Stella Dimoko Isoko Man Whose Pre-wedding Photos Went Viral Has Married His 2 Babes


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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Isoko Man Whose Pre-wedding Photos Went Viral Has Married His 2 Babes

Weeks ago the story of an Isoko man “Mr Etoroma” who was set to marry two wives at the same time in Orie-Irri, a clan in Isoko South of Delta State became viral

View Nigeria correspondent attended the wedding ceremony and these are the photos

I find this really funny...Will this stop cheating?


  1. Seriously!?

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    1. Delta people and their ridiculous colours especially the men

    2. The man looks fresher than both women, and that trend will continue.

      They will be farming and selling in the bush market (they look it) and be cooking to feed him.

    3. Isoko wa do. This my delta people and plenty bright colours. No Stella if him like he should marry 6wives, uncle will still cheat. That's how my father in law has plenty dormots that's how they call the girlfriends. Before you no dem don born 4 you. Abeg don't crucify me in, but most of them are very dry.

  2. Polygamy...hmmm.And No stellz,it doesn't stop a man cheating.The more wives they marry,the more they feel entitled to concubines...

  3. hahahhhahha ,the man represent his forefathers well.

    1. Aswear, he a strong manπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  4. Replies
    1. Lolz... And one wicked somebody said it's three men getting married.

    2. The man is fresher than the women biko.

  5. Not all Hausas are Muslims.
    Not all Igbos are Catholics.
    Not all Igbos love money.
    Not all Yorubas do juju.
    Not all Edo girls go to Italy for prostitution.
    Not all Ebiras are aggressive.
    Not all bankers have money.
    Not all Berom girls are dark.
    Not all Ijebu people love partying.
    Not all guys from Warri are sharp.
    Not all girls that dress semi-nude are sluts.
    Not all guys cheat.
    Not all girls lie.
    Not every successful celebrity is into "onething-something".
    Not all rich kids are spoilt.
    Not all girls have sex to buy their expensive stuffs.
    Not all the calabar's eat humans.
    Some of the girls you danced with at the club are virgins..
    Not every misfortune is from your village All politicians are
    liars though.
    Never use the action of a group of people to judge an entire
    race, country or people.

    1. Edo's don't just go to Italy oo..Russia is their new destination now..France too..etc

    2. My dear you said it all

    3. Yet to see a Yoruba that doesn't like partying
      And yet to see one that isn't tied to his mother's apron strings

  6. What's going on with the blouse on the (left) bride?...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. I thought I was the only one that noticed it. Maybe to cover some kind of mistake in the blouse?

      So now this is now the new trend. Marry them the same day to reduce cost or what? And this definitely will not stop the man from cheating.

  7. Mana this guy dey try ooo. He fine pass his wives.

  8. I'm still confused

    *Larry was here*

  9. Adultery is a spiritual malady.
    It invites the devils to party
    It is more addictive than cocaine
    Once the penis starts entering into holes
    Into holes must it enter.
    It is better not to start
    It is better not to open the doors and invite the devils to party . . .
    It is better not to consume your strength
    The man above is already cheating on God and self.
    For A MAN shall leave his father and mother and be united to HIS WIFE.
    And THE TWO shall become one
    So said the creator!

  10. First it was an Ada man now it's orie all in irri. Make these men stop to disgrace isokos.

  11. Women who share men must be commended,is it not better if you have no knowledge of him cheating. Women who know their men cheat can't stand it talk more of him marrying you on the same day with another.

    Me sha raise hand for them...make them enjoy their marriage but the man fit take another.

  12. I'm confused... They don't look rich in there pre wedding photo... Maybe I would have said its because of money

  13. Some people would still be complaining about recession in Nigeria and this is happening. Wonderful country.

    1. Their whole wedding may not cost more than 250k.

    2. Hian! @ BedsnRoses Fear God na. 250K? Na only toothpick dem serve? Abeg no abuse me o, I know say your own no dey pass abuse. I get catrrh.

