Stella Dimoko Actor Oga Bello Says ''Because You Are A Graduate Like Your Husband Doesn't Make You Equal To Him


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Actor Oga Bello Says ''Because You Are A Graduate Like Your Husband Doesn't Make You Equal To Him

In an exclusive interview with Broadway TV,Nollywood veteran Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello, the cultured man is of the opinion that men and women are not equal. 

According to him, African women must bow to their husbands and stated that the husbands shouldn't take advantage of this and treat their wives as slaves.

Watch the Interview HERE

*I am of the Opinion that men who have this mindset are difficult as spouses.


  1. Replies
    1. Very very difficult and wicked

      They see women as inferior beings and their property

      Once they start yarning this rubbish, check them; they are cheating or misbehaving and looking for who will go against her human nature (pretence) and act like all is well, so they don't feel guilty for their atrocities.

      Park well sir. Welcome to the new generation. Women are gradually discovering their Self worth. Ain't nobody got time to be fanning anybody's bloated ego. If you can't respect your self, what you give will be what you will get.


  2. what do you expect with a man with more than one wife. Mtsheeeewww

  3. He is right!...
    If you are submissive and respectful to your husband,you will get anything you want from him!...
    Trust me,this shit is working for me...
    I respect and treat my husband like a king and in return,he appreciates and respect me too!...
    If you treat your husband right,he would do the same to you!...

    1. I luv u dear.

    2. So you've been deceiving people with the pigeon gist. It's now submission no more knacking pigeon

    3. Don't mind Stella, he I saying the truth. Husband and wife are no equals. The earlier we realize and accept it, the better for us.

    4. All humans are equal before God.

      Black,white,causcacian,aborigines,rich, poor, followers and leadership.

      What differentiates us from another human being is simply strata of responsibility,authority and accountability.
      We have equal 24 hours,equal educational opportunities etc.

      This in no way makes my husband better than I am, on the strata of things on the homefront I MUST defer to him and treat him respectfully AT ALL times irrespective of my educational qualifications and current spending power.

      My male children are NOT better than my female children just because of their gender.
      Same way my husband is not better just because he is a man.

      Bottom line is in the scheme of things he deserves OPTIMUM respect. Everyone thrives better in an environment of respect.

  4. To my way of thinking. and women are equal except when it comes to marriage, that is where I concur that man is the head of the house and a woman should be his helpmate and submissive, likewise the man should honour his wife by not beating or abusing her but showering her with, love and attention.

  5. This talk has been flying round the Internet all week

    I'm of the opinion that as man and woman, we are equal
    But as husband and wife, the husband is superior

    There's a difference here
    Don't tell me I'm not equal with my younger brother because he's a man.
    Like what's all that for?

    1. ICONCUR with you chi, but that also include u not leaving out the difficult and more physical tasks @ home for ur brother just because he is a man..ok?

    2. Thanks Chi.
      That's me writing what you just wrote.
      Secondly that my hubby is the head doesn't mean you will shove it down my throat.
      My ideas and say co7nys a big deal.
      My hubby understands that.
      Respect from me comes naturally so long we undetstand our boundaries and ideology.

    3. Sealord, I'm stronger than you think
      I do all the physical tasks at home and I've really strong bones. Believe it, bro.

      Ego, we are on the same boat.

  6. Respect ur spouse/man/woman...end of discussion.

  7. What does he even know..Oga Bello wey get plenty wives amd concubines

    1. He's more experienced than you in all aspect..

  8. Everybody is equal, both men and women should show respect to each other, husbands and wives should respect each other. Nobody should be greater than the other.

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    1. Mumu pikin. Blog rat

    2. I think people should also desist frm this statement "man -up" instead use "human-up" abi? Finance is also one of the big issues hindering gender equality, most men go for women they are richer than while an average woman prefer her husband to be richer. All these are contributing causes.

  9. Men and women are equal.When it comes to marriage the man is superior to the woman in essence, the man must pay all the bills ranging from house rent, school fees and feeding and the woman performs the necessary domestic work but as a man you cannot say you are superior if you and your wife share bills at home.

  10. African culture.
    How is Africa faring?

  11. I live in the uk nd Naija men still carry this silly mentality enter uk, thank God I am In a relationship with a British born Jamaican, so loving and doesn’t believe in I am ur superior kind of thing, love u boo❤️.. ur accent alone de kill me chai, so romantic

  12. The men are superior because they have multiple heads abi? Or is it because they're silly enough to actually pee in a bottle just to prove they can? Oga, go and tell the German chancellor that she's inferior to men or the queen if England. Lemme bring it home. Gov and tell Ezekwesili(I really hate using her) or Okonjo-Iweala. What's that richest woman's name? Go and tell her you're superior to her. All these men that believe because they've got stuff that dangles between their legs, it makes them superior

  13. I am of the opinion that if a man treat his wife right,the wife will respect him but imagine a man that is not catering for his home and saying the wife should bow for him, then he must be MAD. My own is respect is recripocal.If you treat your wife fine, she will respect you.

