Stella Dimoko Caroline Danjuma Rains Curses On Those She Accused Of Killing Her Friend Tagbo


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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Caroline Danjuma Rains Curses On Those She Accused Of Killing Her Friend Tagbo

Serious Accusations Right there
Yesterday Caroline Danjuma made a call out where she accused Crooner Davido and his friends of supposedly killing someone called Tagbo....

It was a post and delete and this is the one after it..


  1. Ah, na wa oh. This life sef. Death just like that? Wonder what realy happened to him. "The crew" havnt said anything yet.

    1. Instead of these Instagram drama, let her pay for his autopsy

  2. Ohhh...what a wicked world we live in!Truth must prevail sooner than later.

    Rip Young man.

  3. this is so sad..RIP to the guy..

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  4. These are huge allegations.
    Before you go accusing someone,
    you must have concrete evidence.
    What does the autopsy say?

    What if the guy drank more than his body could handle? He looks fragile and weak. Something must have gone wrong.

    For now, I will only fault Davido if truly he dumped him at the hospital and fled. But that he killed him?
    Let the autopsy report speak.

    1. Your last paragraph echoed my thought. Is not a deliberate act, just carelessness from their part.

    2. Now,I am going to comment based on matters on ground(it's inconclusive yet cos dere is no autopsy report yet and investigations aren't concluded yet)

      That Bn said,From several reports,they say Davido and his crew dumped him at the gate and fled.

      Now when you dump someone who is inebriated and who is in grave danger,it's tantamount to gross negligence. Not doing the right thing which inevitably results to someone's death can bag one 2nd degree murder or at least manslaughter.

      I hate that Davido is caught up in this and I must say I am soo dissapointed at the moment.

      Let the autopsy be done and the results released and let me also hear his part.

      And Caro,to you I say "Well done!
      I find this admirable!
      And no,don't relent till the Truth whatever it is,is told.

    3. Exactly Becky.👍

      @TGBaibay, yes they did wrong dumping him at the hospital and taking to their heels.
      That act alone ticks the irresponsible card.
      How much of a 'good friend' has this shown Davido to be?

      I guess this is Caroline's pain hence her accusation and going by her words that she's been warning the late dude.

      It's a pity. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. This is getting serious
    David's should pls clear his name

  6. This allegation is so serious. What diid they do to him?Rip man

  7. He got alcohol poisoning, his friends freaked out and dumped him in d hospital gate(which is wrong).

  8. What a world.. Only God knows the truth..

  9. Please who is this guy to Caroline?

  10. This is so sad, I feel for the family and Caro!I'm too pained.

  11. pre-birthday party gone wrong,

  12. Carol is hurt, RIP.

  13. May his soul rest in peace. i only hope Carol is right by accusing his friends. That guy right there is a man and not a boy, from the video one could see that he was clearly not forced. If she accuses them of dumping the body and running away, it is different, but accusing them of killing is huge. now Davido said he wasn't there, he only showed up for an hour and went to another location, so he wasn't there when it happened, if he is able to prove that he wasn't there, what will Carol say then?

  14. She feels so pained, I can imagine

  15. Sad loosing one so young. Condolences to the bereaved. Chai. The lives of our younglings will not be cut short at their prime. In Jesús name , amen.

  16. R.I.P.... I would not speak ill or support anyone saying ill about Davido yes he has pride and other attitude ish but he would not kill his friend. If Davido rarely abandons his friends.

    The true story is yet to be heard, Caroline is very wrong going about accusing Davido when She doesn't have concrete evidence and even if She has evidence She should take it to the right authorities. I hope She won't implicate herself because of her running mouth.

    In Samrat's voice "stay within your limits", one sentence a thousand meanings.

    Let me come and be going.

  17. From what I've read so far about this issue, first thing that came to mind is that the guy Tagbo doesn't really fit into this clique of friends.

    It's sad how it ended but I hope this will teach people to stop trying to 'fit in' just so they feel wanted.

    If Caroline had warned him about the company of friends he kept as she said in her previous post, it's clear to me that he was in the wrong group.

    May God help us make wise decisions concerning the company we keep.

    RIP to the young man.

  18. Videos that surfaced shows that the guy was with Davido and his crew... But in one video the guy was staggering o. Obviously he was drunk...
    This is just a case of enjoyment gone wrong

  19. Caroline is hurt and she is speaking from a place of hurt, however, murder is a very strong allegation and should be ready and able to prove it in a law court. She should tread carefully. If I were Davido, I would definitely sue her. What does the autopsy report say, was his blood sample tested for drugs?

    He is a guy, they assume different personalities when they are with their guys. The Tagbo she knew may not have been the Tagbo that was hanging out with Davido and Co.
    Someone has died and we are all sad, but Caroline should speak carefully from now on, Murder allegation is a very serious thing. RIP to Tagbo, I hope he finds peace.

    1. For me I will wish Caroline to STOP writing or posting things for now,she grieving and not thinking right. She was not at the scene of incident and can't just accuse people with no evidence, she needs to calmdown seriously.

  20. Young men will never want to heed to advice, stay within your limits. Go where you are needed.

    Above all, live a life that is pleasing to God because only God can save us.

  21. My opinion:

    1. As he was rushed to the hospital by his friends, did he vomit blood or any sign of being poisioned?

    2. If you say that a glass of Hennessy can make him tipsy don't you think it is possible he drank more than his head can carry as a result affected his heartbeat and blood circulation.

    3. Have they conducted any autopsy b4 the accusations?

    4. Did the guy in anyway tell her that he had issues with Davido or his crew members in the past?

    5. Why is he following Davido and who is he to Davido?

    More questions to clear my doubt but this should serve as a lesson to the younger ones that alcohol and weed is very dangerous. I said weed bcos I know what weed and alcohol can do in addition with drugs (tablets). Guyman no dey for grave.


  22. I am not one to judge but people shouldn't call the dead guy a drunk because he died from partying with his friends.

    How many of you people silently calling him a drunk know him?

    Carolina Danjuma is not a social media fanatic like some other celebs so if she's pointing accusing fingers at DaVido and his crew then she must have valid reasons for doing so.

    Why would DaVido and his crew run if they had no hand in his death?

    Why are half shot videos of only Tagboo drinking poping up and non of David's crew are seen drinking.

    Who saw DaVido and his crew leave the club without Tagboo as they claim they did?

    Can they provide evidence of leaving Tagboo alive after their night out

    Even if Tagboo drank a lot that night as a friend should you let your friend drink to his death?

    Their are soo many questions to be answered I just hope the police will do a good investigation and not sweep this under the carpet as usual.


    1. My exact sentiments too.

      Imagine that nerve on them!
      Disrespecting the dead guy by releasing shots of him drinking and not saying a thing about what really happened. Not answering Caro's questions.

      Life sha can be cruel sometimes!
      And to think he died juts a day to his birthday is even sadder. His family must be torn!

    2. Caroline made a very grave accusation and those videos released (aibeit wrong) where to counter her. Both parties are disrespecting the dead guy, it is very unfortunate that they are not allowing his family to grieve without having their son's death sensationalized.

  23. This is very wrong on Caroline's part..I don't know why we don't take accusations seriously in this country. This is not Nollywood, madam. This is serious allegations that could potentially destroy davido. I hope he takes legal actions against her if he's innocent.


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