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Friday, October 13, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Hmmmmm,na wah!!!


I have been a silent bv since 2015..thanks for the good work you are doing here. .

Madame I am in a serious dilemma of my life and I need your help or from fellow bv... would I say am a victim of early marriage.?? Please judge me right. I was born in to the family of 6 am the eldest in my early 20 was to difficult for us that my parent could not afford to send me to the university.

 I managed to make my waec after working hard to register for it.after secondary school life became worst that I had to marry in order to make life less ease for my parents not like I was their problem but having to take good care of me was hard for them. .at age 20 I married a man I believe to born again as I was born in to a strong Christian background. .that was were my problem started. .

I married as a virgin And got pregnant just after our wedding. .After the first trimester my hubby stopped s§x with me..I had to plead but he refused and said he doesn't feel like..

After putting to bed my first issue husband refused every possible way to s§x said he doesn't want ,I became scared I sought for help on what next to do but all to no avail ..Γ¬n my 3rd year of marriage I found out he was sleeping with his own niece.. I was heartbroken and devastated.

 I hate to say that but what I felt for him vanished ,the girl although not living with me still refused to stop communicating with him.i still find some hotel receipt with him and claimed he lodged while out for work with the little sister. .I didn't report this to the larger family as I wanted to save my marriage but at a point I regret not doing so because the girl is now in control of many things that goes on in my home..

I was depressed to a point that I wanted to kill my self it was then I told my parents but they encouraged me nto to leave and and endure but the emotional torture is unbearable. .I managed to make my sister my best friend at least some one to talk my heavy burden with.. 

Now in 4th year and hubby still maintain his s§x!!!!! 

Due to my kid sister words of encouragement,i am beginning to heal even though some part of me still wish to die and put to end all the misery I have cause myself all in the name of marriage. ...

Please advise me on what to do to get my self back..
Please support a sister..Stella please hide my identity and also advise me  ...

**Your hubby might have married you to shield something..He probably swings the other way and used his niece as decoy.
Well,if he isnt fulfilling that obligation,what exactly is he fulfilling?do you have proof of your supposed suspicion?how did you find out he is sleeping with his niece?

Your hubby might be gay sweetie,please  look well cos I dont buy this sleeping with his niece thing at allllll.

I dont know the kind of life you live to advise you to get yourself back,you dont sound like you have friends or go out much.


  1. If he's sleeping wit his his niece, report to her mother with proof o!

    What a shameless man!

    1. See wahala oh! Small report she can't?
      Report to his family and the truth with come out.
      I've said it.... in today's world all those suffering and smiling doesn't work. That's why Toke can write book and land billionaire afterwards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Okay, jokes apart. Your silence isn't werking girl. Speak up!! There must be someone he respects. Sad sad sad!

    2. Madam unlike Stella, I don't think your husband is gay
      He has been sleeping with that niece for years, probably even before you and that's why she's running things
      Their affair is an incestful secret that's why they're roped together
      He knows that you're foolish and you'll be covering his shame for him that's why he doesn't care about you, if you like threaten him or her in secret and die mysteriously
      Lastly all you are to him is the mother of his child so it's up to you to remain so or to have sense, I don't like wasting my advice on people that won't use their heads.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ small report she can't.
      Shield her marriage my ass, mtchheeww!!.

    4. I think he is gay. He may nit be sleeping with his niece.

    5. Gay ke? He's not gay jor.

      Poster,The marriage seems to be all you got that's why you're tryimg to save it.

      You silence will only kill you. Please go and report with proof.

    6. How old are this BV. Una no get head to think? O! He is gay and all that nonsense. Can't you guys read? She got married as a virgin at age 20 that simply means the girl don't know how to fuck. I use to have a girl friend that don't know how to fuck she no sound no movement only me they do the whole work. People me I tire for months I don't even go close to her she talk,beg and even called me gay. Which I'm far from.

