Stella Dimoko Banker Arrested For Allegedly Forcing 'Otapiapia' Down Wife's Throat


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Banker Arrested For Allegedly Forcing 'Otapiapia' Down Wife's Throat

A bank worker, Olaoluwa Adejo, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for the death of his 28-year-old wife, Maureen, at their home on Peluola Street, Oworonshoki, in the Bariga area of the state

The 32-year-old Lagos indigene was alleged to have tortured his wife of five years with a belt, as well as cutting her with a machete.

According to Punch Metro, Their five-year-old son, Richard, in whose presence the incident reportedly happened, said his father also forced a local insecticide, otapiapia, down the throat of his mother.

Due to the insistence of the mother-in-law, the police were said to have demanded the release of the couple’s first child, Richard, for interrogation.

The victim’s mother, Mrs. Kate Jonathan, said that Richard had given more graphic details of the incident to family members, police authorities and officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

She explained that her daughter had packed out of her matrimonial house five days to the incident and was living with her when she decided to return for a party at the children’s school. She said she never returned alive.

The 83-year-old mother of the suspect, Florence Adejo, also denied that her son murdered Maureen.

She said, “He came to knock on the door of my house late that night. He fell on the ground and started weeping and lamenting that his wife had destroyed him. A crowd gathered in front of the house where I am the landlady. They tried to console him. He said his wife took Sniper. He said he thought it was a joke until their son, Richard, went to bring the container of the insecticide.

She was taken to a private hospital where she was initially rejected before she was taken to the general hospital where she died. I was told her mother sells the insecticide and she brought it home for mosquitoes. Why she decided to drink it is what is beyond my understanding. My son said they didn’t have any disagreement between them and she was not mentally ill.”

It was learnt that he was asked to return to the police station for a certain document, which led to his arrest based on his mother-in-law’s complaint. The suspect was said to have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, said investigations were ongoing into the incident.

He said, “The man came to report that his wife committed suicide. The DPO put some questions to him. We thought we should investigate further to know what really happened because there are some doubts we need to clear in the matter. The police are not accepting the claim of suicide hook, line, and sinker. The matter is at the SCIID and investigations are ongoing....


  1. Stupid man!!...
    Useless he goat...
    If I'm the mother of the girl you killed,I will make sure you die on your sleep cos I know Naija police will free you later!..,

    1. My friend got married and within 2 days of her marriage her husband beat her up with her pregnancy even threatened to beat her Dad when he intetvaned. Few months down d line she has given birth and is still receiving beating, everyday na her papa house she go dey..She don marry rich man wey she want but she is not happy..Girls money isnt everything oo. Leave before its too late u no go hear u dey form tough girl... Odimma

  2. Hmmmmmmmm allegations upadan
    Since the deceased is not alive to say what went down they are now spinning a suicide story. Is it suicide that cut her body with machete as well?
    When will couples learn to walk away if the centre cannot hold again? Is it by force to stay married?

  3. Mabasi, juts imagine.. Now she is dead and gone... Her husband will be sent to jail.. So who go take care of their pikin Now?

    Abeg, to dey marriage no be by force..... If the heat is too much,gettttt outttttttt.

    @Osas, how many times I call you?

    @Tiwa, you nko?

    Okey oo.. Siddon dere dey say people go laugh you, if you commot

    Small small slap, e go lead to blow.. From blow go lead to another thing

    Wisdom is profitable to direct


    1. I thought @osas was happy in her marriage. Horrrr

  4. This is shocking!😱

    And the spate of domestic killing is now on the raw more than ever.
    I just saw a video of two young brothers who murdered their oldest brother and was caught when they tried to bury him in secret. I was soo shocked that someone can kill someone he calls a brother in cold blood. Kill anyone for that matter. I counted up to 10 matchet cuts on the victim before I went dizzy. Their own blood brother!

    How anyone kills a human is beyond me!
    Let alone the one you once swore to love and to protect😱

  5. Marriage this day is something else,someone you claim you love you now have the mind to kill the person,this life is somehow.

  6. True or false the truth will actually come out. But the way couple are killing each other dis days is beyond my imagination! I mean to think of them being in love at some point in der lives is really annoying! If not because of MEGHAN and HARRY that are making me believe in love and marriage again. I just hope the law will prevail if he indeed kill his wife

  7. He shouted at me in public the first time. I forgave him, He landed me a slap another time in the bedroom, I forgave him, He dragged me out of the bathroom one evening in the presence of his younger sister and landed me a slap that made me forget my name... I ran away the next day just with my cloths. Two years down the lane, everyone is saying, forgive him, its the devils work.. I hear una ooo. Devil ko Satan ni.... Una do well ooo. Una wan gather for my enemies graveyard abi. God forbid. I don forgive and forgath tay tay.... Jesus knows I bear nothing against him. I no wan die before my time. Na person wey dey alive dey marry and born pikin.

    Who send me type this self........

    I faced real front the day I left oooo, yes ooo.

    1. Thank God you made the right decision


  8. Lord have mercy! I saw a picture of a couple burnt with hot water that was poured on them by one of the guy's wife. Northern news.

  9. Na waooo..couples killing one Another is becoming too much o,what kind of vow did they take during their wedding,Abi killing theirselves is part of the vow,Lord have mercy o...

  10. a certain babe frames her boyfriend up for beating her; whereas, na she break bottle, scatter television and other things for house still fall while destroying stuff. she ran to report at the police. .. now they fined the young guy 1.3milion to compensate her else he faces deportation.... and the babe self na from east African . And he was going to engage her this December. ..
    plus the guy just recently lost his kid brother.....
    I just feel for the naija guy....

  11. How did it get to this stage of killing a fellow human sad.
    Women should run whenever a marriage become toxic....

  12. Let us keep listening to these evil people who will tell you to endure the slaps and beating. Some body probably told her to go and "secure her home" somebody told her the lie that a woman builds a home blah blah. May she RIP and may her son be healed because this is a big scar on him.

    I pray that anyone who advises a man or woman to endure will receive 100 times what that person is receiving. Evil wicked Nigerians.

    BetterThings, thank you for leaving. DO NOT GO BACK. All those people are looking for company in their state of misery. Someone to complain to, all these evil inlaws that will ask you to bear with their ill trained children. You did not come to this earth to die for anyone. Your kids need you alive. Staying for the kids is a big lie. WOMEN, GET JOBS PLEASE, HAVE SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO. All of you can not be business women, some of you are better working under someone and earning something. Those who have skills, hustle hard and start sensible businesses. FINALLY KNOW THAT MARRIAGE IS NOT ALL YOU ARE CREATED FOR. That lie that respect is only accorded to married women is a lie. When you are suffering at home and being ridiculed, the fake superficial hailing your miserable women's committee at Church give you and the fake fake madam greetings you get outside are nothing. Make your children proud and stop being a punching bag to an irresponsible twat of a man. If Divorcee is too heavy a tag to carry, then do not get divorced just separate and stay on your own and be bearing Mrs from afar. Please ladies save yourselves.

  13. What is wrong with marriages these days. Hian! So so end time husbands and wives we see wey read about. I cover my marriage with the blood of Jesus. E go dey sweet dey go

  14. Oh my! This is just sad. May her soul RIP. I pray she gets Justice.


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