Stella Dimoko Singer Davido Says He Has Forgivne Those Who Accused Him Of What He Didn’t Do


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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Singer Davido Says He Has Forgivne Those Who Accused Him Of What He Didn’t Do

Singer Davido Adeleke has been headlines for a forthnight over mysterious deaths of Tagbo Umeike, Chime Amaechina and DJ Olu Abiodun....The insinuations allege he has a ''hand'' in the sad occurrences...

Davido this week has taken to his social media handles to say he has forgiven those ( including Bloggers) who accused him of being complicit in the murder of his friends and crew members.
After couple of visits to the police station and maintaining his innocence by releasing CCTV footage of the night Umeike died, Davido has said it is time to move on and get back to his music.


  1. He has been blessing everyone recently... He doesn't make sentences now without calling God
    This was a rude awakening.
    God bless you too David.

  2. Hes trying to say hes now as free as a bird. Like I said b4, only God knows what happened after they left that lounge. From what was released to d public, no one has d right to pin him down. Caution Davido!

  3. Well...I'd rather wait for the result of the supposed ongoing investigation from the NPF...young man you can't vindicate yourself... Oh my madt, this is Nigeria and the son of an influential man.

  4. I hope he lives a responsible life from now on.

  5. Dear Davido, please be humble and get closer to God. Happy to hear you are free now.

  6. Na wa. You did not know you were to focus on music. My dear better be a responsible boy.

    pity that the death is forgotten so soon.

    Comfort to all including davido

  7. Like I said from the onset that Sochima, I pray the victims will get justice if someone actually had hands on what happened to them. Secondly, let our Youths abstain from Drugs, it does more harm than good. Rip to Tagbo and DJ Olu.

  8. He should see all the unfortunate death of his friends as CAUTION from God.

  9. who ask you ? so now you have vindicated yourself? Nigeria my country, Lawless country!

  10. He is a free man, let God be the judge

  11. E be like say una never know dis boy father and family...even if he kill ten people he Will still go free...abi una never hear say the commissioner of police even I G apologise to him popsy cos they almost remove the two of dem from there post...
    From insider

  12. Finally, Davido has realized there is a God.Just be careful this time around and cut down on an unnecessary youthful exuberance. May God help you brother, you are really one of the most lucky Nigerian youth. most people went down for crimes they knew nothing about cos they don't have any one to stand for them. So, be grateful

  13. My boss has changed more plenty frnds..he has learnt his lesson..n for dos who d tin stil dey pain say he free,OYO for u peep

  14. Davido if ur father is big remembere he can never be bigger than God....three friends were lost within a twinkle of an eye and remember they have are rejoicing and think you bigger than it creator.u should remember that whatever u hide and did if we don't see the lord sees it and when karma knock on ur door your children too will have a portion in it except if ur hands are clean...u are not as rich as bill gates and neither are u as popular as mark Zuckerberg so shut up and live ur life responsibly like a person who have two little kids to look up a role model and be humble are popular cos the population in Naija is higher with poor mentality.....where is Chris brown ,Jah rule ,etc they did more than you and even richer but today they av learnt their lessons...where is Dagrin?????may his soul rest in peace ...Dagrin music was better than yours but he didn't envisage or prayed for what happened to him...if ur parent no born u well ,u can reborn urself well...
    This a candid advise from a mother...don't let ur story be told negatively.gbam

    1. Jelosy kill u finish....haba!untop wetin u write ds ur episode?abeg park oneside jor...rubbish


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