Stella Dimoko DJ Cuppy Says She And Footballer Boyfriend Victor Anichebe Have Broken Up...


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

DJ Cuppy Says She And Footballer Boyfriend Victor Anichebe Have Broken Up...

Billionaire Business Tycoon Femi Otedola's Daughter, DJ Cuppy After so much speculations and denials, has finally revealed that she is no longer dating her footballer boyfriend, Victor Anichebe.

She made the revelation on Wednesday in an interview on the Beat FM.

According to her: “I literally do not have a boo. I and Victor are not together anymore. The picture I put up recently was a picture of us when we were together. We are still friends. People find it so weird.

On why they called it quit, she said: “I feel like we just…He lives in China, I moved here. Time difference. It was really difficult. Anyone that knows footballers know that their schedules are crazy and my schedule is also crazy. So it was just difficult but he is such a great guy...


  1. Replies
    1. Can someone help me give this girl a brain?

      Better focus on your @Dad's business and know everything about your dad's business and leave men issue for now.. ...Let @Jennifer "POLO" Obajuwaya be your role model. ...The girl get brain. ...she sabbi her papa business baje baje.


  2. So you two broke up cos of time difference and schedule? *long yawn*

  3. Stella, I hear say her mama don leave over the matharooh issue. abeg confirm and bring us better jostling.

  4. Uhn, I see but I hope you returned the white car he bought for you thoooo.

  5. "Billionaire business tycoon Femi Otedola's daughter" every time....

    She's better known for being a billionaire's daughter than being a DJ? "


  6. Confused sombori. She says this today and come out to say another tomorrow. Get off our faces already for we care less jor or better still, keep embarrassing yourself and fam.

    1. Speaking of self and family embarrassment,u seem to do a great job of it on a daily here on this blog.I'd let u get on with it at your big age

    2. You know for a mo I was kinda confused.
      Wasn't she the one that denied their break up just a few days ago and even released loved-up picture of she and her boo.

      So Why did she deny in the first place?

  7. Atleast its not a failed marriage, this time.
    *heaves a sigh of relieve*

    What I don't understand though is how these people feel after denying and then finally owning up.
    I get that they are celebrities or semi-celebs and would love to break their own news. But instead of denying outrightly, why not keep calm and come out officially later?
    It makes it seem like they are liars, with pants on fire(hope I got it)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    1. Iji ya ma dear. Liar liar pants on fire. Hehehehe!

    2. She's only 24 or so she has alot of more relationships to explore before marriage.
      People break up,Life goes on. She's a pretty girl with money she will most definitely get someone else.

    3. Wonder why someone would lie about something they know is true. And which will def show in the endπŸ™„

      Liar liar pants and bra on fireπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. All I know is that picture up there looks so cute

  9. What should I do with this information now?

  10. Okay....happy friendship to them

  11. Liar liar pants on fire....

    You are right.

    Who even believes these 'celebrities' anyway?


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