    7. Report to the girls mother. Whatever will happen will happen. How can another girl control your home?

  2. Why won't he sleep with you four years going now. I think you should call a family meeting of both families on him. On another thought, could it be your personal hygiene?

    1. stella, neice is female, not male o.. abi am I missing something?

      I don’t even know what to say about the post, I’m

    2. Love. Eating. Pussy13 October 2017 at 16:21

      Smelly pussy is a total NoWay for me my dear. I like it fresh and clean

    3. Stella the man isn't gay, he has fallen in love with niece to the point that she has told him never to sleep with wife, some side chics control their men to the point of not touching their wives again. I don't know why you can't report them, are you scared of loosing your home? If that's the case then you are watching a great sin being commuted and not doing anything about him. Marriage is not a do or die affair please report them and let the family handle the issue, if he is not yours it's not by force

  3. hmmmmmmm ife ne me.

    Madam stop dying in silence and report your husband to your family and his family. What a shame sleeping with his niece. That is what they called na wetin be the name self. in igbo it is called ARU.

    I dont know why you people thing marriage is a gateway to wealth and comfort. To some it is and not to some. See how you are suffering.

    4 years and no sex, for the meantime get a dildo or a shower head to do the needful.

    na wa ooo

  4. Your husband is fucking his niece?...
    Are you kidding me?...
    Both of them are cursed!!...
    But how can you allow someone to invade your home like this?...
    Na wah oh,there are some things that cant happen to me...
    Nne,since you have only one child for him,
    I don't like encouraging divorce but you have to do it for your sanity!...
    If I tell you to work on him spiritually and seperate the niece from him,you will start saying tufiakwa!...
    That you can't knack pigeon!..
    Oya nah divorce him!!...

    1. MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama13 October 2017 at 15:17

      *Na wah oh,there are some things that cant happen to me*...

      Wow wow wow! That was the exact wordsπŸ‘† I was saying(in my heart) while reading through the chronicle .... after 4 years? Water don pass gari

    2. The Queen
      You are right

      She needs to collate her evidence, call a family meeting, blast him and find her way. But she probably loves the man and can't leave because she is ashamed of what people will say.


  5. How old is his niece and why are you listening to these silly reasons why you should stay from your family?
    I think sex with your husband should be the least of your problems, incest is a greater curse and you should flee if reporting is too much for you. What are you so afraid of? See why it's important for parents to do all they can to train their children to a level where they wouldn't need to rely on any for help. If they couldn't train you to school, why didn't they take you to where you'd learn a skill instead of marriage.
    You got married with the hope of making things better for you but what you failed to do was plan. Have you furthered your education since your waec? No. Are you working? I doubt that. So what exactly are you still doing with that man? If you can't expose him then leave with your dignity intact at least the little you still have left. One child shouldn't make you put your life on hold.
    This situation you're in is dangerous for you and your child, you need to leave while you still can.

    1. God bless you darling! You’ve spoken wisely.

    2. I wonder what she is doing with him,what won't my ears here.nawa

    3. πŸ™‹ Hi Doppel, I missed you!

  6. This is hell on earth.
    See what poverty does to people.
    I am sure you are a house wife with no money or business of ur own.
    You should return to your parents house with your kids afterall they encouraged you to get married at a young age.
    How can you even consider killing yourself over a man that doesn't care about you?
    Pick yourself up and move on.

  7. What will be your gain if you die in silence??
    Protecting ur home? Do u rly think u have a home. You are married to a man who is sleeping with his niece. A niece who is controling ur home. Smh. That s not a husband my dear. Thats no home. In no time this thing of a man might start sleeping with his own daughter. What will you do then? Will u be able to live with d guilt of not speaking out at the appropriate time??
    Thinking of ending it all. You've done nothing wrong. Even 'uncle and niece' who are fucking each other are enjoying their life. But u are thinking of ending ur own life?

