Stella Dimoko Timi Dakolo's Controversial Post On Divorce That Went Viral + His Call Out


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Timi Dakolo's Controversial Post On Divorce That Went Viral + His Call Out

Nigerian Singer Timi Dakolo who set the Nigerian internet on fire following his marriage and divorce views yesternight called out controversial OAP Freeze,and tells him to stop misleading people with his post....
It would be safe to say it all went South....

Response to the call out

This was his Initial post that caused the sensation on the Nigerian side of the Internet.He was replied by Uti Nwachukwu ,OAP freezeand Tonipayne who all disagreed with him.


  1. The only thing I have to say is that Timi should have ignored this old fool called Freeze.
    Timi, you cant be fighting with a PIG, youre too precious and got dignity. Freeze is a twat and a depressed, bitter thing. Why drag yourself into fight or exchange of words with a man that has lost it. Timi, please peoole respect and look up to you, dont 😳 us please. Freeze is having midlife crisis, he also needs to see a psychiatrist as we all know he isnt normal. Don't exchange words with freeze please as hes insane.
    Timi is trying to teach this generation to make sure they are ready before marriage as it requires patience. To be sincere when divorce happens,it's as a result of one partner of both(who are not mentally and physically ready). If both parties are ready for marriage,they will try to make it work despite issues.
    Wisdom is profitable and the truth is always bitter. It is so obvious that this generation celebrates divorce and it shouldn't be that way. When both parties are ready for marriage or commitment, you will hate to see your better half πŸŒ— hurt.
    What hurts me most about all this rant is Timi exchanging words with a lowlife like Freeze, Freeze has lost it and always looks for any opportunity to drag people into the mud like he is already.
    Timi, please ignore Freeze as youve got a reputation and lot of young people looking up to you. Freeze is a failure.

    1. I'm not one of the young people looking up to Timi

    2. I totally agree with Timi..
      I was once almost pressured to marry. Not by my parents but by my feelings at the time and the partner... Looking back, I might have been separated ir divorced. I dont know how people understood what Timi wrote but in my view, he ddnt totally condemn separation but advised people to understand marriage before getting into it.

      Marriage is a serious business but at present feels like a joke cos of the rate of divorce. Irs scary to the younger generation.

      Noone is saying you must die in marriage bur you dont have to rush into it bases on your temporary feeling. Be ready for it, do not ignore signs as you should realize its a forever together course. Once you have to "cope" with a situation, let it go. If you can't live with a particular behavior forever, dont even start it.

      You cant be too careful I know, people pretend I know... But one thing I tell myself is, I never wanna divorce and I beg God to give ne signs. Trust ne, im ready to give my ALL to make mymarriage work thats why I keep begging God to send a person who is worth it.

      I used to have a different mentality cos I was used to "getting it all", I still have my selfish days but it took a lot of growth to be here.

      Ive watched my parent "tolerate" nonsense from eachother this minute and the next, like ut never happened. Over 35years in marriage and totally at peace. I look at that and oeay for even better.

      Nonetheless, pls we are in the days of domestic "wickedness". Do not die there if you are with a wicked partner and for those of us not married, do not ignore signs I beg... Xo

    3. Lemne add, its never to early to start asking God for what you want. And as you do, let him help you to be that virtuous man/woman that deserves that king/queen you want

    4. Marriage is a beautiful constitution by God. People make marriage look bad by their selfishness or impatience. They just want to show people they are married so jump in and out. With patience either before or in marriage, you will have a happy home

    5. Timi words are true but understand where freez is coming from.

    6. Ex wife Mrs Ope Freeze welcome. You made sense small sha.

    7. If God wanted us to be complete before marriage why did he say the two shall become 1? Why not 2? It is only God that makes a union complete. That was why he took a rib from Adam to make eve. Not that he forgot the formula.
      We shouldn't interpret the bible canaly. If God wanted us to be complete then he would have stressed it.
      Even the bible tells us that God loves us in our imperfections cos he only can make us WHOLE.
      Timi, I understand you BUT, thinking marriage is by being complete means you think it is by your own power and might. Let's be careful.

    8. Ibukun, abeg waka comot jare πŸƒ.

  2. Have you guys noticed that the devil and it's cohorts are on 2 brand new mission.
    1. They are attacking marriages. WHY? They know how important the institution of marriage is to God. Marriage is the only approval from God to procreate. A couple can date for 15yrs but once they walk down the Isle, problems problems problems. All the belle that used to enter before will seal up.
    This is because A. The devil will prefer you to fornicate and go to hell.
    B. The kingdom of hell is afraid of pro creation. Man is the image of God and he hates to have this image multiply all over his face.
    He is Scared of what you might deliver. Maybe the next Moses, David or a Powerful man of God that will bring fire to their kingdom.

    Do you all think the concept of Homosexuality is just nothing? It is a evil agenda to attack marriage and ensure that over time the Christians all over the world will keep depleting while the other religions that are allowed more wives can multiply. Imagine a Christian family with 2 kids and the other with 25kids. What will the indices be in the next 30years?

