Stella Dimoko U.K Based Nigerian Evangelist Explains Why Being A Housewife Is The Most Resourceful and Underrated Profession


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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

U.K Based Nigerian Evangelist Explains Why Being A Housewife Is The Most Resourceful and Underrated Profession

Nigerian Evangelist based in the U.K, Olusola Adio, on a twitter spree has shared his thought on why being a housewife is the most resourceful and underrated profession.

According to him, no woman must be told to sacrifice her career for children. If it happens, it must come from her and don't make her regret it. Being a wife means being a Driver, Nanny and a lesson teacher and only a wife and mother can put in her best into those 3 jobs for her children. 

"On top of doing the 3 jobs of lesson teacher, cook, nanny and driver for your kids, the housewife has to be your Rihana in the other room. 

"My Submission to woke men out here is that you owe your housewife that you diss, £500k per annum. Honour and respect her for the sacrifice"...

lol@rihanna in he other room


  1. This "evangelist" spoiled all he said by:
    Why give example of sexual prowess with Rihana?
    Why use that word "the other room" that was used to demean housewives; the very people you were trying to uphold?
    lesson teacher

    Are these not 4 (four) professions, why call it three?

    1. The man is right. Women are underappreciated.

  2. Wish men really appreciate their women. Anyway love should be the paramount in husband and wife live.

    Congrats to good men out there who appreciate their wives

  3. Oga you are very right but trust Africans they make it sound like it's ur spiritual duty and not doing those 3 mentioned makes you a bad person.

    Shoutout to the Women who choose to stay home and take care of the kids

    Heaven knows I can't be a stay at home wife with no career I would loose my mind


  4. This makes a lot of sense but Nigerian men. One cannot really depend on them, just have your own "little" source of income so you'd be able to get some things without having to ask your husband.

    God bless every woman who is always the last to sleep at night and always the first person to wake up in the morning to prepare the kids for school....make breakfast for your husbands..take the children to the laundry..clean the house...go to the market and on and on...gosh!!!!!!!!... We are goddess..We are strong..

    £1000k fall on you abundantly...

  5. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT10 October 2017 at 12:23

    I believe in having time for your children(family) but a woman must work. I have thriving online stores and I still have time for my children. My husband doesn't even have the time to sit and do homework with the children talk more of knowing how many bags of rice we have in the house. He is in one business meeting or another during PTA meetings lol. Most PTA meetings are filled with mothers. Hmmm. Men. We wives do a lot. A good man will appreciate his wife sha so i have no complaints. Preach on evangelist.

    1. Iya oshoronga can u please put me through this online business thing. I really need to do something as jobs aren't forthcoming yet. Thank you

    2. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT10 October 2017 at 15:08

      @omeh find out what you are passionate about, as per talent(making stuff) or trading then just take it online, promote it on facebook/instagram, i have my own website though, i have met so many nice people(customers) from all over nigeria and beyond through my business. Also you need a very good logistics company that will help you with deliveries. Take care.

  6. Respect to him for acknowledging women. I will be a stay at home wife if weekly allow.....stable in my pockets

  7. Will they hear? No. Why will they when their parents have told them that women education ends in the kitchen. Hmmm pathetic quote.

  8. Hmm, staying at home at times isn't by choice o, it's not easy living ur life for others and watching you husband build his career n also live the life of his dream, while u sit at home tending to the kids. It's depy

  9. I follow him on tweeter,his always making loads of sense

  10. I didn't read this but I know for sure that women who choose to stay home do a whole lot.
    OMG!! With kids running everywhere and all, how sane can one be?
    Its worse when you have 3 or 4 kids blow 8.
    The chores,the errands especially for those that do not have nannies/house keepers is cray.

    Women that stay at home are really underrated and sometimes unappreciated, that is why I raise my two hands up for teachers🙌🙌

  11. Most men wants both traditional and modern wife at the same time.
    Women have more strength than men because all these things and more aren't easy at all!


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