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Friday, October 06, 2017

Hot Topic For Discussion.

This has to do with the mentality of the poor man versus that of the rich believes that Less is more and the other believes that more is MORE...

Why do the rich or middle class have the number of children they can take care of but you see a man that can't afford three square meals, or even a decent accommodation having more Children than they can take care of and then resort to sending them out as house helps or having them subjected to what is called Modern day suffering...

What is responsible for this thought pattern and how can the ''poor'' man be made to realise that protective s3x when the pocket is empty is the best

Why get pregnant when you dont know where your next meal is coming from and you say it is God that blessed you?....


  1. I will be back to read comments.

    1. My comment on this is more of a rant, not based specifically on the issues here.

      Why are poor people so scared of being rich????

      Every poor man fasts day and night to be rich, but once it gets to doing the right things to help them get rich and stay rich, their poor reasoning takes the better part of them.

      All they see is the glits of being rich (cars, vacations, iphone, house, cruise, party etc).
      They have no idea it takes A LOT of discipline* to be rich and stay rich.

      Give them money, wosai... Market straight, it's all gone.

      Give them business idea, they will be looking at you to invest your money on their behalf, let them just be cashing out.

      All they have is a sense of entitlement. Every uncle and aunty with little money owes them and is wicked for refusing to give them.

      They don't know what sacrifice and scale of preference means at all.

      Worse off, they are stingy* to the core!!! Even if they have 200k, they will hide it and believe that so long as they don't have 1million yet, they are poor and you with 50k that understand the law of giving will be the one giving them.

      It is a waaa something and soooooo difficult for me to understand.


    2. I don't think there is any available research that suggests why this trend seem to exit especially amongst the poor countries of the world.

      From my own observation using Nigeria as a reference point, I think there are so many factors that can contribute to it.

      1) Lack of proper education and sensitization: most people especially those in the rural areas don't have access to proper education and are also cut off from public orientation about family planing and the benefits that comes with it. Since most are illiterate they don't understand that it's easier to manage a small family rather than a large one

      2) Cultural beliefs and traditions: it's part of the Nigerian culture for a man to marry more than one wife as long as he wishes to do so. This also leads to the possibility of having so many children. Another belief which could be influencing it is the fact that Africans belief children is from God, sees having a lot of children as a sign of wealth, fertility,and power, having a lot of children enables local farmers to have a lot of hands to cultivate their large farm Lands since mechanised farming isn't popular around here.

      3) Discrimination against the girl child: When I was in school, my landlord in school had 16 beautiful girls and one boy. Our society places more value on a boy child than a girl child thus making families to continue to try for a boy child even when they already have girls just like by landlord in school then.

      These are just a few of the causes I think that influence this trend. There could be other factors like religious beliefs that forbid abortion, poverty could also be an influence but I don't think they would have a significant relationship as to the cause of this trend as much as those mentioned above.


    3. Ler me tell you why girl child can never make nigerians happy. Bcos they believe a girl os second to a man. Men are greater. Men are the head. Bla bla. Even educated Tiwa said so. This mentality makes girl child irrelevant.

  2. OMG this is what am talking about just now, one lady that wants me to carry her daughter to live with me. She has already succeeded in taking 2out already. She came home crying that her husband said as she hv taken almost all d kids out its time for her to get pregnant again. Imagine a man that can't pay school fees o. I wish I can't arrest his dick .

  3. Poor man dey born plenty because one of the children will be a president or a big man that will lift the family out of poverty that is their mentality.
    Poor man loves sex too much to remove his mind from the state he found himself.

    Rich man always thinking of money, money, money and who to use do money. They know the number of children they want even before they get married. They have calculated because everything is business to them.

    anyway i don talk wetin I know

  4. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT6 October 2017 at 13:08

    It is foolishness that is worrying them. I feel i have too many children sef with the three i have.