    The second AGENDA of the devil in present times is to CRIPPLE The FINANCES OF THE CHURCH.
    Yes, we are at war. One of the most effective strategies of war is to cut off your enemies supplies. This was employed by Gowon during the Biafran war and infact some people believed that that was how they won the war. Biafrans died more from hunger than bullets.
    Without finances, there will be no food, drugs, ammunition refil and whatever you need to fight.
    In the church these finances are used to pay rent, pay church workers, buy petrol to fuel that AC you enjoy, change old chairs to accomodate you, pay media houses to air church programmes, organize crusades and outreach.
    ...and someone will plant the evil agenda DO NOT PAY YOUT TITHES in your mind and turn it into a revolution. Yet every weekend you pay tithe to clubs and beer palours ore even to Ogun and Amadioha. The same way the club needs funds to pay DJ, service speakers, pay rent and ensure alcohol supplies for your bets. This is the same way the church needs to service it's own. The difference is that one is propagating the kingdom of God and the other the kingdom of hell.

    Most of the artists singing worldly music today started from church. It gets to a stage when the world will steal them cos they call them and pay them MEGA. We are at war, churches needs to pay their artists. Yes because we are at war. IF YOU DONT PAY THEM, we will lose them to our enemies. Yes! They need money, cos their producers won't produce songs free for them cos they are godly musicians. The same money wizkid and Davidoo uses is same Timi and Sinach uses to produce theirs. Why will clubs pay davido and then YOU as a Christian expect to come to church and listen to Sinach free. Where will she get money to fund her next album or tour. That is the essence of TIThing, "so that there will be FOOD in the house of GOD" food is not rice and beans but the word of God through MUSIC, PREACHING, outreach and materials.

    DO NOT LET A LAYMAN without spiritual insight interprete the bible for you. A mechanic cannot interprete a Medical Report. Our wisdom is foolishness in the sight of GOD.

    That said To TIMI. Last week you attacked pastors now the agents od darkness has set a trap for you and even challenging you to back it up with the scriptures. Ogat Timi, will you advice Tonto and churchill to move back together immediately?
    Don't let the devil come your way and rock that your sweet marriage. Even Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil many times. If they find you strong, your spouse might not be as strong as you and once the marriage is broken, that's it. It is both of you that are involved. You can never be too complete for him to tempt. It is not by our might or by our power but by the spirit of God.

    1. Annonymous you are wise.

    2. I can tell that you are a member of my local church assembly (David's Christian center). You have spoken well. I agree with you.

    3. Ermmm, eskis sir, I beg to humbly disagree on your view on tithe and this is why

      The new brand of "pastors", private jet cruising, designer wearing, bling wearing, money grabbing lots!

      In the days of old, the old churches- The Anglican, Methodist, Catholic....,..never made tithing the sole reason/purpose of Christianity, people payed tithes back then too but tue Pastors were placed on salaries by A CHURCH COMMITTEE who majorly handled the finances of the Church

      These days, the " pastors " are the alpha/omega, the c.e.o and account officer of their enterprise (I refuse to call a den of thieves "church")

      How can you tell me to keep giving my money to a greedy, overfed monkey because God said " that there may be food in my house" while my neighbour's child is sick abd needs money for medication? Whose house, the pastor's?

      See, God isn't evil, selfish, he isn't a business man so no amout of tithe will save anyone's arse on judgement day
      As long as these greedy lots keep making tithing the A all of Christianity, they'll keep loosing people!

      How were the old Churches built? Were people drained of their last kobo like it's done in churches today so "daddy and mummy" can buy their blings?

      Bottom line, the attitude of these modern "pastors" towards money is nauseating, their greed is appalling and their craze for "the life" is truly disgusting, take your sermon to them instead........perhaps you're one of them?

      God can neither be bribed nor mocked!


      I haven't dropped a comment in a looooong time, I read though and see the whole house is fine. My warmest regards to everyone, lots of kisses, I love you all.


    4. Thank you 😊 Anon
      GOD bless you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    5. Yes, David's Christian Center though I get his digital messages sent across to me. Pastor Kingsley has changed my life tho I have not met him.

    6. @ SHARONA, have you heard that people won't give birth again because some women died in Childbirth?
      Will you not drive to work again because people have died via road traffic accident?
      Your point of view is to say that once there is a quack doctor in any country, people shouldn't patronize good hospitals.
      What are you saying in essence?

      Do you think that God doesn't know there are false prophets? Even Judas was among the disciples, did it stop people from believing in them?

      When you attack the church based on one pastor that did something wrong, you attack the body of Christ. When you withhold yout tithe or disobey God because of one fake pastor that you saw on instagram, you are just looking for an excuse to disobey God.

      This is why God said DO NOT JUDGE. So on the last day you will tell God that I stopped paying tithe so that they won't buy private jet with my money. Lols. You and that pastor will be sitting side by side in hell. What have you gained? Yet, how many of you complain when CLUB owners buy private jets and rollsroyce? You continue going to club and paying tithes there.

      Pay your tithe. Obey the Lords instructions and allow God judge all men according to their works. It is better you pay your tithe and let God punish the pastor than to lose your soul trying to fight for God by DISOBEYING HIM.

      It is only tithe payers that God has challenged to TEST HIM AND HE WILL PROVE HIMSELF. No other. Read the book of Malachi 3 verse 10-11. Keep your money SHARONA but the more you attack churches, you are poisoning other people's mind against God (not even the said pastors) and you will be held accountable. You don't know who your message is turning against God. the end Guess what? You have been fighting on the enemies side thinking you are fighting for God.
      Even Saul thought he was fighting for God when he killed Stephen and other Christians.
      Tithing is a thing of honour and integrity, it is not an obligation. You need God more than he needs you. Read Matthew 23:23 hear Jesus speak on tithing. These are not my words.

      You cannot change the word of God because of devilish people.