  8. Poster you husband is not just sleeping with his cousin but also a gay. If he is only sleeping with his cousin he will not be denying you sex. He married you to cover up. If you have something doing, concentrate on it and pray to God to save your marriage. That your husband, calling family meeting for him will not bring him back if you don't have evidence to back yourself up. It is only God that can help you. If he start hitting you, Nne pack your things and leave.

  9. Poster in your four years of marriage what have you achieved for yourself. I advice you to get your hubby to set up a business for you,so you can better your self and arm your self with a weapon of independence. when you can stand on your own,you can deal with them both.

  10. Three years, you probably grew your hymen back by now. call the neice and tell her she has a week to tell her parents what happened or you will.
    Think long and hard about what YOU want.You can forgive him... once... maybe twice... or more , it's up to you.

    Or you can kill him, but I won't recommend it.
    my advice is to get a divorce if the option is available to you. "A good divorce beats a bad marriage every time" - even for your kid. A happy marriage may well be the ideal environment to raise a child , but a loveless, miserable marriage does not set a good example for them at all. It is far better to live apart, as long as both parents can continue to be an active part of their children's lives. Work on yourself, learn a skill or something, just get busy. You will be fine.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @grew hymen Eze whyyy??? Gosh I just can't with you guys

  11. The marriage is over sweetie, find something else to do and take care of your Baby and immediate family.

    Leave your Husband to perish in his incest, just make sure you keep evidence of his infidelity maka mgbe oga esu!

    All the best Mama!

  12. Madam ur husband is doing wat he's doing cos he knows u cant go anywhere or do anything without him. He knows u are helpless so he gets away with anything he does to you... Please report him to his family with proof

  13. your husband is doing internship with one of my agents, i dont even understand his own parade sef.

  14. Poster! Many people here are guilty of incestous act directly or indirectly.

    Was abused wen I was 12 by my mum only brother so many times dat it became a norm.

    Even wen we are young I do catch many siblings and cousins making out under the staircase. If u live in a public yard you can relate.

    So dear, pray for ur hubby and look for a way out of ur misery. Sorry about ur predicament shits happen

    1. Are you okay now? Did you go for counseling and deliverance? You do know that incest is not the norm, and it seems your family is affected. Hope you are living a positive life now.

  15. Dat person calling himself LUCIFER ??? I sorry for don't know what you are doing
    You thinks it's fun, while you are self inflicting penury and sorrow..May God grant you wisedom

  16. Poverty na bastard. See what low self esteem can cause one not to have a say in her home. You should be calling the shots poster with that kind of knowledge of your husband sleeping with his niece.

    Be wise woman, get evidence and then tell it all to his family. Before then anyway, try and get him to talk with you. Maybe there is something you did or didn't do that warrants him not touching you for like 3yrs.

  17. Am not even interested in your long story, my anger is with your freaking parents....
    They know they are poor yet the went to goan born 6freaking children????
    And the are encouraging you to endure this bullshit????
    Your parents irritate me..

    PS:- Why do poor born foolishly when the know the can't take care of the kids...


  18. We are living in a world of darkness n mysteries.
    Why don't you want to report them to their families, abi are you hiding anything? Incase you're trying to keep your home, dear, there no home already, so just spill, make everybody go.

    1. She appears to have a low self esteem and is feeling ashamed. Poster pls try to get out of that toxic situation first. Stop covering up this outrage. You have to talk!

  19. Your husband could be HIV positive or gay or do not want kids.

    If your husband refuses to sleep with you, then something is wrong. Close your vagina, call a family meeting, ask him to get tested and what are you doing with someone committing incest. Be sure before you accuse him of incest.

    I know there are cases of TTC but do women plan kids again before having or is it after marriage they get pregnant to prove a point.

    Could it be your husband wanted to enjoy you before kids start coming after all you were a virgin and probably didn't give him enough ass before getting pregnant.

    Dear Nigerian women, there are some Nigerian men that don't really want kids or don't just want kids immediately. That's the reason some misbehave when kids come immediately, few months after marriage.

