Stella Dimoko The Viral Fear Of Nigerian Soldiers And Monkey Pox Injection.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Viral Fear Of Nigerian Soldiers And Monkey Pox Injection.

I wonder who started this Monkey pox injection Rumour and why!!
Children are now at home in fear in a Country where Education is barely alive!

I do not believe that the Army will walk into Schools without notice and begin to give injections!!!

What do you think?


  1. But my problem is the notice. Why not inform the school authorities before coming to the school to inject students. Who wouldn't raise such alarm? This act does not make sense.

    1. The army isn't going to schools. Stop it

    2. @missEss it's just a rumour... same stunt was pulled i Benin last Friday and my school wasn't left out

      Funny thing is the rumour isn't restricted to just a's gradually gaining waves into almost all Nigerian states. #sad

    3. My children are in sch and security has been beefed. Moreover it's inside an estate so it's secure. Even yesterday they did not allow parents carry their children till it's sch over.

    4. Thank you Victorious Ehis for the clarification.

  2. I've seen more funny pix


    Mothers tho, always protective even if na ten dem born

    1. This is the kind of drama that happens when pythons dance.
      It is only in Nigeria that pythons dance.
      Pythons are not dancing creatures, they strangulate and swallow whole

  3. i am not understanding this story, are we that illiterate in Nigeria

    1. I tire o. What's the army's business with vaccination? Illiteracy coupled with ignorance

  4. Someone has decided to use this rumour to foster lack of trust in the army probably still for the Biafra agitation or it's an early move towards campaigning. A journalist friend of mine in Rivers state is trying to get to the root of this. Hopefully, he succeeds. Those in Rivers state can also try amateur jornalism by asking the person they know who gave them the information and peel the "onion" from there. Before you know it, you might actually get to the first person who shared the information. It's annoying though that schools that are under lock and key have to be forces to open their gates by parents and their threats of withdrawal. What do we use our data for? Let's educate ourselves on what monkey pox is and how to survive it. Yes, survive it, in case you do get infected. This will definitely reduce the fear if we know what we can do if we actually get infected.

  5. All the blame goes to ministry of information for allowing the rumour mongers to take advantage of their information bridge lapses to cause this problem.Its Very shameful that the so called educated ones allowed these illiterates ones to play on them with this false information.

    1. Hahahaha 😁 sexy daddy
      I read how you guys ran yesterday...LMAO 😁
      I don't blame your wife oh!
      9 months aburokwa 9days
      May GOD protect our children oh!

    2. Amanda don't go there dear!

  6. There is no smoke without fire, there must be an atom of truth in this whole brouhaha.


  7. Stella you better believe it. This is my first time of hearing Army gives vaccines where we are not in their clinic. I heard their response is that they immunize every child after Operation Python Dance. Even if they have good intentions towards that, their actions towards the region for the past 2 months give rise to suspicion. I stand to be corrected any way, Nwunye G, do assessment from General and educate us.
    May God watch and protect our little ones wherever they may be in Jesus Name-Amen.
    Good morning Lovely people.

    1. Thank you 😊 Ada
      This thing is suspicious biko!
      Stella they came for real

    2. Lol! The General is unavailable right now.
      But let me come in here. Based on info that I got.

      They say it's a rumour.
      While some say it's no rumour. After all there is no smoke without fire.

      But Yes! Sometimes there can be smoke without fire! Without absolutely any fire!

      I didn't know what to believe but I saw a video of a child,around 7 and 8. He was Bn interviewed. Looks like he was stopped by some people who ofcourse had heard of the panic the monkey pox stampede had caused. So this woman (face not shown) was asking the boy what happened and this is what the the boy had to say. It was an interrogation kinda conversation but I wil sum it up.

      "They came to our school,some army men and forced us to take some injections. But our teachers refused and when we refused too,they started holding us down and forcing us. That was when we started running....

      The Army of course have denied this.
      But who knows? Many say it's a kind of propaganda going on. That those men aren't army people but camouflaged as the Army. And then u wonder too,could someone have also gotten to that little boy??! Was he asked to lie. And then u can't help but wonder: What if this is true?

      Right now,there is so much chaos in Nigeria. InSecurity is on the rise and something needs to be done. I pray God keeps us and all our loved ones safe and bring Peace to Nigeria.

    3. I don't no where this rumour is coming from at all. Was in military hospital today in ph, i asked several doctors what was happening and they all said nothing like that from their side. Took my bestie who is a civilian doctor there asked her same question she said they did not go out to inject anyone. So who are the so called people giving thses so called vaccine. Remember it's already been started that the monkey pox dose not have a it can now clearly been seen that this is politically motivated. Either apc pdp or ipop itself.

  8. There is one propaganda going i don't believe they won't inform the school before,people are just scared so any little thing like this they will just blow it out of proportion

  9. I think the state government need answer some questions. How can an exercise of such magnitude is being carried out by the military without proper notice to the appropriate quarters. Knowing fully the relationship between the military and the easterners at present

  10. Stella but they really came to ozubulu in Anambra state.
    Remember the press release from Anambra state government? they said it's the health department of the Army...hmmm

    I grew up in the east and The Nigerian army haven't ever done immunization programme here until now. Immunization is done by nurses and health workers from different health centres in various local governments.
    Before any immunization programme,awareness is created through radio stations,local television stations like ABS and co and it's also announced in various churches,so why wasn't this one announced?hmmmm
    So many questions need to be answered by the Nigerian Army.

    What made the matters worse is that message was circulated through what'sapp about this and it later happened....hmmm
    It's better to be safe than sorry oh!
    Thank GOD normalcy have returned here. May GOD help us in this country...Amen

  11. Americans treat their army as heroes but in danger we do otherwise cos they've proven to be demons in camouflage.

  12. I know its polio that is being given and a circular has been sent to schools. Whoever that started this rumour God is watching.

  13. I wonder what will happen to schools in Lagos if something like this happen?

    The armies are to blame too, no information, no communication at all.

    There is communication breakdown in all circles.

    APC and Buhari including Army, una no try

  14. The bottom line is that you cannot just give an injection or immunization to a child without the parents' permission. What if the child has already had that injection? Then they now end up with an overdose of that immunization and remember that too much of these things can have an effect. What if for some health reason or another the parents don't want their child to receive that vaccine? YOu are not supposed to give them if a child is not in the best of health so if they have a cold you wait until it is over.
    I cannot believe the state government did not apologize for trying to FORCE the kids to receive these things. It simply is not the done thing. You would not force a child to eat free rice so why would you try to force them to take an injection without the parent's permission?

  15. Thank God Ebola came in through lagos. Anywhere else we would have been worse than Liberia or Sierra Leone. Now we are setting back the immunization programme. The country is supposed to start nationwide Measles outreach next month and now this. There is no cover up. Please is there anyone here whose child was vaccinated by the military or the military came to their school carrying ice boxes for vaccination like the nurses do for Polio. This is honestly so stupid. Please use your brains


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