    7. I keep reading this over and over and over again. What wisdom is this? God bless you

    8. I am blessed just reading from this wise Anon. Thank you

  3. But I dont see much wrong in Timi's first view on divorce.

    People now divorce for the most stupid reasons these days.

    Me I will blame it on the fact that a lot of people no longer marry for love. Some marry for money, some for fame and some for the most useless reason possible (to answer Mrs).

    And for these sets of people, the smallest setback they experience, they immediately want out. Nobody wants to work on their marriage anymore.

    I always say this except u are married to an abuser or a chronic cheat, try everything possible to make ur marriage work first before you eventually decide to take a bow.

    How predictable of freeze to use a man in a domestic violence situation to buttress his point (pls, I know what I mean)

    1. Na pepper body dey worry freez,I understand his pain

  4. Tim sounds dense.

    Just face music abeg 🎢

    What does "two incomplete people" mean sef? Mtcheww!

    Freeze, made alot of sense but because he's a trouble maker, the weight of his opinion will be drastically reduced.


    1. You're the one that sound dense, common English written boldly you cannot read and understand.How did you pass through school?? Please go back, read what Timi wrote and understand before you come here to type rubbish.

    2. How I wish freeze wasn't loquacious

    3. Incomplete people are people who aren't complete in themsleves and are looking at marriage to give them the peace they don't have.
      What timi meant was: If you have any issues, deal with it before you get into marriage. Don't get into marriage and then these things begin to manifest and them you turn off the knob just because you don't understand the depth of what you've gone into.

    4. How does he sound dense?? Some people marry another to feel complete. Marriage doesn't make you complete. How is that hard to understand??

    5. Exactly chikito that's just what he meant, I don't know people are taking it differently, what he means by complete is at peace in ones selve Cus marriage can't give you happiness if you don't have it

  5. See them castigating Timi without assimilating properly.. I'm glad Timi put that albino in his place .

    1. The problem with people is lack of understanding. I keep saying it. No one understands things this days before jumping into it. What timing wrote is right.

      He said people should stop making others thing MARRIAGE IS BAD, that marriage isn't bad and it's the people who decided not to make it work that is bad.. Yes, marriage itself is not bad.

      Some people go into marriage expecting too much and once those expectations are not met, they start seeking for divorce. People now divorce for the stupidest reasons. Once it's not violence or infedelity, I don't see they can't make it work. But then, people now marry for the strangest of reasons now. So they lack the patience to make it work.

    2. You people are not serious o! So, you think anyone gets married to get divorced after a year or two?

      Love is a passion and not a plan. We don't plan to fall in love. It just happen.

      During the course of a marriage anything can happen and just because yours is blissful doesn't mean you should use yourself as a yard stick to tell other people how they are supposed to manage their married lives. We all have our different struggles. What is working for Dakolo may be what tore Tonto's apart.

      And Timi is very silly for insinuating that because Freeze is a divorcee, he doesn't have the right to talk about marriage matters.

      People are passing through a lot of things in their homes and are afraid of get a divorce because they don't want to be tagged a divorcee just the same way Timi did to freeze..... Because he's a divorcee he doesn't have an opinion? Nonsense!

      Please, if your marriage is hell for you and you think the troubles are too much for you to bear, please get out of it because there's no need dyeing in silence. If the frustration kills you, your partner will move on while you're six feet below. Everyone makes mistakes and just because yours marriage failed does mean you are less human.

      I agree with freeze period!


  6. All I see is the bad Hengrish. Na wa ooo.
    A celebrity that cannot write well, is that one a celebrity?

    1. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    2. I like the fact that Timi addressed Freeze;
      Dude is actively misleading people.
      Timi's take on marriage, I also understand.

      Imo, people worry themselves over nothing.
      I've said it before, believe what you will.
      In the End, we will all know the truth.

      With all the amazing things Jesus did while on earth, many still didn't believe He was the Savior. Many still didn't hearken to His words. Guess what?
      He forced nobody!

      On the issue of tithing, If you don't pay your tithe, good luck to you.
      If you feel your tithe should be paid elsewhere and not to the church, splendid.

      Do you, just don't try to force anyone into anything.
      As for me, I will continue to pay my tithe to the church, and give to the needy as instructed by God.
      I don't have time to argue or try to convince someone else who already has their minds made up on how they wanna go about theirs.

      I agree with one anon above;
      The things of God sound foolish to the people of the world.
      The devil will always try to manipulate the word of God and mislead people. And many will fall.

      God help us.

    3. @Andromeda πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ I could not have said this better.

    4. anonymous to bahd26 October 2017 at 15:03

      Aunty andro, in your bid to sound wise you ended up sounding selfish. "do you" indeed. Why didn't Christ you mentioned allow the Pharisees and Sadducees"do them"? Why din he take many opportunities to correct people, to set matters straight? He said one man one woman. He said when praying don't use many words or repeat the same things over and over. So I should leave people who do these to "do them" and as long as I feel I'm doing the right thing its ok? Narrow and selfish thinking. You're not judging when you see wrong and call it so. You don't have time to argue indeed, but you could type that silly epistle. Jesus is the end of the law, the mosaic law. Which includes tithe paying. I beseech you, read 2 Corinthians 9:5-7. Look at the life of Christians, not Israelites and compare. From compulsion of mandatory sacrifices and tithing to free will and voluntary contributions.

      No vex say I yab you small, focus on the message and ignore the messenger, lol!