    1. Who are those that will be your plumper, mechanics, bricklayers, volcanisers and others tomorrow. Will your children do any of that. Not all poor people give out their kids. Some of those kids may be your children's bosses tomorrow

    2. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT6 October 2017 at 14:47

      Anon 14.08 opolo e ti daru for saying this rubbish under MY COMMENT. Poor people's children will rule over your own children, not mine because God has paved a way for my own children already. Elenu yama yama

    3. Olodo anon, it is plumber ooo..

      Nwanyi Afikpo

    4. Iya oshoronga, gbayi!! Some people will just be typing rubbish.

  5. I like this topuc but I can't type much now.

  6. This is real SDK, the poorest person in my family (extended) has 8 children and I don't get it. I DONT GET IT. To feed wahala, to pay rent trouble, Why 8 children?? They are always begging for money to do very little things. I will come back and read comments, maybe someone will enlighten me.

  7. This is real SDK, the poorest person in my family (extended) has 8 children and I don't get it. I DONT GET IT. To feed wahala, to pay rent trouble, Why 8 children?? They are always begging for money to do very little things. I will come back and read comments, maybe someone will enlighten me.

  8. The decision to have children is not made based on a "resources" rationale involving the ability to pay for the upkeep of children. Rather, lower income families tend to have more children because they lack access to contraceptives, they lack education regarding how to use contraceptives and how to obtain them, and they lack family planning resources.

    1. Family planning is almost free in public hospitals. Talk another thing jo

  9. I don tire! That is how le boo and I were in traffic and saw a beggar in a wheelchair with a baby on her lap! When i said she should not be having babies when she was clearly begging to feed, he told me not to say that and that i cant know what blessings the baby would bring to her. Because according to him, it's God who takes care of humans. I can't coman argue ontop someone's baby making skills. I just side-eyed him.

  10. Most poor people console themselves with sex or alcohol, especially when they are frustrated and the women dont bother about family planning. It's possible they feel sex takes away the stress of life and makes them forget their issue for a while.

    A busy man cant be having sex everyday when he has alot to do. He is barely around or free. Sex for him would be once in a while and same goes for the wife who has career and the home to think of.

    A poor man has all the time in the world and i hear their sex game is lit......Anyways what do i know.

  11. Ndi Igbo kwuru si na "ife nile nagodu, ka osi soo onye agaghi ana"

    So advising a poor man who believe that children are blessing and like the Bible said "go to the world and multiply" is like advising :
    1) an Arsenal fan to change club.
    2) a woman in love to think with her brain and not feelings.
    3) Buhari to resign as president and take care of his health.

    So you see, broken bottle has no mmekwatalism.

  12. Very irresponsible people. Bringing children they can't afford to care for into this world. I think it's because they know they will always find folks who take pity on d kids and help out in one way or the other. I got really pissed when one of such came to my house to say, 'Aunty, your pikin never resume school o, you know say na you help us pay hin school fees last term, so I say make I come remind you'. Aahhh! I was livid! So because I helped you last term, your pikin don become responsibility? When una dey behave like say na only una God give tohtoh to dey born every year, una been no remember say na money dem dey take train pikin? Abi you think say we wey born d few wey we fit take care of, fuck no dey sweet us?

  13. Education... Those who are poor but are educated do not give birth to many children. The educated wants to be able to send their kids to schools up to the university level. So rich or poor if you are educated you know when and where to draw the line.

    There middle class and rich people who have tens of children. My father have ten, the least educated have a masters degree. He wasn't rich neither was he among the middle class but he made personal sacrifices to send us to school. Today he is reaping the benefit of his investments

    It is choice, you can choose to educate your kids or spend the little money you have on drinking, smoking, fucking smelling pussies and gambling.

    Today, primary and secondary education is free in government schools, there is no excuse not to give your children education, be there for their home work

    Federal universities are subdised in our federation

    Josephine the great

  14. Stella God bless you for this topic, just last week i was asking myself this same questions...why do poor men tend to have plenty children when they can hardly fend for the ones on ground? The reason for this same questions disturbing my mind is that one husband cousins with already 5kids relocated to the village wife put to bed again in the months of may begging my husband and I to help them with something to buy baby things. One of my old neighbors called me not to forget to keep my kids old stuffs for her female children on taking those things to their place behold long belle after 4kids am taking of a school teacher, months no de end before she de asked for lesson money. 3rd is a story for another day. King Eze every grown women that have given birth before knows about Family Planning, the health care people in my area now come out to announce about family planning.

    1. Jelly the poor people I was referring to are the insolvent,mendicant,down-and-outer people that can't even afford public hospitals rather they resort to local midwives and other penny-pinching means.

