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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Meeting Point 66

Every love story has a meeting point!..Where did yours happen?Toilet?Kitchen?the movies?wedding?

Met hubby in my final year in the university of Lagos during that long strike of 2013. 

As a bad girl naa I didn't go home for the strike,was in school clubbing and enjoying life. Before going into that let me quickly summarise my life, I was not a serious girl, was the queen of double dating sef but in my final year in school I decided to be serious, my then boyfriend broke my heart so I decided that the next guy would be my husband and I will be serious. 

Met hubby thru my room mate then, he was based in Port Harcourt but was in Lagos for a training, so we spoke on phone for a while before deciding to meet.

 We met at the cinema to see a movie, after movie I didn't want to go back to hostel so I followed him to his hotel room ( close eyes). We got to the room and he was a perfect gentleman. I was even ready for anything but he said something I will never forget .........

He said ''I don't want to have se§x with you because I want this to last''. 

I was surprised so I just made up my mind that no matter what I will marry him. 

We eventually had s§x ooo but after the 90 days rule (' think like a man and act like a lady' was reigning then).

 It was not easy tho because he was based in Port Harcourt and I was in Lagos, although I went to see him many times in PH without telling my parents(close eyes again)and even when I went for service in Kaduna we were still committed.

He proposed immediately after my service (2 years after meeting).

 He is the best thing in my life and I am a living testimony that long distance relationship still works. my WNB is coming soon.

*Do you mean you guys still gbenshed that night or after 90 days?

Long distance works but not for impatient people or those who have dubious intentions....Congratulations


  1. You 're such a lucky girl. Congrats to you.

  2. I hope to send my meeting point, that is when I meet my better half.

  3. Alright


  4. Lol Stella I thought I was reading your story of how you met hubby till I got to your red pen.
    I Met le boo at my neice birthday party. Someone annoyed me that morning and I didn't want to come out of the house to the party but my mind kept telling me to go out and have fun and I did.
    Best decision ever.....

  5. Wow,congrat poster, I love, short and direct

  6. Congrats poster.... Its true when you find the right one you don't need a soothsayer, you just know within you. Enjoy your home dear.

  7. Replies
    1. Gorgeously Human29 October 2017 at 14:41

      I giggled too when I got to that part

  8. Long distance is not for the weak!


    I have told my man if he ever has to travel for that long again, we are going together!

  9. Met my hubby through a mutual friend,D first time we met we had sex ,well he disvirgin me. Married for 5years n I can pray for a better husband

  10. very soon i hope to tell mine.. Lemme 1st meet the perfect gentleman

  11. #Understand that the universe is giving you challenges, to help you to become the greatest version of yourself*

  12. Long distance is sweet only when there is money oooòooo.....i am enjoying mine right now cause every time we meet is like d first time and honeymoon.

  13. Mine uploading soon


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