Stella Dimoko Statistics Show A Percentage Of Nigerian Women Believe Men Are Justified In Beating Their Wives


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Statistics Show A Percentage Of Nigerian Women Believe Men Are Justified In Beating Their Wives

According to a survey carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics, 33.7% of Nigerian women believe that a man is justified in beating his wife for at least one of the following reasons:

She burns the food

She goes out without telling him

She neglects the kids

She argues with him

She refuses sex with him

On the flip side, the percentage of men who believe a man is justified in beating his wife for any of those reasons is 21.5%.

*The Survey should have also done one on women who beat their Husbands.I didnt believe that was possible until someone i know gisted me about how his wife beats him.


  1. Why will a man beats his wife is just beyond me.

    When Adam told God that it was Eve that gave him the apple to eat, did he beat the woman? No.

    Any man that beats a woman is a COWARD. He should go outside and win a wrestling match or boxing match like power mike.

    Shameless man

    1. Its even women with the high ratings.

      I cringe at the mentality of such women.

  2. Please how can i get sdk notifications on my phone and PC?? Have a good week ppl.

  3. Stella on the side of some women beating their husbands, I think its very rare in this part of the world.
    I think, its more there in diaspora..

  4. Those reason are not strong enough apart from kids neglect, if ur wife goes out without telling u, u can as well do the same, I do it before, club wit d girls, watch tv till food burns, when my guy started buying takeaways, going out at random, coming in late, I couldn't talk cos I know I'm guilty too, but I just cut off my clubbing babes and started nice food, he just did a U-turn n stopped going out, eats well n now huge like LeBron james.

  5. No reason what so ever to beat a woman. If you are tired of her excesses , divorce or leave her and vice versa.

  6. Most of those women are masochistic,
    they don't attain orgasm unless well
    That's the only plausible explanation.


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