Stella Dimoko Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Allegedly Tried To Escape Police Custody By Offering Police Guard $100,000


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Monday, October 09, 2017

Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Allegedly Tried To Escape Police Custody By Offering Police Guard $100,000

Kidnapping suspect Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, alias Evans, plotted to escape from police custody before his arraignment in court, it was learnt at the weekend. But police detectives, especially those in the Intelligence Unit, aborted his plot.

The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) has formed a heavy security ring around the suspect. All the suspects were on August 29 remanded in Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons.

Unknown to many Nigerians, the kidnapping kingpin had allegedly tried to escape from his cell in Abuja after he was transferred from Lagos.

A source spoke of Evans’ plan to give between $50,000 and $100,000 to one of the guards manning his cell to facilitate his escape.

The source said Evans was allegedly coordinating his escape bid with some members of his gang by telephone which he obtained through “suspicious” means.

It was learnt that intelligence officers and IGP’s Special Tactical Squad detected his plot.

The source said: “When Evans was in our custody, he tried to escape but we were able to abort all his plans. We discovered that he had access to phones which were hidden in the middle of loaves of bread, eba, semovita and so on.

“He was making calls from these smuggled phones in the middle of the night, making arrangements with some yet to be identified members of his gang to arrange for his escape.

We intercepted how he was luring one of the guards with about $50,000 to $100,000. He wanted an insider to serve as informant to him and members of his gang.

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*Wow...they should stop anyone from bringing food to him and he should be isolated.....ah ah


  1. They should krrp on a dungeon all alone and keep close watch on him

    1. Police propaganda.
      They want to tell us that they "are working hard, not corrupt to the extent of refusing 80 million Naira"
      You know what? We will start to believe you when the ones on the road stop shooting people for refusing to give 20 Naira.

  2. Really? Oxygen and magnesium!!! I thought he's now a convert. I mean born again. So he plot to run away right? Smh. He must not escape oo. They should hold him well

  3. Is this Olee still alive,is alright o..

  4. Nigerian Police and their stupidity, any small thing they will run to the media and start talking, instead of them to play along son they will be able to arrest the other members of his gang, they are here running their mouth like a faulty radio. Oshisko

  5. Well they should increase security around him and make sure his food is well checked to foil and future escape plans


  6. Stella so he shouldn't eat or what?

    Let him starve to death huh? It won't werk!

  7. Its Evans being offered a full loaf of bread all alone in the cell? A full plate of semo in the cell😨 as well that it can swallow a whole cell phone and can't be noticed?which way nigeria

  8. Lies!!!!...
    These people should stop forging stories about Evans abeg...
    Someone that the securities around him in kirikiri is very tight!...
    Someone that dosent mingle with other prisoners...
    Even to see him na war!,,.
    Yes the prison workers are the most corrupt people in Nigeria but not on this Evans matter!...

    1. All lies! A Nigerian police officer will see free $100,000 and reject it? Iffa hear!

  9. Isolated as Ebola or monkeypox patient? If I hear police no collect $100,000.00. Evans na brain man, hiding phone inside Bread and Semovita. We need such smart and intelligent person among our securities.

  10. So he still has money to bribe an officer?mutcheeeew

  11. You must be a member of his syndicate.

  12. can you imagine this guy?offering bribe after all he's done...

  13. Sheybi dh sentenced one guy dah stole a phone to death by hanging weeks ago? And Evans is still alive.. Issorait

  14. I can't believe this though....


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