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Saturday, October 07, 2017

New CBN Deputy Governor Aishah Ahmad's Profile

Beautiful Aishah Ahmad (40), the candidate for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) deputy governor nominee is young and has a resume that will make your eyebrows lift at the sides....

In the last 20 years, she has been a banking executive and an investment adviser across retail banking, wealth management, consulting and financial advisory.

She is an executive director (retail banking) at Diamond Bank Plc

She is the chairperson of the executive council of Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), a Nigerian non-profit organisation founded in 2001 by 13 women and one man who identified a serious issue concerning women in the workplace and in business, particularly in the areas of leadership capacity building and avenues for networking for growth.

Mrs. Ahmad’s professional banking experience traverses the NAL Bank Plc, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc and Zenith Bank Plc.

A member of the Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, CAIA Associations, Mrs. Ahmad was until her appointment in charge of the Consumer Banking Division at Diamond Bank Plc, covering the consumer banking, privilege banking, retail assets chains.

A holder of the Master of Science, MSc in Finance and Management from the Cranfield School of Management in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Ahmad, an accounting graduate from the University of Abuja, also has a Master of Business Administration, MBA in finance from the University of Lagos.

Mrs. Ahmad’s appointment is expected to fill the void created by the exit of the former deputy governor in charge of Economic Policy, Sarah Alade, who retired from the Central Bank in March 2017 as the only woman in the top hierarchy of the apex bank.

She is married to Abdallah Ahmad, a retired brigadier-general. They have two sons.

He appointment was announced by the presidency on Thursday. She is expected to assume duty as CBN deputy governor immediately after her confirmation by the Senate.

  Ahmad who hails from Niger state and will be 41 years old on October 26th.


  1. Replies
    1. I saw my friend profit profile " I want to b a woman of substance, God give me wisdom ad understanding " I laugh from Texas e echo reach Nigeria.. A STACK illiterate who pleasures at insulting pple and won't ever take correction from anyone. Stupid mofo of a girl, improve ur CV she say I dey insult am, say me we go school she Rich pass me. Mumu to d core. Ode take a look at d wealth of her acquired certificate, that's wisdom, take a look at d career she choose. Understanding, God won't descend from d thrown to teach u. Some girls r just FOOOOOOOLs

    2. Proudly Anonymous7 October 2017 at 17:03

      Even from your write up you haven't done yourself any justice.
      To think that you had to put the STACK instead STARK in caps and "thrown" instead of "throne" say a hell of a lot about you calling someone an illiterate.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ proudly anonymous. The bad sentence and punctuation nko? *hiss*

    4. And you call her your friend? Frenemies.. Tueh!!!

  2. Wow beauty with brain stay bless jaweeeee.

  3. I thought she's a Chartered d Accountant? It is well.
    I get ICAN, ACCA, CICM, CMI,....
    I am grateful though with my job experiences but how person fit cone Niger come get links pls my people?
    Lol, just kidding. I won't trade all I have but the woman get leg sha.
    I wish her and my darling country Nigeria all the best.

  4. OMG!! She's so blessed. Beauty with brain, some women are so book intelligent.

    I know she will deliver even though I would have preferred a well qualified economist for the position.

    My best wishes to her.

    1. Thank you, I would have preferred an economist with experience e.g. Bismark rewane or if it's a woman Bola Adeshola CEO standard chartered or even Mrs Dumerun(chairman GTB). I am in the field and this lady isn't experienced enough to run CBN. Because she will run the CBN if Emefuele is indisposed. Just like Sarah Alade took over when Sanusi left pending when the brought in someone else.
      See what we are experiencing with Kemi Adeosun that doesn't know left from right. They both lack the experience.
      It's all bureaucracy. She got the post based on being from Niger and the IBB connection.
      They didn't mention the fact her 72yr old husband is one of the generals that helped in the coup that brought in Babangida.
      Yes she's brilliant and beautiful and I will always support women but she ain't qualified for such sensitive post.
      Just like they brought Bode George's wife to lead NDLEA that she knows nothing about.
      Or the bring back our girls woman to run NPA.