  14. He is right in some point.... women should respect their husbands being the head of the family.. but only if the man respect me too

  15. To the Christians, two become one means what? How are you one if one is more superior? Giving respect to your husband does not make him more superior. No be us sabi Christianity pass yet we practice it upside down in marriage. Our men that shout head head are not even fit to be the foot. Do you all realize the part that said love like Christ loved the church means you will do anything for your wife and love her like Christ loves you? He loves you despite your unfaithfulness...he died for You? Can you even go without for your wife? You think head and superior means being served, lording yourself over a woman and doing as you please. I have not seen many African men who know what marriage is really about...they can't even handle a wife who makes the effort to make something of herself, that threatens them too much. I am ranting cause I am tired of these half baked men screaming not equal yet they are with women who deserve better.

  16. I am inferior to NO MAN! We are EQUAL.In marriage,I am not inferior to you.We make decisions together.We are both heading the household.There are women who are better in heading and organising homes than their husbands.Women who make better decisions and are more articulate.Those women are running the show.They are alpha females,and they lead.Their husbands follow,and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with that.

  17. They say Africans are descendants of the son Noah cursed for seeing his nakedness and I think it's true. Africans are cursed! Haba! How is it that African men are so insecure and so afraid of women succeeding and African women are so comfortable being relegated to the background and so afraid of the responsibilities that come with leadership that they cannot understand the VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT of Gender Equality.
    Gender Equality means we are different, but we are just as important.
    Jesus believed in Gender Equality. Why? Because Jesus was the very first religious leader to put women on a pedestal. How many religious leaders do you know who had female disciples? Only Jesus! Why did Jesus appear to women first when he resurrected? Because he knew the importance of women!
    How is your husband superior to you?
    Is it because of the penis between his legs?
    Because that's the only thing he has that you don't.
    Differences between men and women are merely biological. Thats where it ends!
    He has a penis and you don't.
    Is it the penis that makes him a better leader than you?

  18. Men and women are equal. This is why we are a backward society. We will remain that way until all women will accept they are equal counterpart to their men. Then we can pick up the fight from there. Why wont a man be crying when he has only female kids, when he knows that he just has slaves. I was recently 30 and I stood my ground and let my hubby know that I am his equal and forget all that naija mentality saying you are the head. We argued this for very long but atleast i stood my ground. Then he concluded saying he accepts but i shouldnt put my opinion on facebook and so on. I said why? Am a woman and a strong woman and my opinion is for all to know. Why should i hide?

  19. A woman should be submissive to her husband and a man should love his wife. The reason why most people contradict this is because they are married for the wrong reasons. PS: submission is not being subdued or mumuish but using our softness to get things done.

  20. Most of you are just ranting. Wait till you marry.
    There is a reason the men pay bride price here, there is a reason you women kneel to give your husband the palm wine.
    Kids just come up online after reading statements written by women who can not even stay with one husband.
    Go and read Eph 5:23

    1. Afi kids.....offering of palmwine in a kneeling position is cultural, in India, women pay the bride price does that make indian women better than the men.. .No sir ...its the indian culture.

      No one is BETTER than the other handle your ego.

      Peace and Love

  21. With a name like 'salami' I don't expect better to come from his lips, nuh sausage brain this one be.

    So proud of my sisters who have made salient comments on this topic, I don't even have to go in too hard. Imagine, these set of beings who we give life to and without our bodies they would have no existence want to turn around and tell us we are beneath them. I swear women across the globe should stop giving birth to boys, I don't even see the point no damn more because we are the ones giving life to our very oppressors. Pity us as women, incubate, nourish and nurture these beasts who will one day think they are above us. In some cultures even a boy child have more power and influence than the women of the house. I blame us, the women for buying into and supporting the patriarchal agenda which is pushed primarily through religion.

    Look at us now, some of you can't even offer a dissenting opinion in your home, nah big slap reach you if you dare to object to anything. Some of you have no choice in what is for dinner, even though you are cooking it, dare you decide to make a meal the Mr. isn't too fond of, but you and the kids love, the entire pot is thrown away, and if the food is not at his preferred temperature no another slap reach you. Yet, you out here hauling water, working a 9-5 same way, paying bills and providing for the home and you have no say in the direction the household goes. If the Mr. decides he is tired of your breasts that are longer and flatter now from having breastfed his children, and the body is not as supple as when you were a young bride, he can simply upgrade you and put you away, and you have to leave the home you lived in to him and your replacement; if you're lucky he will let you take the children with you, but only if he is feeling generous. Then a new shinier version can walk in and take over where you left off. Of course he is superior to you, he can do all of this to you and the society will accept it as 100% normal. Africa has no advancement coming until more conscious women get into politics and public policy to drive meaning change and growth. No, not these ones suffering from Stockholm syndrome, but women who are fully aware.

    The movie, The White Masai gives a good look into the average African man's mindset.

  22. The bottom line with all these argument for me is... STOP MARRYING THESE MEN!! Women can do better... I am a woman with a brain, I went to school like a man but because of a dangling penis, a man is superior? And you wonder why we have single mothers? Women can't stand the shit African men r dishing. The Bible does not kuku say na by marriage you go enter kingdom of God. It is better to be single than to be married to a man who feels he is superior to you. Our mother's generation failed us tremendously with the way they took crap and raised their boys... Put 10 men out here, only about 2 or 3 will manage to have sense.. From their comments on social media, I cringe at how pathetic and insecure some men are...

  23. Anonymous, our mother generation didn't fail us, that's the way they were taught. And that's how it's always been until civilisation


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