Stella Dimoko Tattered Naira Notes From Stanbic Bank ATM


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Monday, September 11, 2017

Tattered Naira Notes From Stanbic Bank ATM

This is a BV Citizen's report!

''Dear Stella
Please post this so that these bank people will stop being wicked. This is the money that Stanbic IBTC Bank, Nwaniba Road, Uyo paid me Sunday evening. The annoying thing was, offices were closed today so I couldn't even go in to change the money. Banks should put good and clean notes for their customers and not things like this. 

I've even heard some ATMs disburse counterfeit notes. This one I've gotten almost got me stranded. Look at how evil this money looks. Who will even collect it?''

*Please if you work in Stanbic Bank Uyo branch or know anyone who does,please tell them to change the disfigured naira notes in their ATM machines...this is wckedness oh....


  1. And this kind can smell like shot.

  2. Abeg go sidown, no be wetin dey available dem go load?

  3. Awww,pele ooo the no's Are still showing nah so youcan still make use of it..

  4. Happened to me about a year ago. It was a zenith bank branch in Lagos. The rude lady had the nerve to tell me that she is sure I didn't get the notes from their bank and dismissed me rudely. I just smiled and left. I went to my office, typed up a beautifully worded letter on our letter headed paper and strutted back making sure I wore my heels this time. The summary of it all was that the stupid lady got a query and I got my money back in beautiful mint notes. That was the day I even got to know that banks offer people refreshments.

  5. And some of this money are so dirty and smelling, though not only Stanbic ohh

  6. This one no be new thing now, I've been given worst naira notes than before but I was fortunate, it do happen during working hours, will just enter the banking hall to change it without any complain

    *Larry was here*

  7. Most banks are like that. That is how first bank last month paid me torn money.

    They should do something about it.

    Now I am back fully to commenting, Pipilee come and explain the download of GOT. I need to start watching it

  8. Stella IT IS TRUE no be today..They even put counterfeit money in their ATMS..go and complain to them, they will deny it and you bear the cost..

    @anony if na you dem give you go collect am, secondly they do this because CBN charges them for such bank note, so most likely they will beg you to go pay into another bank account different from the bank, so they will bear the cost of the tattered notes. all Banks are guilty of this act..

  9. The answer to this is that customers should stop bringing such notes to the bank for deposits and payments. Because no bank has their own minting machine inside their vaults and hence we can only feed the machines with what we get fromm u guys.

    1. I remember watching a movie with queen latifah called mad money and bank staff were supposed to destroy suh disfigured notes and stop them from getting into circulation,but instead these monies were being stolen !!! It lies on the central and peripheral banks to remove such money from circulation

  10. Wow. I am even surprised the note could come out. Should have jammed the machine on a good day

  11. Most banks are like that.
    No be naija again..

  12. The ATM in my estate only disburse new notes. I'm sure the estate have them that condition.

  13. Not only stanbic are guilty, i have been given worst money too

  14. Advise to the poster, Please be conscious of how you unconsciously share your information. Your card's CVV is in that picture you know. Might not mean much to you presently, but it is important to be conscious of these things, so you don't end up revealing the one that will cost you big.


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