Stella Dimoko Teachers In Kaduna To Begin 3-Day Fasting As Govt Plans Mass Sack


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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Teachers In Kaduna To Begin 3-Day Fasting As Govt Plans Mass Sack

The Nigeria Union of Teachers, Zaria Local Government Area Branch, will on Tuesday begin three days of fasting and prayers to seek God’s intervention on the planned sack of 20,000 primary school teachers.

Kaduna State Government had conducted an examination for primary school teachers in the state and said 68 per cent of the teachers did not pass the primary four pupils’ exam at excellent level.

The NUT Chairman in Zaria Local Government Area, Malam Yahaya Abbas, said on Monday that the teachers were compelled to seek God’s intervention over the planned sack.

There is no way for everybody to score “A” grade in an examination; that is 75 per cent, this is not what was agreed with the union representatives. The agreement was that the pass mark should be 60 per cent not 75 per cent. Again, the result of the examination is not yet out but government said it will sack 20,000 teachers. He said that the government still owed some teachers salary arrears of between three months and 13 months, while some of them were being underpaid.

According to him, the primary schools across the state are understaffed, hence, the need for government to recruit more teachers instead of sacking the existing ones. I can assure you that there is one female teacher who teaches 200 pupils in a class due to the shortage of teaching staff.

Again, sacking of experienced teachers and recruiting new ones is not the solution because anybody who bagged a National Certificate in Education or degree in the last 10 years must have been taught by these categories of teachers. Therefore, if the government argued that the present calibre of teachers are not qualified, then, how do you expect their products to be better than the teachers’?

Abbas said that Gov. Nasiru El-Rufa’i had promised not to terminate the appointment of any teacher, but those who performed below expectation in the exam would be subjected to training.



  1. Eeyaah... They will be alright

  2. Smh, so this fasting and praying will prevent them from being sacked? Mchhewwwsss.

  3. So because they are understaffed they should let Teachers that can't pass primary 4 questions to keep teaching.. That's how we keep having half-baked students, watery education

    Instead of them to find a way to improve their academic capabilities.. This is misplaced priority.. Their leaders to find a way to dialogue that the government should let them take some course or something (cause I dunno what will help them), instead of fasting and praying or leading protest

  4. It is not funny to loss your job at this point sha, i feel for them but you can't be a teacher if you fail primary 4 exams na!!!

  5. Lmao!

    This is too funny.

    While at it,they should also pray for those little children they sought to ruin.

  6. Hmmm. Maybe they should be given refresher courses to save some. I know things aren't easy but allowing ill prepared teachers to train the leaders of tomorrow is a No No. The foundation is very crucial.

  7. They need a 40 days fast, three days small.

  8. Sacking 20,000 teachers won't do any good... they should train them or something... even if they are sacked how do we know the new intakes would fair better by the time people with less qualifications start to use "connections" to get the job.

  9. Training okay.
    But those who performed below par should be laid off.

  10. Eyah! May God answer their prayers

  11. Where will they start the training from ? Do you know what a primary 4 exam is?? Will you let them teach your children, no childs education should be messed with its like saying an untrained doctor should not be sacked.
    the ones that even passed we dnt know how good they are sef, There are educated people out here looking for jobs if they went through this means to fish them out then i'm sure the next set will go through an amount of scrutiny

  12. Yinmu . When you could not pass primary 4 test .Ndi ara

  13. When I was working for an Ngo as a community development agent. I went to a village in the north n was shock to see that the teacher I met cud not speak English but he was a teacher in a govt primary school in that village. You can imagine. He could only speak little pigin mixe with Hausa. How he started teaching English still beat my understanding.

  14. The level of illiteracy in this northern states eeh!!!!!
    LMAO 😁 @ the "tishas"

  15. Fasting and praying ke? May the Holy Spirit not slap their incompetent mouths.


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