Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - When The Player Is Played


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series - When The Player Is Played

This is all about Stella's groove!

I have a very dear friend let's call her Stella. Stella had a main boo and a sugar daddy. So it was her birthday and of course she had to be with main boo but not without a plan B. 

The thing is She included me in her plans without telling me about it.
This was how it went, while she was with boo she asked me to meet up with her sugar daddy who we call chief. She had given chief some strong reasons why she couldn't see him and instead her friend will come for the gift he had bought for her.
So I met chief in a restaurant and he was glad to see me, as the fine girl I was.
Chief started telling me stories o how he met my friend, how he was helping her and her family and how he was such a philanthropist.

I knew he was selling his market and I let him sell. "Chief wey the gift na" as if he read my mind he brought out a designers bag and kept it on the table. My mouth fell open, OK I tried to close it, I tried to behave but guys the bag was so fine that I admired it like a mumu. For chief mind na he thought he has gotten me so he started toasting me.

Telling me how he will be of help to me and my household, next thing his hand was on my thigh na there I stand up say I dey go house.
We got outside and he brought out a bundle of cash divided it and gave me half for my T fare. My mouth fell open again I couldn't even say thank you I was stunned. Chief took advantage and asked if I wanted more. 

Guys what did you think I said? I said yes and he gave the the other half. Then proper toasting started and he even tried to kiss me.
I didn't obliged o.

I met with my friend and gave her her bag, told her about my own cash gift but wasn't comfortable telling her about the toasting. I didn't know how she will feel, you know how girls how now. 

But eventually I told her and then she revealed to me how she met chief. She said her younger sister was the first to date Chief, then chief met her and toasted her. With her sister's consent and without chief's knowledge she started dating him. Confusing? Let me explain.

The sisters found out that chief loved being a player. He gets high thinking he is still in the game. For chief mind he thinks he is Sleeping with 2 sisters behind their backs. The sisters decided to play along fuel his high and in the process they made money off him. 

When she explained the gist I didn't get it so she called her sister luckily she was with chief, so we went to the hotel to meet them. We got to the hotel and chief came to the reception to met us, remember sister number 2 was in his room. Stella pretended like she didn't know her sister was in the room, she said "chief let's go to your room I want to show you something "

Come see chief dey dey hyper, coming up with excuses. He was just all over the place I was just SMH. Last last when stella couldn't convince him to take us to the room she asked for cash na so chief go room go bring money. And since I didn't come to Lagos to count bridges me sef ask for my own and I got plenty.

We left the hotel and Stella said "you see Chief is free for all, the more we are the more of a great player he thinks he is"

Till date I don't know if chief was jazzed by those sisters but I know the player was being played and he liked it.

*Hmmm Iya Ibeji the good girl.....I have been in a situation like this before but thing is,my friend was the one trying to convince me to date her sugar daddy....she told me to agree in front of him and when we were leaving he would gift us and i can decide after then but i must not see him without her..

I agreed,let him pinch my back and tap my not so big bum and then we had to leave with promises to be back another specified day and true to my friends words,bundles were gifted us,the money was too much for me and i collected and ran....and refused to keep to the appointment.
She went with another of our friends who helped her snatch the Sugar daddy and that was it for


  1. When men think they are smart. Chief was played big time lol.

    1. And are those two foolish girls smart?
      How many other foolish girls is chief browsing?
      How many diseases and "belles" has he given those two foolish girls?
      How many times have those foolish two girls aborted?
      Isn't it the "chief type of men" that will end up marrying those types of girls?
      And then the "pity party" chronicles starts coming . . .

  2. All this sugar daddies using young girl's destiny. I pity the sisters

    1. "All THESE" ants that follow sugar everywhere.

  3. Sisters unknowingly sleeping with a man is understandable but ......I find it rather disturbing.

    1. Becky❤️.... I thought I was the only one who found it awkwardly weird. Iya Ibeji nice writeup as usual I was entertained, that Chief should be called 'Chief Father Christmas'

    2. Trace it to their mother . . .
      A child whose mother sent to rob, uses legs to break the doors

    3. I know of a mother and daughter situation. They both know. In their minds they are playing the man and maybe vice versa.

  4. Useless girls... Ye all got played by chief. Be selling your destinies with cheap coins.

  5. Lol Kia eh women, I raise cap for una

  6. It's all right. Two sisters sleeping with one man? They basically lack morals.

    1. A married man sleeping with two sisters
      Has got plenty of morals

      it takes two to tango
      And girls decide if sex should take place
      And it is a pity that the sanctity of the woman's body is trivialized!

    2. The sisters want chief's money to "stay in the family"

  7. Abeg I dey like this kind friend, lol

  8. Am just speechless. Sisters sleeping with the same manner and they say they are playing him. Just disgusted. What girls will do for money. Lazy minds

  9. Stella the kind money wey those kind chief dey give person na way.
    I wrote this with the thought that chief got played. But from the comments here it's like BVs are suggesting the sisters got played bcoz their destinies have been used

    1. This Una story funny...laughing all tru...but those sisters try shaa.

      Me I be 'collect n RUN' 😂😂😂 abeg I no fit give anything.

  10. awon holier than though will soon be here to comment

  11. Chief was browsing the sisters and vandalising their pipelines yet they played chief. Useless girls. Iya ibeji you were rolling with rotten eggs and you are the good one. Show me your friends and l will tell you who you are.

    Josephine the great

  12. Well, iya ibeji, we don't expect u to tell us u also dated chief sha.

    But cool story

  13. sisters sleeping with the same man hmmmmmmmm so disguesting

  14. So both sisters was sleeping with chief and it was no big deal to them, wonderful people. By the you are a very good story writer.

  15. Both iya beji and the girls, biko how do you reason?!

  16. #The more conflicts and difficult situations you put yourself through, the more battle-tested your mind will be*


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