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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Good day Stella. Your blog is a daily tonic to some of us. If a stressed brain comes to your blog, it will surely get relief.

Stella, I never dreamt of writing a chronicle to you but right now, I have a problem which I believe can be solved by good advice from our intelligent bvs.

My wife and I met when we were both very young. Her late dad was against our union because of the difference in tribes but we still saw each other secretly because of the strong love we shared. Then her dad died and we finally got married even though some of her uncles were still against the union then. They promised to show us what stuff they are made of for disobeying the dead man who had warned us. 

We struggled and later had a child. Initially things were not so bad in our home, she was working while I was into business. Two years after, I was duped by a business partner, her company also closed down, and she took a teaching job.

 This affected me so bad, my business had crumbled after what my partner did. I later did different kind of odd jobs and saved up to start another small business. Another two years passed, fire gutted my place of business. 

As I write, I am struggling and doing all kinds of odd jobs again to put food on the table. My wife's salary is very small but we try and eat well. She was supportive initially but now the whole stress is showing on her and she have lose weight. 

Stella, she is now very frustrated I pity her most times, she lashes out at me at the slightest provocation, curses me anyhow and reports everything to her people. Her mum came for a medical treatment in the state where we live and she saw our condition. She now returned to the village and told them that her daughter is suffering in Lagos, that I can't take care of her. 

Now they have been threatening to return the bride price and take their daughter away before I kill her with suffering.

 Stella, my once loving wife is now very rude to me, she doesn't talk to me for weeks sometimes. I love this woman, she is my childhood love. Where do I start from if she leaves me? 

She and our child are all I live for. I'm not a lazy man, it seems her uncles have fulfilled their promise to show me pepper. I can't find a decent job, I go round to do menial jobs and also gather landed properties and cars that people want to sell in order to sell and make money in form of commission, you won't believe that since the beginning of this year that I started, no single person have bought anything from me

. But they buy lands and houses from others that advertised. I have so many business ideas but no funds to start up. To cap it all, I am always having strange dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. I wake up 2am-3am everyday. I have prayed and fasted, one of my cousins even took me to one spiritualist who said I should go and buy the head of a cow and bring it for cleansing, I ran away as I couldn't afford it.

The main problem now is that my wife wants to travel to her village next month(December) with our child, one of her cousins hinted me that the family have planned to stop her from coming back to Lagos. That they will return the bride price to me and collect their daughter and I may never be allowed to see my child again.

Pls advise me on what to do, I live for these two, if my wife leaves me, I can't bear to live without seeing my child. Should I take her secretly from school after their exams next month and drop her with my own mum in my village? Then tell my wife that she is with my mum and that when she comes back in January, I will go and bring her. 

I don't want to lose them both. I don't have the power to stop my wife from travelling to go see her people, she doesn't listen to me anymore because of my financial state, her mum will send her transport money in addition to her little savings and it's just once in a year that she travels home. Pls advise a brother. I'm losing it.
Sorry for the long story.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes Lord Fix it. This is serious.

    2. You seem like a good man, I think you should let her go maybe you will get all you lost, since it all started because you forced yourselves to be together. About your child let her go with her mum if you wife is a good mother but if she isn't please take her to you mum cus it's not good for a child to grow up with a mum with plenty negative issues. You guys should go your separate ways Cus you can't continue this way, when you bounce back you can try as much as possible to be in your child's life, by providing necessary things for her. Now to singles out there, never get married to a family that doesn't approve, both man or woman, the consequences is always bad

    3. Akuko brother mike ...
      Had I know always comes last.
      In your next life when the in-laws says no,you will borrow usain boat running shoes.

    4. The spiritual fight out to have started when the threat was issued
      "we will make you regret disobeying the dead man etc."
      But now, brace up to seek God in spirit and in truth.
      Fast and pray daily and don't stop; ever
      Do not mind what is happening around you now; even if she leaves
      Mind God and him only
      You will excel.

    5. Go to omega fire ministries in auchi. I pray the pastor will break the curse your in-laws have put on you. Send your daughter to your mum. If you tell her that your daughter will return in january, then she will wait till January and carry the girl. You need deliverance. Your wife's love will only return if you start doing well and that will only happen after deliverance. Please take my advice and go to auchi

  2. Poster, allow her to go!!....
    Who knows,the genesis of your problem might be from her people...
    Let her go with your child so you can look for what to do with your life...
    are you a Christian?...looks to me you are in a coven of the witches and wizard!..
    Come to SCOAN for deliverance!...