    Its alien to some Nigerian women, they feel every Nigerian man want kids so they don't discuss issues like that during courtship


  20. Poster you are still in that marriage cos you are afraid of what the future holds for you. Has your marriage alleviated the poverty???? You have to report them and flee from that nonsense of a marriage. It's better to drink garri with peace of mind than to eat chicken in that marriage. Not fulfilling his conjugal duties for four years is enough reason to divorce him. Better come out from there and live than to die for nothing.

    1. My dad have not been intimate with my mum for 17 years and they still live in peace like who does that? How do I leave with a man I call my husband and we dnt get intimate for a whole week? Madam please leave that Sodom u call a home for the sake of ur child. Abi u never hear of sins of the father living with their children

      And pleas play ur own part my reporting with evidence ask u have been advised and also take itself and ur child for delivence Okey πŸ‘‹

  21. This is the Nigerian culture. Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!. Marriage as the solution to all life's problems. Marriage as a woman's only aspiration. There is an abroad guy on my case. He has a green card, nice, gentle guy from a good family, ready to settle down. People who are in the know say i am lucky. Problem is I'm not ready for marriage. I have not found my purpose, my passion, my center. There is this void inside of me. Marriage to this wonderful man would be a prison. I am not ready to become one with anyone or to start popping babies. I think deep inside me, i know marriage might widen the void I feel. So no matter how nice he is, no matter how i seem foolish to people, i had to decline.

    1. You declined. I am not saying your decision is wrong, but did you consider that you can grow along with him? What if you get all those things and no suitor? Just asking ooo, nor be fight.

    2. You declined. I am not saying your decision is wrong, but did you consider that you can grow along with him? What if you get all those things and no suitor? Just asking ooo, nor be fight.

  22. I wanted to say poison him but the born again part of me withheld me..madam,u 're a sadly married single choose one,to be single and free or be married and sad

  23. Hmmmmm 4yrs and you are still asking bvs pls report that gay immediately

  24. Reading this am wondering why my husband isn't also keen on having sex with me after I gave birth too. Something is fishing 1year without sex

  25. Replies
    1. Men,men, men and more men...

  26. Na wa oooo, this things happen I caught my late Ex fiancee with his cousin red-handed on bed, Had to break the engagement, he married one girl like that, today ,he is dead with no issue except my daughter I hid the pregnancy from him ,that his cousin is married but childless, I heard her husband got his Sidechick pregnant & they had a baby boy

    1. You are a strong woman.

  27. Hia Nsogbu di, poster obviously your hubby just kept you there for decoration buh that won't be your portion in Jesus name, because pass all the evil men that just want to bring a woman out and frustrate her and be hiding under the umbrella of church. His secret will open soon

  28. He could have a disease and doesn't want to transfer to u.
    Since u r still willing to stay w him, why not cajole him to open a big business for u, after which, make him get u into the university.
    Then, face ur studies and business.
    After 4 years, you would be a graduate and own a business, (all sponsored by him). Then, u can decide wat to do w ur life.
    Meanwhile, keep gathering your evidence. Don't commit adultery and stop asking him for sex.
    If he comes any day to do it, make sure he runs a test in a lab you know and trust...

  29. My dear,there is no win -win situation for you.You know the reason why you got married to him,hence your parents advised you to endure.

    If you expose him to his family,he will send you out of the house but his family will not disown him,they will only shout,make noise, then everything will be swept under the carpet,then he will remarry,leaving you alone to raise your child,thereby adding more burden on your parents since you are not financially independent yet.

    Listen,if he meets his financial responsibilities at home,take advantage of it by inflating cost of things you need, and be prudent with it and save the balance.Meanwhile you can learn a skill like cathering and later ask him to set up a shop for you.

    Please pray against any curse against your child,because the bible is explicit on incest.Please still remain faithful and get a dildo to satisfy your sexual urges. See him as a roommate if that will help.Also keep all your evidences for future when you know you are ready to stand on your own feet.
    Best of luck.


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