  14. Congratulations to them..
    They are grow out adult and they know what suit them😱😱😱

  15. So how will the wedding night be? Will he put them in different rooms? Finish with one before going to the other? Or they will all be in the same room?

    1. Most likely he wont sleep either of his two brides, he probably has a 3rd hirl friend he has to console so he'll be nipping over there! As for the women, they might as well 'sleep' with each other.

  16. Enter your comment...2 women to 1 man, just remembering wat my Bible tells me. #endtime#enough bunda for the jigga. OK am out. Ije kings was here.

  17. Enter your comment...2 women to 1 man, just remembering wat my Bible tells me. #endtime#enough bunda for the jigga. OK am out. Ije kings was here.

  18. Enter your comment...there face strong sha. Ije kings

  19. Looks like it's becoming a trend, anyways he is blessed with egusi n ogbonno soup. So make we no hear complain ohhhh... Lol

  20. Just wondering if they do 3some

  21. The lady by his right hand side looks like the dark version of Bobrisky

    Abeg make i find my square root

  22. It is very unfortunate what some women have reduced their value to zero
    I strongly believe that for every man there is a woman besides the people who carried out censor have come to say there was a mistake in their numbering,there are as much men as women,I do not subscribe to that part of the bible that says a time will come when it will be 10 women to one man,as far as am concern that prophet could have spoken out of excitement or pressure
    In the begining he made them male and female which settles the case
    This is actually shameful. Oshisco

  23. Someone that just started.
    By the times these ones are old he will still marry more more. And who are the wives to complain.
    The one that even annoys me is most of the wives train their own kids themselves. They will just be living under his roof.

  24. What do i call this?
    Lack of husband or what ?

  25. The one on the right looks mentally challenged. They are all consenting adults so I'll say hml to them

  26. This man with his facially challenged women.Congrats to them.

  27. Infact I really do praise women that knowingly share their men.

    A cousin of mine has two wives and they both relate well. Tho this cousin knew and married his first wen he practically had nothing.

    They were childless for 10yrs. God smiled on them and both children and money came. Infact, the money came in excess.

    His wife had the first child a girl, d second a boy

    That boy was less than 2yrs wen news of another woman having a son for him came.

    His wife was shattered. The whole family was. He begged and begged . Built her her own house and all.

    This side chick said she can't hv just a child in a home. She said she wanted her son to hv a brother or a sister. That having one child in a home is bad

    Btw, the side chick is older than the wife but would kneel to greet her.

    The wife said she came frm a monogamous home and do not know how to cope wt a mate.

    Last last, family with their tradition came and started talking trash, that they won't live together, bla bla, that what ever the man has its the first wife's children first before the other .

    The man went on series of mansions. He allowed the side chick stay in one while his wife lived wt him in their latest duplex.

    The wife went on to hv additional 3 kids making 5(3 boys,2girls)

    Wen ever anything is being done in the guy's house, u see the side chick fully present. Infact she took charge of preparations for the guy's dad's burial.

    Finally, after 8yrs, she had another baby(had a still birth after the boy) my cousin built her another house too.

    This week, guy is with her, the other week, he's home. Sometimes he doesn't go to her at all and she calls meeting on him.

    The wife seems to hv rested her case sha.

    NB, pride price is yet to be paid on the 2nd not that he can't afford it and d 2nd don call family meeting tire.

    1. Can you imagine? What women do to themselves cuz of money.It's really sad.

    2. I like the way you kept referring to her as side chick cos that's what she is, if she likes let her born hundred she's wasting her time since no bride price was paid...

  28. And both women agreed to marry him on the same day. Women shaa

  29. Nawa oooo...
    The man go strong like bako super sack.

  30. Stella we need their wedding night brouhaha. Hahshahaha
    Will it be threesome. Will the man do one first and change to another.
    Who is even the first or 2nd wife ?

  31. He is going back to culture! Churches would frown at this! He has made his choice!


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