    1. My thoughts exactly @the first statement.
      Oga let her go first biko. You might 'see road' better when she does. Why arent both of you fighting the spiritual battle together? No be two of una them threaten?
      Please let her go first. I promise you when thing pick up she will come back.

    2. As if it is that easy....?

  3. Hmmmm.....Poster i am so sorry nd i pity u,, I don't know what to say but try nd make peace nd talk sensibly to her before she travels

  4. Nkpochi Nti n'egbu Nwata!

  5. Bro needs a job!
    Let them go, I pray doors open for you,
    I'm sure if mother nature smiles on you, she'll return, chill n be a man.

  6. Such a pity. You are in Lagos and sell land and houses? There was this assistant pastor of my church who told us he and his wife wanted to buy a land one time and put up a building. He said he wants to sha have a property in Lagos. When I go to church tomorrow I will ask him if he has bought it.

  7. Pls don't do juju from any herbalist. That cow head will end up in soup pot. Pray harder. Go to MFM headquarters for deliverance to break any barrier put in your life by wicked people. God will restore your home.

  8. When you pass through trying times, please dear learn to stand. Nothing in life is permanent even hardship. It's a phase and it'll pass. Don't run to spiritualists, they'll only complicate issues. Wait on God alone and He'll help you. Beg your wife to be patient with you. Remind her of how you first started. I pray she has a change of heart.

  9. This what you get when you go against living and spirit. Let her go while look for some thing doing
    Olybekee Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

  10. Stella this one that is only men that have been sending chronicles this week, wahala dey o.

    Uncle go and borrow money to buy the things for cleansing. You will get the money back within a short time after. All these businesses you see standing firm is not ordinary eye that they use to do it. Those people successful will not tell you

    1. Jesus....sister is that ur nipple i see

  11. Be a man mister and allow them to go. This is an opportunity to for you to hustle without distraction. Trust God, by the time you make it they will return or do you prefer her to stay and suffer more? Pity her naa and let go for now if truly you love her

  12. Oga let her go. She will come begging when you make it as I believe you will make it. I will put you in my prayers always. Keep praying and fasting, also, don't keep quiet, tell people your condition and let them know you need help. May God be with you.

  13. Pls let her go, there is a strong connection between your struggle and her family. Your liberation may come from there.

  14. Pls poster don't add devilish things to your prayers. I saw where you said they took you to jujuman that requested for a cow head in your write up. You cannot serve two masters. Focus on one.

  15. Those that are making sales are probably doing charms. People that sell cars, houses and lands use dark things. Go and cook yourself well if you want to be successful in it.

  16. Pls man up for ur daughter's sake. Let her go and while she's away go on a personal spiritual retreat. I believe your spiritual eyes will be opened. God will make a way 4 u

  17. Poster let her go so she can be free to roam with the village goats. When you make money tomorrow will she come back ? Yes she will but pls don't take her back. Marriage is for better for worse. I wish can have your bank details.

  18. Poster let her go so that u will b free. Onye nwe ego, onwe nwanne(wen u hv money she will run bk) let her go

  19. Let her go dear poster who knows ur breakthrough is on ur door knocking

  20. This is sad. Let her go abeg, God will liberate you.

  21. Poster let her go and u wd see weda u won't get ur breaktru! May God wants her to leave u so dat he can give u his blessings unadulterated! Do midnight prayers,cry your heart out To God,tell him to settle u,visit d blessed Sacrament in any catholic church around u,go der,kneel down,cry out to our Lord Jesus christ,tell him ur heart desires,cry out to him d way jabez criedbout to God,u wld see weda God Wld Not Turn Tins around For Ur Good! God Wld settle U dis end of year trust me and mark watch ve just told u!pls go look for any blessed Sacrament in any catholic church around u and go kneel down and pray cry out To God!God Must And Will Settle U in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!am talking frm wat God Is doing and is about To do For me dis year! Am a living testimony of God's Goodness Tru D Blessed sacrament!its well with You!

