Stella Dimoko Tinubu Magistrate's Court Remands Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar's Son Aminu


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tinubu Magistrate's Court Remands Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar's Son Aminu

The son of former Vice President Abubakar Atiku, Aminu Atiku was on Wednesday remanded in transit cell by a Tinubu Magistrate’s Court in Lagos for allegedly disobeying a court order, made on October 11, ordering him to produce his son Amir Atiku.

Magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye had on October 11, made the order over the custody of 8 year old Amir, whom he was alleged to have taken away from the custody of his estranged wife, Fatimo Bolori.

When the matter came up Wednesday, for the discharge of ’emergency, evacuation /protection order made by the court, lawyer to Atiku’s son, informed the court that the parties were making plans to settle the matter out of court.

Consequently, Magistrate Ayeye cited Atiku for contempt, of court order made on October 11, and ordered that he should be remanded at the transit cell, while the case was stood down pending when he produce the boy.

Fatimo and Aminu were divorced in 2011, and the children were initially with their mother, with an arrangement that the children would be spending vacation with their father.

However, during one of the school holidays in 2013, Aminu requested that they be released to him for a vacation abroad, after which he refused to let the kids return to their mother. It was gathered that he decides where, when and how the mother visit them under heavy security.


  1. Very good. For once, the judiciary is working against the rich and powerful.

    1. Lagos state is the only place if judiacisry will work, it will work. That is why they lead and other states follow.

    2. He is a very stupid man. Men know very well that they lack what it takes to cater for kids (they think it's just about cash), once they have issues with the woman, they will keep dragging the kids as if they can look after them. They just wanna hurt the mother for having the guts to leave them. They won't even be able to protect those kids from wicked step mothers or child minders who will be collecting 10times what they provide for their mother to take care of them. Them fit pay 20million per month sef and sill the kids will not get nothing but eye service.
      After they have spoilt the kids finish, they will now push them to the mothers and concentrate on their other kids from the other wives.
      Pure pride and ego to the detriment of the innocent kids. Except a woman is mad and when I mean mad (naked,lives in the market, eats grass etc) LEAVE THAT CHILD WITH THE MOTHER. That was how my husband thinks taking care of kids is about dressing them up and going up and down. One day I left them for a day and that was how he forgot to feed my child for a whole dad, a whole day. Not even water. Everything I packed in the bag was returned as it was. How could you forget? Or is it the pooh pooh that has formed corned flakes around my baby's bum with the whole trousers wet en all. Child couldn't even cry again. Dehydrated en all. He had the guts to tell me that he finished 3packs of lolipop sweet.
      This is someone that can't wait for you warm his 3rd food of the day without getting mad that it is taking time. Mtchewwwwww.
      If it wasn't for the way the govt is for Atiku, that woman wouldn't have seen her kids. Kudos to the judge.

  2. Some peopple feel they can do and undo. Can he try it outside Nigeria? Good one

  3. Kudos......but why transit prison? Kirikiri maximum prison could've accommodated him better. Hediotic hediot.....

  4. very good. Money is not the solution now. why should you refused a woman access to her kids?

  5. Good one, wicked man, he thinks his father's influence will work for him on this. Our judiciary is working once again


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