  7. This really went south,daddy freeze is really mouthed chai@ u said you lost respect for me?i never had any for you.

    1. Hahahahahaha! That is eh! I fear who no fear d guy mouth. Choi!

    2. He's not mouthed.

      On a previous post where Timi talked about Pastors, freezer said "my respect for you just increased". So he had respect for him.

      So who is fooling who?

    3. So that is being mouthed?? Where is the mouth??

      Swag lafresh, don't mind him. He's fooling himself. Old man that has refused to have sense

  8. Timi Dakolo was trying to pass a message that marriage is a serious matter but he derailed when started to get all righteous! What the heck does HE think "For better or worse" means?! Dear Mr Dakolo, nobody gets married to get divorced! Go and ask Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

    Daddy Freeze is a nuisance but at times he has nuisance value. On this matter, I am Team Freeze!

  9. I understand what Timi is saying, seriously, the rate we celebrate divorce these days is appalling. Our ancestors never had it any better but they chose to make it work against all odds. Timi is just advocating that people should stop entering into marriage for the wrong reasons both for d man and woman. If u know what marriage is and what u have signed for and whom u are dealing with, I don't think there will be all these hullabaloo about divorces. At least, those that will leave will be for very convent reasons. BtW, the person talking about Pastor Chris and his divorce, the wife accused him of adultery and if I rem correctly, the bible sanctions divorce ONLY on this ground. I'm not saying I believe what Anita said but come on, we don't know their life. FRZ or whatever should shut it if he has nothing notable to say.

    1. I quite disagree. Our "ancestors" lived in a time where the women had NO voice and as such the marriage would last. Not WORK...last because they typically had nowhere to go. Women are People too and they have rights and voices. If the kitchen is too hot for you, GET OUT

  10. I think Timi isn’t that intelligent when it comes to giving advice on some certain issues, because these two advises up there makes no sense from him,maybe he should just stick to his music that we all know he is good at.

  11. Please how long has this guy been married that he knows so much about marriage? He hss a point in everything but the way he’s putting it sounds somehow

    1. Yes his points are valid but he shouldn't make it look like his marriage is all perfect.

    2. He has been married for a long time...... How long one has been married doesn't guarantee how much they should know when it comes to marriage.

    3. Ibk, he never made it look like his marriage is perfect.

      No be by how many years.

  12. Timi sounded judge mental. Who does Timi think that will just wake up and stroll out of marriage? Cos I don't understand. Some people are afraid to leave for the shame and all sorts. This thing is not a physical thing. Two people that was loving today being worst enemies tomorrow .
    Because your marriage seems perfect does not make you a judge. Even the Bible didn't judge people that are divorced like this. I woke up one day and discovered that my husband is a sworn homosexual using me to cover up. Since our wedding day, no sex. I endured for 5 whole years, no child, no domestic violence but I became depressed to the point that I lost my mind. I hear voices in my head, gets scared to death and wish for death to come. I was a virgin and demanded no sex before marriage.
    I was 37 when I ran away from the house after an anonymous caller revealed there was an attempt to kill me. It was later confirmed and I was wondering what else is there for me to give. I prayed every single day, called on God, fasted, I did all that hoping for things to change but instead I almost died.
    He just wanted to get rid of me so people will not look at him somehow if he doesn't get married again and no one will know what I suffered.

    All that was left was for me to sacrifice my life. Now, doctors are saying I have fibroids all over my womb, my chances of getting pregnant and sustaining is is very slim. If I do the surgery now, by two years when It will be safe for pregnancy I will be 41. I was not promiscuous, I didn't snatch anyone's husband. I am not an illiterate. All I did was give marriage my all. Since I read Timis post, I culdnt sleep. I feel sharp pain in my chest. Am I not complete? There was no domestic violence. Was I wrong to leave? Cos everyone thought I was enjoying. Is Timi and his Wife more righteous in the sight of God than Me? I have been broken. Maybe you never know what people pass through. I would have gladly loved to be beaten every day, I would have a physical scar that will heal, if my husband had kids outside, it would have been better off. Atleast, I would be able to say it outside than die in silence.

    1. Oh dear.
      Never let Timi or anyone else give you sleepless nights.
      Life is beautiful but I would never turn a blind eye to the fact that people also do not have it so good.

      This is the reason I try to think hard and strong before 'I preach'
      You will be fine. You are the only one that knows what you've been through, don't always expect others to show empathy nor tact.

      Be Happy.

    2. My dear SLEEP!!!! yes I'm shouting ..fucking sleep...

      Who is Timi dakolo to make you sleepless!

      Sleep pls

      What does Timi know about marriages? Does he know all you went through? Pls don't let his words define you!!

      Sleep pls ...SLEEP!!!

    3. You are so correct my sister. I'm in the same shoes right now. Married a man that had his own agenda. Am at a dillema right now cos the marriage is not working. I put in my best but my husband behaves as if he did me a favour in marrying me. Yet someone like Dakolo is there sitting on his he high horse preaching what he knows nothing about. Who made him a judge over others.

