Stella Dimoko Actress Toyin Abraham Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Past Life


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Actress Toyin Abraham Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Past Life

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, opened up on her past when she abused hard drugs like marijuana and codeine, and was involved in other vices. The actress made the disclosure at the 2017 edition of Success Story Africa, held at the TLC Auditorium, Lagos, on Sunday.

You need to stop bad habits. I was involved in a lot of vices and it became worse last year,” she said at the event.

I did drugs and I am not ashamed to say it because it’s now a thing of the past. They say codeine makes you high; I took a lot. I smoked a lot and I didn’t even know I looked horrible, because I was so skinny. If you came to my house last year, you would meet a lot of people and you wont want to leave because we smoked, gossiped about people and what have you.

The actress also revealed that she once hawked plantain chips to help feed her family. She said growing up was not easy for her because her family was not financially buoyant, although things worked out for them because they worked hard and were “spiritually buoyant.

She also talked about the mistakes she has made in the entertainment industry and how she has not let the negativity shape her.

I made a lot of mistakes when I began acting and that was because I did not have plans. I just wanted to be known.
But, I now know that being popular isn’t the same thing as being successful. When I got into the industry and the fame became too much, I became irresponsible.

I could not boast of N1 million in 2016. I was making money and I wanted to feel among. When one of our colleagues bought a car, it was trouble because we all strove to buy the same car or a bigger one. I had to change my circle for good and this change started in March 2017.

Actress Toyin Aimakhu, changed her name to Toyin Abraham in December 2016.

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  1. Someone wrote on instablog that she still took hard drugs once this year in that video she was kissing her fans inside d carπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Hahahahahahaha...
    I like her sincerity!...
    What of that her ex!,..the thief thief armed robber?...
    Has he been freed??...
    But weed dey sweet will smoke and eat a huge bowl of food!...
    Ajo ndu!...

    1. Queen, the meals taste better after a good J!! But i just had to quite after a few months.

    2. @12:27
      E be like say you just finished a whole pot of Junk
      You better QUIT

  3. Okay, I hope the change is permanent.

  4. Hmmmm, this new trend of Nigeria entertainment doing drugs is alarming. I must belong syndrome is the main cause of drug abuse. It’s hard to believe you were a junkie Toyin. Good to see you are doing well.

  5. Are you sure its truly a thing of the past? Or you are saying all of these cos you are high again? If you are sure, then I pray your change is permanent in jesus name.

  6. Thank God you realised you had a problem and you took necessary steps,good thing you are a better person.

  7. I am so proud of you Toyin.
    You are a role model. Thanks for speaking up about turning your woes(though secret) into victory.
    No point being fake about yourself.

  8. Thank God for her life. Not everyone would admit to this. I like her courage.

  9. Thank God oh, we are all learning to be a better person


  11. She’s still doing it.nothing like in the past.

  12. My Toyin...My love for her ehn... i cant explain

  13. Thank God. You can only get better

  14. Most of these actresses are into drugs o. Another person that needs to stop is Rita Dominic. She smokes marijuana like chimney.


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