  15. Our fore fathers had plenty children,as an investment for old age.Because,they don't know which child Will be successful and who will take care of them when they cannot provide for themselves again.Remember King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Owenu duet on family planning? #old school tinz#😁

    The same mentality is still with some people!It is like playing permutation with human lives.And sex is a form of recreation for some who cannot afford #50 condom!!!

    The rich is busy and thinking of making more money,living quality life and have financial investments to fall on when they are old.

    More-over,some of the financially challenged people have the entitlement mentality,and expects the rich ones in their family or community or church to help out.

  16. My mom has preached family planning to the women in my extended family taya. They shag like rabbits and have children as frequently as they can. As someone has mentioned it's about education, all my cousins that are dropping children as if it's a competition didn't go to school so they don't even know the value of education. They don't calculate school fees when having kids and they could honestly care less if their children are educated or not

  17. Those poor people that are educated do not give birth to many children.

    During the olden days, they say when u have many children, it would go a long way to determine how rich u would be in terms of farm lands. So I don't think people are educated, still have this thinking.

  18. My dear I have a sister that would not listen to me. She thinks I want to control her life for her in the space of 5years she is on her 3rd child now right now she doesn't have a place to stay she has come back to our family house cos her husband can't afford to pay rent. She is heavily pregnant and almost due. We spoke early this week and she told me she hasn't finished buying her delivery things. Most times I just weep for her cos she even dropped out of school Becos of this thing called marriage. She got a teaching job worked for few months next thing I saw was pregnancy that is almost due. Her first child I bought almost everything she used for delivery but now I can't ooo cos I have my own responsibility now cos i'm almost due for delivery.

  19. It is because of this same retarded thought pattern that a wife of a poor man came to the hospital for family planning without the consent of the husband. Apparently, they had 7 children already and they feed from the little provision kiosk the poor woman sells in front of their house .
    That day she lamented pitifully, to think that the husband is not even working is crazy. The load was typically too much for a woman in her financial situation to bear alone.
    I kept wondering if she had to wait till it got to 7kids before she did the right thing.
    She said her husband would never support family planning. Illiteracy is a disease.

  20. Poor pple having many children in dis economy is also corruption!!! LOL

  21. Me sha I kuku know say if I no get money I no fit thingk of sex sef... biko I can't comman kie ma sef

  22. POOR MAN
    Status- most often the case, an illiterate

    Mode - most of the time very idle.

    His thought process- Make I fuck my wife as nothing to do

    His Reasoning-
    i. if she get bele, make she born am, na God put am there.
    ii. E show say I be man. GOD go provide.

    Status- literate, educated.

    Mode-Busy with ideas,money making ventures, empire building

    Thought process- Proper planning of an ideal family I.e no of children to have.

    Reasoning- raise a family he can give the best of life and good level of comfort.

    Difference between the two-
    Mindset. Mentality.

  23. They keep giving birth even in their poor state because people give them when they tell sob stories...that's how one that is jobless and her husband is also jobless but once her child is approaching 2years she takes in again and claim it's a mistake..please how on earth do u make a mistake at same time?she is spacing as she wants and bringing kids for the community to train because the others she had people and giving them things but this one she just had came at a time that the exonomy isn't smiling so she is entirely on her beg for hospital bill after birth once u are discharged you start begging for baby cloths and baby everything and to think they are both so pained

  24. I think it's competition most times.... My dad's brother is a carpenter and he has 9 train them to school na wahala..

  25. I think it's competition most times.... My dad's brother is a carpenter and he has 9 train them to school na wahala..

  26. This post is in the spirit. My dad just finished fisting me about his friend and his wife. My dad's friend is in his 60s, he had two wives that died so he married the 3rd one. Meanwhile this man is very irresponsible, the late wives were responsible for their children's feeding and schooling. This new wife already has 3 children and she wants more. The irresponsible man is acting responsibly for the first time in his life by saying he doesn't want more children. This woman is wagging war by not performing her marital duties. She will not cook because she wants more children and the husband is denying her, she has refused to have sex with him because she said he can't be using her body. Her body is for procreation if he doesn't want more children then he has no business in having sex with her. Imagine o, she said she wants 7 kids. Meanwhile they live in just a room no parlour. Please what sort of madness is that?


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