    4. Madam Im sorry for your case but Timi is right as much as you and Daddy freeze. Some marriages need to be dissolved for cases like yours and some shouldnt even be discussing divorce at all. If everyone divorces for each time a spouse wronged them then there wont even be marriage any more because noone will make it to the altar. Hardly will any couples not have a disagreement leading to their wedding. In essence, some people just want freedom (men and women alike) and will quit their marriage for flimsy reasons. While some are dead inside due to "marriage". Lets respect the institution before we get into it, divorce is not always the next best option, im not talking when the ither is punching you like a bag

    5. My dear, read and understand. He is not saying people shouldn't divorce. He is only saying people are making divorce seem cool. Divorcing for stupid reasons. Some reasons are so stupid you wonder how they both partners ended up together. Your reason is not stupid. It's valid. As long as I'm concerned, there was nothing like marriage in your case. But some people don't even try to make their marriage work anymore. See, if it's not domestic violence or infedelity, people should try and make it work and not just move on. But to do this, one has to understand the concept of marriage, the meaning of marriage and know that there is no rule for any marriage but this 4 things are important
      1. Tolerance
      2. Understanding
      3. Communication
      4. Patience

    6. Anon, u are complete but ur ex husband is the incomplete one. Using marriage to cover up the fact that he's gay.

    7. My sister what a piece? I cried so much. Don't let Timi's post get to u.Timi is a retard,his career is over so its only his marriage and other people marriages left for him to carry on his head like gala.

    8. Timi Dakolo didn't make sense! That is the simple truth. How are people making divorce cool? You do not know their struggles. Anyone who tells me to go back to my ex husband is an idiot! A man who almost beat me to death. So does Timi mean after that horrible experience, I should not leave my life? I should not look happy and sweet cos I am divorced. I would shine for God's glory. Timi, please take a thousand seats abeg.

    9. 9:42, understanding would have helped guide your comment. He wasn't asking those who suffured violence to stay and make it work.

    10. Madam i don't feel sorry for you one bit. Didn't you date the homosexual husband of yours? All the while you were dating didn't you notice anything off about him? I'm sure you did but choose to ignore it cos of money or the desperation to be married. I once dated a homo and after 2 months i didn't need a magician to reveal to me what he was. I hounded him until he opened up to me. So madam don't blame timi for giving you sleepless night. Your conscience did cos you know that you would have avoided a homo if you were true to yourself. Most of you women are desperate.

    11. My dear the incomplete person here is your ex, he needed you to complete a picture acceptable to the society which buttresses Timi's point. Mind you, you were also having domestic violence albeit psychological and emotional. Read Timi's post again and see that he's message is clear and not as judge mental as people think. On the brighter side, if Sarah's womb could carry a baby to full term, you will also carry yours. After all, if life begins at 40; at 41 you are just a year old. Go through your medical procedures,heal well and then "carry that belle"

    12. Eka, thank you.

      What you suffered from your husband is called violence. No be only beating be violence

      Anon 10:54πŸ‘πŸ‘

    13. Anon I'm so sorry about what you are going through. Please no one should blame her for not knowing her hubby is gay. Not every lady is exposed to know this things. So many are naive.Shows you didn't have alot of experience in dating. Being a virgin and all.
      Me my sixth sense is so strong. While dating if a man was cheating or married. I could always fish out the signs. If a guy is gay I will fish it out. Because my eyes tear before I marry. But not every one has this 6th sense.
      I also have an ex colleague that got married to a gay guy unknowingly. They had done traditional marriage and was pregnant. Waiting to do church before the husband was found killed by his gay lover becos the guy found out about his wedding. That young girl is raising a child by herself.
      Madam don't let Timis words give you headache. You guys are misinterpreting the whole thing.
      He clearly stated situations where divorce is necessarily. Abuse can be physical or mental. You're was also DV. Because your husband abused you psychologically.
      You weren't even in a marriage as far as I'm concerned. A marriage without consumation/sex isnt a marriage.
      Timi said people are getting divorced for silly reasons which is so true. Some will wake up and say they are no longer attracted to their wife cos they gained weight. Can't you assist her with loosing it. After all she birth your wife.
      Some will divorce cos the husband lost his job etc. Can't you weather the storm together.
      There are bad marriages like yours out there and no one can ever blame you for leaving.
      Please live your life. I know people that have remarried and had kids in their 40s.
      Please you are very complete because God said you are. Don't let this marriage break up make you feel less than God intended you to be.
      It is well sister. Pls be strong.

    14. @anon10:47, you are insinuating she should have demanded premarital sex? Lols. Even Judas was recruited by Jesus. May what happened to her befall you and your female children in 100 folds. Ewu Gambia. Because you saw signs, that means others are weak. You are a fool.
      @ Fab mum, Timi did not include the DV aspect until freeze spoke about it in his reply. Kindly go up an re read. In his initial post, he spoke generally and that is why the bible has asked us not to judge. This is because, for You to be a judge, you need to have a total understanding of every situation under the sun. And it is only God that has that so let's not do his job for him.
      Look at this other chief magistrate up there. Typical example.

    15. All I know is everyone has skeletons in their cupboard including the Timi dat is talking. Let me not even talk his matter mr righteous.

    16. Anon 10:47, No I didnt get married because of money. I was financially stable. As a matter of fact,i am more financially stable than he is. I bought half of the property I left in my house, the two vehicles I have, i bought with my own money. I had several suitors but had issues with them cos of premarital sex. I wasn't desperate.
      He on the other hand has a very charming personality, in public he will show so much love and plenty cuddles, holding hands, pecking up and down. I wondered why the devil chose to destroy someone like him. Part of why I stayed that long was that I couldn't stand to watch him die a sinner. I wanted to help. I thought it was something I could have done. The attempt to kill started the moment he found out that I knew about his secret life. I never suspected initially cos I had a free mind and was happy I met someone who doesn't want premarital sex. If he even tries at all, I would have managed. The few times I tried, he kept pushing for anal sex. I can't even begin to tell it all.