    2. Beds and Rose you are so damn right

    3. Not beefing but as a banker also fully qualified.. We know nigeria and the banking industry ... I must agree Even with other nominees . she is small ... But it is well

    4. @ Bed and Roses:- God bless you for your comment.I am also in the industry and must admit that there are better qualified candidates for this post.I am no hater but pls a Fola Adeola or an Ibukun Awosika would have been a better option.I am out!!!!

    5. Beds and Roses, they should have nominated you either.The President nominated someone you are hating don't pray so that you quit your less than 200k monthly salary

    6. Unfortunately the quota system needs to be filled....

  5. Wow! I want to be like her when i grow up..

  6. Beauty plus brain I love it best wishes to her and I hope she delivers

  7. See CV. This is the kind of women I want to be identified with. When will I start climbing my own ladder? God pick my call nah

    1. Which CV, did you read her qualification at all?
      Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew, this Nigeria is so annoying. Be using leg and power in everything.
      There are qualified people that they will never appoint.

    2. Start by getting any qualification in your field that you can lay your hands on.
      If you haven't done your PGD/Masters... You should.
      If you are not employed, any little money you get, invest in yourself...
      If you are employed, create time for your studies.. Run partime programs.
      If you've got all qualifications, start applying for positions in relevant industries, your work experience counts.

    3. Iphie, you're an idiot for encouraging a woman with not so much qualification to get such a Big role.
      As regards all you've said I became Chartered "ICAN" while in Nigeria. Then I got a job with PWC and I started my ACCA, completed it and got another job with KPMG: I was then transferred to Canary wharf branch London in the UK.
      I also have done CMI now CMIA, CICM, I am also a member of the ICAEW, CFIA in the UK.
      At the moment I am also done with my Cfia and I am an investment Banker not bragging but I give God all the glory that I have been able to achieve all of this at 35 so keep quiet please.
      There are so many intelligent people that are qualified searching for jobs in Nigeria who will never be given an opportunity.
      Get a life.

  8. I pray she gets the job done.
    Kudos ma'am, impressive CV.


      See another case of potential corruption - ripe for investigation:

      We have a new Deputy CBN Governor as recommended by the people in power. Her name is Aishah Ahmad.
      She was a DGM, at Diamond Bank up to Tuesday evening.

      She was quickly appointed an ED in Diamond Bank Wednesday morning and immediately appointed Deputy Governor of CBN (same) Wednesday evening.

      Ordinarily the CBN only accepts people from Executive Director ( ED) cadre as Deputy Governor.

      Do you smell any rat in this???

  9. Beauty+ brain, not all these Instagram slay Queen's beauty without brain.

  10. Bed and Roses, God bless you for saying the truth. Our president tilting all the positions to the North. The more I try to say Buhari is for us All, the more opposite he acts.

  11. My goodness!! See Portfolio😳😳 at 40.
    Anytime I feel like giving up, I remember where I want to be at 40 career wise.

    Bed and Roses... 😍😍😍😍
    You see Mrs Kemi is equally intelligent, well read but lacks experience..
    And truth be told, experience comes in handy.
    I have a good feeling about this lady though, some times rookies learn the ropes and come out tops.

    I understand that at this point in the presnt government, this is not the time to test waters.... Esecially seeing that the last two years was just Siddon dey look... Lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Who else misses former Minister of Agriculture?
    Adesina Akinwunmi.. Intelligent,Experienced,man😍😍😍

  12. And if you have read 'Smart Money Woman'.. You will definitely know about WIMBIZ... Arese wrote extensively about the non-profit organisation.

  13. This people keeping running Nigeria like their personal property ,the onlh thing i see in that cv is she is the wife of a retired general ,Your all know all the retired generals still run Nigeria .Weldon ma awon Niger cabal abi wethin dem call am .I weep for my country Nigeria ,just take a look at U.A.E of just yesterday .

    1. God bless you Booty, that's the Nigeria we find ourselves.

  14. Ok...seen, congrats to her


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