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Friday, November 10, 2017

Boredom Eliminating Post...


Women think that men have a memory bank but they dont.....Do they?lol


  1. #Never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment, is a statement of their permanent desires*

    1. Women think they can change men.

      You can never change a man except HE decides to and such a change is usually permanent. You can manipulate or nag a man to change- that's usually temporary. The best you can do? Give him cogent reasons to change, the rest is up to God and Him

  2. Replies
    1. All men cheat na. We can't continue to eat only indomie, sometimes oha and akpu or semo and egusi

      Anonymous Rasta

    2. All of us cheats, but if you ask me, women had modified the game way better than the men. B can be fuckimg her co-workers, next door neighbor, present and once in awhile old boyfriend, old rich dude and one broke ass nigger!

  3. √. Women don't know that men loves gift too

    √. They don't know sometimes we love to be taking out.

    √. They think men loves tortoise dance more.

    √. They think we love football more than family.

    √. Staring at another woman doesn't mean we don't appreciate we own. It's natural!


    1. Lol....ewo tuni tortoise dance o....😁😁😁

  4. Women always think that a man love them more than their mother....big lie
    Women always think that the man will understand that they don't need sex immediately after given birth....
    Women always think that their man should know when they are having their menstruation....

  5. Women think that a man with a fancy car have so much money to spend.

    Women think that because a man is a worker in church,he will make a good husband.

    Women think all men want from a lady is good sex.

    Women think that sleeping over in a man's house, washing and cooking for him will make him wife them.

    Women think that men are attracted to good looks only, character nko?

  6. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT10 November 2017 at 18:58

    That men are the ones controlling 'things' A BIG FAT LIE.

  7. They think is every guy that drives a car has money 💰
    They think a man should have eyes for them alone.
    They think is every guy that loves football.
    They think is every guy that says 'can I have ur number, I will give you a call' will actually call, some of us will not save the number sef
    To be contd.
    (Nana u r still d best)

    Anonymous Rasta

  8. Happily married after all. Cut it off Today! Still crying but healing is just a stone throw away. Never believe a guy who says they are separated.

  9. Its been a while here, pls serve me guguru n pop corn. Ayam here to read comments

    1. Welicom. ... sit down properly dear,take chair. ♿

  10. Women when you approach a certain age, stop thinking or seeing a suitor in every man that approaches you. Majority wants to chop and clean mouth.

  11. That men that speak in tongues are holy and will make a good husband.

    That guys with cars are stable financially.

  12. Most girls think that guys are ATM
    and that they are entitled to his money
    And he is entitled to sex

  13. Learn how to forgive peep because nobody knows tomorrow..even God forgives us whenevr we ask for his forgiveness

  14. Most women thinks that when they are with a man he must marry them.

  15. Most women think a guy is only after her body
    Women think that once a guy is not talking about the future with her,he is not serious
    Women thinks once they are dating a guy he should be spending on them

  16. Alternative Facts11 November 2017 at 01:34

    Women generally think they are the only ones a man should be chatting with on s & m..

  17. Most women know that when they visit a man for the fourth or fifth times that one good 30 mins round might be possible.

    Most women thinks that men are 90% responsible "just because of that tight thing." 😎😎

  18. What's more... If you're dating a guy and you haven't talked about being exclusive or not - did you know that you need to assume that what you have is NOT exclusive?

    This is true for men.

    And until you understand WHY men are this way, and what it means about how to talk with your man... odds are you'll make some of the big mistakes trying to move into a committed relationship, and he'll pull away.
    In one role you become the CONVINCER. You are the one subtly making sure you spend time together, making sure plans come together... and pursuing HIM in one way or another.

    It can also happen that you don't become the Convincer, but instead take on the role of the RESISTOR.

    The Resistor resists largely in part simply BECAUSE the other person is playing the role of the Convincer.

    When one person starts to "Convince," the natural human response is to begin to Resist.

    Did you know that before you have a committed and exclusive relationship with a man that you will have to spend time with him in an Uncommitted Relationship?

    Most women try to ignore this stage and pretend it doesn't exist because it makes them uncomfortable, and they don't know how to navigate it.

    But it's a reality when you date a man... Ignore it at your own peril.

    To help you understand this stage, this is that "in-between" stage... where you'll be more curious, and maybe even most "triggered" by how a man is acting and what it all means.

    This stage is also where all the opportunity lies in creating the early foundation for a wildly romantic and open and honest relationship...


    For setting your relationship up to fail and having the wheels come off so your relationship goes nowhere.
    A committed relationship is a relationship of CHOICE, not of obligation.

    By Christian Carter.

  19. judging a guy by first time perception


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