Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman Says Ministry Of Agric And Rural Development Scammed Her...


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Friday, September 08, 2017

Nigerian Woman Says Ministry Of Agric And Rural Development Scammed Her...


This is a really sad story.....which way Nigeria?Is there surely no hope?

Dear Stella,

I am up at 3am thinking about my yesterday! It's clearly obvious It will take centuries to fix Nigeria.

I have never been this emotionally, psychologically drained- probably have but this right here caught me unawares. I have trust issues especially when it comes to dealing with people business wise...I let my guards down to trust the Nigerian government.

What society frustrates life out of a body and confines zeal Into isolation.

Early this year I decided to 'Do it Afraid' overwhelmed from gathering information on the cheapest means possible to set up a food processing facility.

I was so excited when someone mentioned ministry of agric and rural development was giving out equipments at a subsidized fee.
Got all I needed together and applied since March!

Finally After months of follow up and a 'good' ministry worker who helped speed up the process, armed with my letter of approval and proof of payment made to FGN remits account.

I drove all the way down to Sheda to go pick up my equipment (with me feeling Like a lottery winner - excited I just saved me the headache of brainstorming how to fund the equipment with some thousands of Naira) to cut long story short.

I met the cabinet dryer today and Nigerian government sold rusted equipment to me.

The equipments have been out in the sun in the rain rusting away since 2013 - while so many needed jobs to keep them busy and much agro produce going to waste!

I just got played.

I kept asking about the equipment they gave me the impression they were manufacturing, they knew all along and expected me to fix it.

I know where scrap materials are being sold- had no need to go there to buy because I have absolutely no need for scrap metal in my life.

I don't know even know how to react - Laugh or cry. Anyways I am just here chewing chin chin away...this me should have been unbroken!

...but then I think I am broken! Tired and frustrated about how nothing just seems to work in a failed country! How entrepreneurs who seemingly should be the 'drivers of the economy' are mentally drained and passion chased out of them 
Like a demon being cast out of a possessed being.


  1. Trust no one, when it comes to money and business.

    1. Haba na.....this is bad.

      Sorry poster.

    2. Please this needs to go viral. I am so pissed. Plants are even growing inside. What kind of rubbish?

    3. Most times I just sit down and ask myself, are these other people better than me? I've invested money time and energy to my biz but it even leaves me more depressed when sales isn't just coming in...hubby has been a huge pillar of support!
      Take heart poster. I'm also tired of how things are in Nigeria but nowhere to run to.

  2. Just imagine what they did to this woman, how will people come back home to invest in buying agricultural equipments from the government after reading this.

    This is scrap,how can the ministry of agriculture been duping it's citizens and tomorrow VP Osibanjo will be saying Nigerians should come and invest.
    Invest in what...scrap metal.

    Broad day light 419 that is what this govt is.


  3. Haba...this is too bad nah
    And for something she paid for its unacceptable too..but then you can't see Nigerian Government..mtcheww

  4. Ah! this is so bad...

  5. Choi this is bad.

  6. Ministry of Agric and Scam Development. This matter must not be left to die as usual. It has to trend until something is done. Sometimes the people at the top in these ministries do not know things like this happen. It's a sad case and the spirit of this young entrepreneur must not be allowed to die. #AuduOgbehSaveYourName

  7. By a 'good' ministry worker who helped speed things up,do u mean someone u financially induced aka bribed?If yes then u are also part of the problem

  8. choi this is pure wickedness....Nigeria so how come u ppl are fighting criminals while the government is full of criminals chai.woman take heart, please don't take those things oooo

  9. Nigeria has failed its people....

  10. No, no, no. Madam, tell us the truth. One thing I know is that FGN will allow to see and inspect what you want to buy and probably ask you to bid for it, not just pay for what you have not seen and know their true worth. You have bee scammed by your contact and your own greed. Don't blame the Ministry.

  11. Who's the minister of Agric sef......

  12. Make sure this trends!


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