      I do not need your sympathy. But if your ex was from a powerful or political family that will do everything to protect his name, you will not be alive by now. The moment you confronted him, you will be dead before you speak to the next person. Don't think you know it all. Do not judge. If my story comes out and you get to know the way I found out and how I came out alive, you will understand that it was beyond carnal intelligence and smartness.

      Thanks @ Iphie, your words ahhhh. You won't understand. @Ibukun, anons and ever other person, thank you.
      @iya Ibadan, just keep trusting God. It will be more fulfilling if he is willing to change. If you can help him, you will heal better.
      Anon 10:54, I will do the surgery and I trust God will make it beautiful again.

    17. Anon 10:47, why are you hiding as you take find out? Why you nor tell us say na conji make you know say e nor fit knack. Ode oponu oshi. Ashewo kobo kobo.

    18. Anon 10:47, why are you hiding as you take find out? Why you nor tell us say na conji make you know say e nor fit knack. Ode oponu oshi. Ashewo kobo kobo.

    19. Anon 10:47, why are you hiding as you take find out? Why you nor tell us say na conji make you know say e nor fit knack. Ode oponu oshi. Ashewo kobo kobo.

    20. Madam, I'm really sorry for what you have been through. Please, you said you are financially capable, adopt a child or two and raise them. God will provide you with a partner that is worthy of you. You will be shocked he won't even be concerned about children or fibroid but just wish to make you happy. God be with you dear.

  13. They all made valid points. I just pray those waiting to be married will get it right and those already in it will have it good cos mennnn, it's not a formular jare. Lord help me.

  14. Wen it come to marriage n divorce topics, it very dicey Cos divorcees don't take it well, no matter wat u say, someone is bound to misunderstand you.

    1. Exactly!

      It won't go down well with divorcees

  15. These people kept going back and forth last night.
    Timi Timi. He is getting bolder by the day. Hmmmm
    LMAO@ ToniπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If your wife decides to elave, pin her down😁😁😁

    I think I kinda understood the point Timi was trying to make but his first submission didn't cover all the basis. Before you educate the public on something as sensitive as marriage, you must make your points clear, and cover all areas.
    Why would he think people are just making divorce look 'cool'
    If a woman or man is bouncing back from a terrible marriage, does it make them bad people? Or are they supposed to be sad forever?

    Who gets married with the intention of walking away after few months?
    Granted that most people are not patient enough these days to make it work.. But there are people that have almost used their blood to patch up holes.

    Over the years, African women,Nigerian women have been known to endure,not express how they feel and never let 3rd parties in.. Hence they gnash their teeth in silence.

    As much as it hurts to admit, not all marriages might weather the storm. Most people ran out with the cloths on their backs because its become toxic while others could kill if you told them to stay a minute.

    Finally, there are beautiful marriages out here that took a lot of patience, understanding and years of hard work to build but if your life is in danger, Don't think of what the society will say or how much a failure you might look... RUN!!!

    No comments for Freeze. Lol

    1. Exactly

      Nobody gets married to leave after few months...

      Divorce hurts like shit

    2. I quite understand Timi's perspective
      But I'm also of the opinion that no one should be compelled to stay in a toxic marriage.

      Talking about divorce gives me major negative vibes.
      So let me just call it a day here.

    3. I think you just repeated what timi was trying to say.

    4. Hahahah.
      Don't be having those vibes Chi. You will get it right, the first and only time.♥️

      It does hurt IBK. I know people that have been through it.

  16. There is no wrong in Timi's initial post. Alot of people do not understand the meaning of marriage and what it entails. There is no denying that alot of people put all the effort in planning a-talk-of-the-town wedding and then it becomes impossible for them to make the "after life" work. Everyone is divorcing now!!! Before this age, people especially followers of Christ were against divorce but now even men of God divorce.
    Let me quickly say this for those that will not finish reading before they crucify me, I'm of the opinion that if you see aigns tge marriage may end you, end it quick!
    In essence both factions are right; people disregard marriage this days and some people really do need to take a walk from their marriages, some are redeemable while others are not!
    My only bone of contention is that daddy freeze just like Ayo Fayose and FFK cannot drive home any point without beingg uncivil about it! Everyone has a right to their opinion and while making a point, especially a valid one like daddy freeze's there is absolutely no need for a curse!
    Timi is right so are Uti, daddy freeze etc...
    Just be civil!
    Ms Flakes

    1. Na Timi first start am,why drag his marriage and his posts on tithes and offering to this?

      Saying he has been waiting for a day like this πŸ˜‚

  17. If you read well Timi is not wrong in anyway. He already excused DV. The truth is people just get divorced for very lame reasons these days. And someone has to speak out.
    See Uti saying he should do 10 yrs b4 talking. You dont have to be married for 10yrs b4 talking about marriage. How about him(uti) not talking @all cos he is not married.
    Yes only God can help. Couples cannot do it alone but people should just try.
    I think people that are sad are more than happy people.
    The exact reason happy people dont talk. So they dont appear judgemental. Now it seems all marriages are bad. See how they all attacked Timi. Please we need more married people to come out and tell us the good side of marriage. Every home has its ups and downs. Buh couples should try and make things work. No man is perfect! None @all.

  18. Timi Dakolo's post is the bitter truth. As long as it is not a case of threat to life,divorce should never be considered in marriage. Don't get into it if you are not ready. God Himself who instituted marriage said that He abhors divorce. So considering divorce is like telling God that you are wiser than Him.
    God understood that two individual with different opinions are coming together but He expects us to tolerate each other, and where it is hard,you ask Him for grace.
    But as I said earlier,Timi's post is the bitter truth and so many with guilty conscience will try to argue it so that they will get justification for themselves.
    For those divorced for no fault of theirs,the Lord is your strength, but it does not mean you should try to justify it.
    Divorce is bad and anti Christ.

