Stella Dimoko One Of The Killers Of Former Gulder Ultimate Search Winner Hector Says He Got N7000


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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

One Of The Killers Of Former Gulder Ultimate Search Winner Hector Says He Got N7000

One of the suspects arrested for the murder of a former winner of Guilder Ultimate Search, Hector Jobarteh, has owned up to his involvement in the crime.

The suspect, 49-year-old Ismaila Adeyemi, said he got a mobile phone from the valuables carted away from the victim’s residence. It was said the deceased had gone to pick his younger brother, who arrived from abroad, at the airport.

Apart from Ismaila and Usman, four other suspects, including an Uber driver, who took the gang to the victim’s house, and the buyers of the phone, had been apprehended.

Ismaila, who was paraded on Monday at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters in Ikeja,siad that one Nonso, KK and him stormed the house that Jobarteh’s lived on a robbery mission that day.

The father of two children explained that a lady, who is still at large, led them to the residence, adding that the deceased’s father was shot in the attack.

He said, “I knew KK through Nonso, whom I worked with in a filling station in Apapa some years back. I met Nonso about five months ago and I gave him the address of where I live in Sango, Ogun State. KK just came back from abroad that time.

I did not know who the man was before the operation. On that day, we parked at a filling station around his house and a lady came to meet KK. After a while, he received a call from the lady and we saw the man (Jobarteh) drove into the close.

We followed him, but did not know where he entered. KK approached a woman and lied to her that the man’s car hit his and he sped off. He begged her to direct us to where the man entered and she did. When we got into the building, we saw the car and met another lady on the premises. KK asked the lady to lead us to the man’s apartment, but she declined. It was when he pointed a gun at the woman that she complied and took KK upstairs. He called us to come upstairs, but by the time we got to a living room upstairs, he had shot the man’s father in the hand.

I did not shoot at all, although I was holding a gun too. I quarrelled with KK for shooting them, because our plan was just to rob. He threatened to shoot me and I kept quiet. It was a pair of shoes and flowers that were in the bag we collected from him. We didn’t find money there. I took away only his white handset while KK went with the bag. I gave the phone to my brother, Usman, to help me sell it. He said he sold it for N7,000. I collected N5,000 and gave him N2,000,” he added.

However, the state Commissioner of Police, Edgar Imohimi, who paraded Adeyemi, said he shot the GUS winner. He added that the command would not stop until other suspects involved in the murder were arrested. Imohimi said, “I am glad to announce to you that after weeks of extensive manhunt, the principal suspect, Ismail Adeyemi, who pulled the trigger that killed the victim, has been arrested and he confessed to the crime.

He also admitted to other various criminal activities within the state. The suspect led operatives to Sango Gasline, Ijoko, where his operational revolver pistol with nine rounds of live ammunition was recovered.

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Uber driver?OMG... 


  1. What? Seven gini? Ife neme na Upper Iweka. All this tout waste valued life unnecessary. RIP dear one.

    1. Just see the way a life was wasted just for nothing.I don't think this guy is telling the truth or the lady that brought up the contract to them should be exposed as well.

  2. Stupid people. See their names self

    Just wasted someone's life because of what. Was he the one coming from abroad. Dont they know that not all who lives in abroad have things going well for them.

    They should pay dearly foolish idiots

    1. Madam,don't be daft now. They said he went to pick someone at the airport. This is a clear case of assassination.

  3. I pity the Uber driver and the woman whom they lied to for her to direct them to where his car entered.
    the Uber driver was probably just doing his job. taking them to their destination without knowing who they were and what their mission there was. to think Nigeria legal system is so messed up, they are lazy with investigation. the poor man may go to jail.

    1. But when they told the lady that the man hit them shouldn't the uber driver have suspected that they were Up To something?

      Chai! Make i no talk sha. When death is coming it doesn't hold break. Such a fine young man...

  4. But what was UBER Driver involvement on the case? He might be innocent, just carried them as passengers not knowing they had ulterior motive.
    Let him confess more jare, was it only bag and phone that enticed them? Foolish guys.
    RIP dear one.

  5. Hector is dead? Oh my goodness. Many wicked people in dis world.
    This is why people go about w body guards.
    God protect ur children, cod even body guards can't save.

  6. So he was killed for nothing?, this handsome man was wasted just like that!! may they rot in jail.

  7. I still don't understand how a person can waste a life for vanity.....abi don't they know that death happens to all.

  8. c how they wickedly wasted this man's life jus for nothing.chineke kpo ha oku

  9. I wonder how some people feel so comfortable taking others life...a life u cannot create, u take..May none of us ever come in contact will these devilish humanbeings.

  10. Why not just steal any item you find and don't kill anyone.
    See how they wasted a man in his prime, leaving a wife and young kids behind.

  11. A 49year old man with no conscience

  12. Am heart broken this morning

  13. So sad 😭 the way they wasted his life, living the kids fatherless

  14. A shoe and flower he possibly bought for his wife,may they never escape judgement for making that young woman a widow and her dauther fatherless

  15. That was very cruel of them. To waste life that you cannot give is evil. God console his family

  16. So because of 7k, ,you people took a life, gush, so many evils in town, God please protect your children

  17. Who is the lady that met kk or kleg? Evil people everywhere.
    RIP Hector!

  18. The uber guy may be innocent
    He may have just picked up the guys while doing his job

    Even if he is guilty dnt drag his company name through the mud because of one nefarious employee

    Let them not come and spoil business for uber Nigeria

    Nigerian police should do their investigation properly before dragging a company's name into it

    Do you know how hard it is to start a business and make it thrive in this Valley called Nigeria and some police officers will just be throwing a companies name upandan into a crime that is still under investigation

    The Lord will give the family fortitude to bear this loss

    This is just too sad


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