Stella Dimoko Girl Child Day - Vice President Osinbajo Congratulates Akam Ayo Blessing For Standing Out With 17A's In Certificate Exam


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Girl Child Day - Vice President Osinbajo Congratulates Akam Ayo Blessing For Standing Out With 17A's In Certificate Exam

Yesterday was the Girl child day and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo received Girl-Child advocates group from different schools in Abuja in celebration of the International Day of the Girl-Child at the State House, Abuja. 

Prof. Osinbajo congratulated the Girl Champion, Akam Ayo Blessing, who emerged as the Best Female Basic Education Certificate Examination Candidate, with 17As and one C.

He said, “Her success demonstrates that there is absolutely no difference in terms of capacity and resourcefulness between a boy child and a girl child. Girls are not less intelligent or resourceful than boys. Only those who, for some reason or the other, want to deceive themselves would argue at all that there is a difference of any kind, especially in intelligence or capacity, between men and women.”


Wow....This little girl and her parents deserve an applause and hugs!


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulobia to her.

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  2. 17As?
    Keep it up girl.πŸ‘

  3. Madam, you keep posting old news everyday. Employ someone to do your work abeg.

  4. She's is a genius to pull that off in this age of Internet distractions left right and center


  5. Brilliant girl.congrats

  6. Haba, all the gbogbotigbo I typed has vanished..... Anyways....

    Congratulations to her, but the girl child day shouldn't be focused mainly on academics, the government should also take quick steps in looking into child rape, molestation and abuse.

    The 11 year old girl living with us told us about how she has been raped severally by different neighbors,she also says it's a norm there. Her sisters, younger and older have also been sexually abused at various occasions. It's not been easy trying to train her in a new light but God has been faithful.(She lived at Sanusi Street, Coker, Lagos)

    You may ask what would the government do;
    1. There needs to be an urgent sensitization in every nook and cranny of Nigeria on both parents and children. Also to teach and enforce the need for preventive methods for pregnancy.
    2. The government also needs to start castrating paedophiles, this action will teach others to stop.
    3. There also needs to be a prosecution of parents who give birth to children they cannot feed, this way others will see the need to seek for birth control methods.
    4. The Government also have to generate a food bank for people living below 1 dollar per day.
    This menace of paedophiles need to be addressed urgently and then whenever we mark the Girl Child day, we would be happy and have every reason to celebrate because more girls are being saved and the society is becoming a saner place to be.

  7. No diif btw a girl or boy child

  8. Big feat!!!! You won't find her type on the wo challenge
    Keep it up kid! God bless you

  9. Well done, Blessings. May awon testimony destroyers be far from you.

  10. Wow!
    That's a big one.πŸ‘Œ
    Congratulations dear.πŸ‘

  11. Higher you go girl, congrats

  12. Congrats gurl! πŸ‘ well done dad and mum.

    Talking about paedophiles ☝, I want to say something. The building next door (at my folks) is one with 4 flats. A lady whose husband is in the abroad lives downstairs (I know this cos when she revently gave birth she sent someone to tell my mum and we went to greet and when her husband came he came to great my mum too); the other three flats are filled with guy. They drive posh cars, party and come home late at night, have chics trooping out in the morning and smoke alot of weed on the balcony. You k no Lagos 'boys' with small money how they can be. My room faces them so I see alot of crap.

    Now the lady downstairs has a girl child of about 5/6 years old and on two occasions I've seen one of these guys stand at the balcony and calling the girl to 'come and greet him' when shes riding her bicycle in the compound.

    They would go in together And well I've never stayed to watch her come back out. But it worried me both times cos if it was my child i wont advice them to go to an uncle's house unaccompanied. And I've not mentioned it to anyone because frankly I don't want to label him a paedophile just yet (he may actually be innocent) and he seems friendly with her mum. But my instincts are never wrong on things like this.

    So, what do I do? Tell my mum to caution her mum about her not going up alone? Or tell the lady myself? Cos knowing my mum, she won't lie that she saw what she didn't see. She will say ' My daughter whose window faces your house said....'. But we don't really talk to any of them. I am even the worst cos I just drive out/in acting as if I'm not seeing anything. Abi should i just mind my business??

    1. Chiki this you just described above is how it starts. Sensitization also begins with us letting these parents more aware of their children.

      Please, tomorrow just take few minutes to tell the girl's mum to teach her daughter against going to strangers houses. This menace just has to stop. Thanks

    2. Hmmm....I think I'd wait until I spot them and just go over there as its happening.

  13. Congratulations Hun!😘

  14. Congratulations, Akam Blessing. You make so many of us proud today. Indeed, there is no difference in the resourcefulness or intelligence between a girl and boy child as rightly noted by our able Vice President. The future is yours girl, go get yours! QED@atm


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