are here and there reading things in between the lines in order to stir an already volatile country. Is she stupid to publicly say such thing attributed to her? We're chibok girls the only ones kidnapped? Many were kidnapped and several killed in cold blood but the past administration and gullible Nigerians want to believed it was a scam. Politics should not be about playing with people's lives the way we are doing. So go read the transcript of her interview again before saying she rubbished the president. By the way, what makes her sly and evil? Are you sly and full of evil to know she is one?

  3. 2019 is around the corner

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. They have threatened the living daylight out of this woman. Guys you can now imagine the kind of courage Fayose,Fani and Charley boy has.


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