Stella Dimoko Rare Leopard Seen in Nigeria's Yankari Reserve


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rare Leopard Seen in Nigeria's Yankari Reserve

There is a rare Leopard at Nigeria's Yankari reserve!!!

From wildlife conservative society.


  1. Stella don't confuse us. Is it the specie of the leopard that is rare or the fact that we have a leopard at all in the game reserve?

    1. Same question on my mind. What makes it rare?

    2. I wonder. Stella there's nothing rare about that leopard

  2. All I see is a beautiful leopard. What makes it so rare? Pardon my ignorance.

  3. What is rare about this leopard?

  4. so snow don begin fall for Nigeria

  5. And here we are still preaching same old song on diversifying the economy since the inception of this govt.

    Where is the state governor by the way??
    Can't they transcend this into a proper vocational site just like they have in Kenya? This should be a source of revenue to both the state and to the economy.

    Truly we need Restructuring in Nigeria


  6. They would soon kill it for
    Naija I hail ohhhhhh


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