    As for the tithe issue,please Timi don't waste your time with a self professed antichrist.
    Those who are not in the spirit can never understand the things of the spirit.
    The truth is that people like freeze,may one day repent and come to the knowledge of the truth but his followers and those he mislead might not have the oppournity.
    The head of luciferian church had just repented but those he mislead might not have the same oppournity. Be careful of who you listen to or follow. Some of them are just confused,angry and frustrated. When the confusion,anger and frustration clears,they will never tell you.
    So be wise.

    As for how long you can be in marriage before you issue advice,even a day old who is determined to succeed can. If you are determined to succeed in marriage,with God on your side,then you can and you will.

    1. OMG! OMG!!
      Look who came for breakfast!!!
      You see what they say.. Call forth the person you want to see and they show up!!
      πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ TZ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    2. IPhie dear,yes it's been a while. I have missed this blog and all you my sweeties. And you my dear,I missed reading your soothing comments.

    3. @Triumphant Zion. God bless you for this comment

    4. I miss you. Welcome back.

      Yes o Iphie

      TZ 😘😘😘😘😘

    5. @tuesday's child,God bless you too.
      My darlyn swag Lafresh,I missed you too. I can feel God's glory on you from here.keep glowing dear.

  19. Chai! Daddy freeze mouth is gutter meeehhhnnn! Maybe if you spend more time writing music than writing for the blogs, more kids won't be wondering who's timi dakolo- savage.

  20. They made my night gan. Kikiki
    Timi quite made sense in his first writeup sha which Freeze and others countered. Issa allowed na.
    He replied others in a polite manner but was kinda rude to Freeze. You see why its not good to carry someone in mind??? Trust Freeze to give it back to anyone who talks down on him anyday, anytime. Looool

    1. God bless you my dear

      That is the only problem I have with all these! He replied Toni Payne politely but came all.out for freeze...why that?
      If na me I go do pass freeze

      Yes freeze get hin own for body but for Timi to say he's been waiting for a day like this shows he don get freeze for mind tey tey,is that a Christlike thing to do?

      All.these yeye Christians

  21. Also, I feel toni Payne's side. But if one party makes it work and the other wants To leave, it just makes what time said have some validity: one person is incomplete while the other is ready.
    No one plans for a divorce, yes. But we also see people who haven't dealt with their issues rush in and out. E.g Toyin Abraham - she's just admitted to not loving herself enough before she married. Even jumped into another relationship. And we can all see she's a better person and doesn't even have anything bad to say about Niyi - not cos Niyi was perfect but i think she understands that she probably should have given herself more time.
    Toke Makinwa - we read her book: internal conflict, self esteem issues and looking for a father figure in a husband so much that she was blind to realities.
    Or should we start analysing Tontoh's own? Lying and make belief that now we dont even know who is saying the truth anymore, between her and Churchill.

    Abeg, what timi is saying is that marriage is a very big deal and if you are truly not ready, leave it until you are. That goes for both men and women. He's also talking and being prepared for it - both ways. Sometimes we think we can mask these issues but then they begin to show face as we go along and then everything packs up in flames. If a marriage is gotten into by two people, who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to see it to the end, I assure you they will pull through.

    However, there are also people who were not very prepared but they begin to get the 'gist' as they go and they are determined not to disappoint God so they get shit together and forge ahead. Which is why you can hear that a couple is about to split, one day and by the next you see them affirm that they will make it work. Timi hasnt been married for evry wrong, but i dont think thats the point. No one has it perfect, not even people married for 25 years. He can still share his opinion and not get eaten up.

    If his marriage packs up tommorow, all of us will learn from it. Afterall, toke was giving relationship advice when hers packed up. So time will tell if he is complete or another incomplete person. But attacking the years of the marriage isn't the point. God can use anyone to send a message to the people who need it.

    1. Damn girl, you made points.
      Goes to show that it isn't even about how long you've been married or anything. Its WISDOM.
      How are you this beautiful morning?

    2. Thanks Chikito for this comment. I'm really sad for this generation and how they attack the truth.

    3. I'm doing very well my blog crush. Cold feet πŸ™ˆ major presentation today.
      How are you sweets? πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

    4. Chikito

      Nice one


  22. I dunno if people don't read to understand, incomplete means a lot,many people get married because they feel their marriage will make them happy, hence putting their happiness in someone else's hands,and we all know that alone can break you

    Some get married because of money and when money no dey,them run, some see the signs ignore it and cry wolf when reality set in,so it has different ways

    Nobody wishes to get married and divorce but how do we explain marriage of 2months ending,3months,hardly do marriage survive 5years in this generation,he is only worrying that people don't take marriage serious they feel ma marry and if e no work,I leave,many people are not like let's just date and see how it goes 1st, some just get married for the celebration of that one day

    And for those that are separated or divorced..the Lord is your strength, and He knows what you endured or went through, may He heal your broken hearts

    Those still making it work,may the good Lord keep giving you strength and help you but if na DV biko run

    And those who are single.. Please take your time,pray and be watchful, don't let society rush you or force you into your life for yourself,find happiness in yourself,work on yourself and be good within yourself..God bless us all

    For daddy Freeze..I jump and pass his matter

    1. Thanks for this. The truth is Timi is very correct. Most people get married for the very wrong reason and once they get in and their expectations are not met they seek divorce. My question is who are you leaving the broken person for to be healed? Divorce hurts like hell bcos it breaks you and make you tougher. Our generation should realise that no one has the power to make you happy only GOd and yourself, so when you realise this you would watch and see signs before saying I Do. Marriage is a beautiful thing and no marriage is perfect. If there is no domestic violence, no homosexuality and no threat to life its important to try to make it work.