  22. Let her go, free yourself from evil. But your child ? You may never see him. This happened to my in law. His Igbo wife left Benin for Christmas in 1975, till date he hasn't seen any of his 3 children. He was never allowed to see them. You know the Japanese syndrome? When a Japanese woman run away from your house into their embassy or country, that's it , you will never see that child. Some tribes are like that in Nigeria. But please free her, what are you doing with a woman who insults and disrespects you. What type of foolish love is that. A woman who cannot stand by you when you down is not worth the stress.

    Alexander the great.

    1. You don't say? He won't see his child again? Then he should collect his child from her. I won't allow him let her go with the child if he was my brother.

  23. Allow her some space, it is time for your upliftment.

  24. I will say you should intensify your prayer. Wake up between 1am and 3am to pray. For the time been, let her go so that you can fix your life. It is well with you

  25. Let her go abeg so that u can have time to hustle n pray well without distraction

  26. Her village people have turned her back to you and closed her eyes thats why she is rude to you. She still loves you but her eyes are blocked by the wicked. I know you love her and love your child but let her go, you can take your child from school and drop her at your mum as you said because the truth is if she goes with that child you will never see that child again. Just act cool and calm when you do this so she doesnt start a fight but please let her go and your breakthrough will come.

    She will come back when things get better becauae the jazz they use on her will definately clear form her eye one day but for now man up and take control of your life and breakthrough.

    Please hold on to God alone He will see you through.


  27. Poster....please, free this woman. Let her go so that you can find solution to your situation...I pray God help you

  28. This poster seems to really be in love with his wife. Truth is, if he let's her go and then things start working for good for him.... and madam wife decides to cry, wail and beg for a come back, he'd accept again.

    Dear poster, if that's your wife's plan, I guess you should let her go and before that try and get a legal binding ( by this I mean shared custody) and make both her and her people know that you're going to be there in your child's life after all, you paid bride price and are ( or was) legally married to the child's mother.

  29. Let her go mr,do midnight prayers from 12am to you,also go for deliveranve at mfm.Her family is the causer of all your problems.

  30. Poster I see u mean well. Let her return but try and go with her. Speak to some 1 in her family who u trust and leave her there. U need time to sort ur self financially. Speak to ur wife abt this arrangement and beg her to understand. Ask good family members for help and get closer to God. Don't forget to call her regularly and send something for baby. It is well

  31. Poster llet her go but not with your child. For her to start disrespecting and keeping malice with you shows she is tired of the marrriage and @ thesame time, regretting going against her familiy's wish. Once she steps there, she will not come back. Let her go for if anything shhould happpen to her while still with you, the family will so deal with you. I know a man the wife left with their daughter and left the sick son with him, both the man and the son are late and the woman is nowhere to be found. All effort by the family to get in touch with her failed. So, let her go but not with the child.

  32. I guess it's no more for better for worse.
    Marriage is such a joke these days.

  33. Poster, let her go, not because I feel her family is connected to your current state, but because sometimes you need a little distance to see things clearly. She needs it to truly appreciate you. Pls I know you are thinking you can't do without her, but you can! No one has died of hardship. You will scale thru!

  34. You have a problem which you perceive to be diabolically spiritual.
    And you ran to a "spiritualist"; a diabolic intermediary
    What did you expect if not a compounding of the problems?
    Why not run to God and stay with him until he resolves this issue?
    Whether your wife and child leaves or not, God is able to give you a future and a hope

    We had some issues in our family which I can't go into in details now
    It involved both your type of financial downturn and threats to lives;
    terminal illness that was sapping money.
    We all in the family began a fast on a daily basis
    When it got worse, we did not stop but continued
    All the suggestions to go to one place or the other,
    we turned down and told people who claim to love us to fast and pray with us.
    If one wanted us to see one's "pastor or man of God'
    we asked them to "tell your pastor about us and let him/her pray for us.
    The daily fasting, praying and sharing scriptures lasted for months
    And everything was calm, healed, delivered, jobs restored
    And the folks that were behind it confessed.
    We did not stop fasting and praying but now made it like thrice a week
    mainly on weekends just to keep spiritually fit.

  35. Please ooo dnt go to any juju for anything o that one will Even worsen the Situation, pray pray pray, if you know MFM or CLAM at Ojodu go their for proper deliverance, the Lord God will see you through and turn your situation around in Jesus mighty Name...


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