  23. I pray for Timi and Busola’s sakes that their marriage stands the test of time. It must never hit the rocks o! Because the way people will destroy him. No one knows tomorrow Timi. There’s a Yoruba saying “Teni to de la mo”. It’s the person that’s currently battling a particular issue or problem that we all know about. We don’t know what other people will battle with in the future. If your marriage is good, good for you. Shouldn’t make you a know it all who suddenly becomes the expert on all things marriage related.

  24. chai.. and i have alot of input to this controversial topic, but i gotta lot of work at hand.. instand with Freeze though... Timi is not entirely wrong also, but he missed some points, hes partially blinded.

  25. anon 8:58 million likes for your comment

    iphie dearie you also tried

    Marriage is a very broad and sensitive issue so when dishing out advise you must be very objective, giving room to accommodate other peoples experiences, joys and pains. No two love story are ever the same.

    I think freeze has had too many bad experiences from his marriage and that of his close pals hence his stand. from his example above people can go any length when hurt how else will your wife decide to render you dickless!!! a lot happens out there in marriage.

    The best thing that can ever happen to a man and his wife is to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and be broken by His Word and Love, then you can experience Bliss (there would still be challenges, trials but you can both weather the storm because Christ has overcome the world) and God who created man will teach you and grant you wisdom to both live in peace and joy.


    1. This is Just the best answer. Couples having a personal encounter with christ. letting christ take the wheel of their marriage,cos if you just rely on yourselves the marriage might not make it.

  26. Timi was wrong to have taken it personal with freeze.

  27. Timi should have ignored freeze, freeze it is obvious that you are a unhinged man whose ex wife tamed for several years cos when you guys are together, you comport yourself but immediately your marriage crashed, your mental incapability became obviously hence becoming a social media nuisance, must you respond to any post contrary to your opinion albeit not directed to you? You said in one of your interviews that you are in a happy place now but your post depicts otherwise and I ponder how your girlfriend is coping with an embarrassment of a partner. You claimed your marriage was tough and painting your ex wife as the devil yet you are living with a woman who could pass as her twin, if she is that bad why did you want to wake up to a woman who will remind you of her everyday? Freeze you need a therapist ASAP. Stella post this on, someone needs to put this dingleberry in his place. A grown ass man who cannot respond without Insulting.


    Keep your hands off typing



  29. Any time I read Freeze's comments I always wonder how his family feels. I know his mum and his sisters and God knows they are not like this. Na wa for him o. His girlfriend is really trying o.

  30. Chikito πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  31. Timi Dakolo was a whole lot judgemental in his post..So people like Pastor Chris Okotie, Pastor Ighodalo that are divorcees should not talk about marraige..NO ONE I repeat NO ONE prays to be divorced..Just hope all he stated he follows them to the book..Freeze may not go about it the right way but he made salient points..All I know is do what works for you..Telling people not to pay tithe is not the way at all...Just do what rocks your boat provided it goes with your conscience..Yes Timi is right when he says people divorce for ''flimsy reasons''and people dont work hard anymore for it..So make sure you are complete in every area of your life before you get married..

  32. Na wa o, I think he was misinterpreted, all he said is marriage ain’t going to be rosy always if there isn’t physical violence involved ( and I would add continual betrayal and lack of trust for me ) then try to make it work. And he was just saying to freeze he lost respect for him not Cos he divorced but Cos he went on social media to call his ex Wife, who by the way had kids for him useless, I agree with that too all these people forget the internet never forgets. No matter how bad it is try to shield your children from ur issues that being said opinions are like a**holes everyone’s got one. But no one says you have to take them . Love this house like kilode mwaah

  33. Marriage is not for everybody!

  34. Marriage is not for the fainthearted ones. It's a battle no one can win.

  35. Wel, Timi shouldn't think he is a pro because his marriage is going well. Yes I admire his family bit pride is beginning to set in for him. The praises is beginning to get into his head. As for Daddy Freeze, I pity whoever gets marries to man such as this. A man who is this insultive. Come of it I pity his ex wife self for enduring for 10 good years. His mouth alone will being depression. Chain.

  36. Marriage isn't something you just walk into, you should be ready at heart and be willing to fight for it.

  37. Chikito!!! Always on Fire!!

  38. @Timi, just be prepared... They will send a "Delila " to you very soon... You think you are that grounded Abi?

    @Busola, better tell your husband to watch it....

    I hope una marriage go last... Because TEAM BABA FREEZERS are ready to laugh

    See what is happening to @Tonto now


  39. Hmmmmmm.... I don't support Timi abeg, an average Nigerian wants their marriage to work out, thank God your own is working, all these displays on social media and forming adviser all the time will make people start planning against him.

    Freeze has never been a normal human being before so no words for him, but he is right in that if the marriage isn't working, its best to move on.

  40. Timi, self righteous judgmental somebody. Face ur marriage, thank God and stop giving unsolicited advice. Yeye dey smell. U think u are so perfect abi, as if others wished divorce on themselves. Congrats u just put ur family under unnecessary scrutiny


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