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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Hello Stella, thanks for this platform and all your good deeds towards others may God richly bless you.

I'm so torn apart and I'm writing exams in few days, so I thought sending a chronicle will help me to be a little bit strong.

I met this guy 5yrs ago as a virgin he was my first and the one who disvirgined me, I later found out he had a lady he was in a serious relationship with so codedly and I was so heart broken and broke off with him.

After almost a year, he came pleading and I accepted him back not knowing he's still with this lady but still coded.

The summary of it all is that he keeps lying to me not to have anything to do with any woman when he comes back, and I keep letting my self down to accept him back only to later find out it all lies.

He recently relocated back to the country we met and came back pleading again I reminded him of all his girlfriends and he told me he's done with women as he's grown now and needs to make money and settle down.

Stella I went back to him thinking its been 5yrs now so he might have changed but no, the ex he was seeing at first is still in the picture they are no more together but they both have refused to let go of themselves. When I asked him who he had sex with last he told it was this same ex and that was when he was passing through Lagos to the country we are now and out of the blues she called and wanted seeing him so he told her the hotel he lounged and they met there.

Apart from this ex, there are other girls too I snooped and found out tho he lied about not having anything to do with them.

I've never been a beneficiary of his money because we're always on and off for 5 years now. so it's not that I'm after the money.

It's not the sex either as i don't really enjoy sex bMy problem is that after all what this guy has put me through I still have a soft spot for him when he comes back beNow is this same ex who he claimed has traveled out for her masters in dubai called again yesterday and he went out to pick her call, I later asked him who called and he tried denying I couldn't take it any longer and just had to spill all what he lied about with the different ladies and his ex which I snooped and found out (he even told me he left his kid sis with his lawyer but the girl is with another of his girlfriend back home) he started begging and explaining telling me he didn't wanna get me angry and hurt with the truth, that I should try and understand.

But I see no reason why someone who claims to love you will need your understanding based on lies, series of times we've been back together I've seen a lady as his screen saver, his ex has chatted me up once through his phone at night when I whatsapped him threatening me with acid and all that if I don't leave her man,( that's how I got to knew about her in the first place)another messaged me on her own.

I'm done for good with him finally because before you leave your sis with your girlfriend when even your blood elder sister who is even married with kids is alive then that's not just a girl you just using and will break off from her when you're able to bring your sis to come stay with you so for now I should understand he's playing the love thing along with her because of the kid sis. I wouldn't want someone to toy when my emotions that way so I let him and all his gfs and ex with the different stories attached to why they are all lovey dovey be.

I can't let someone keep using me as a doormat but I'm heart broken because I've tried other relationships and once I'm been cheated on I feel I'm not loved enough to be the only woman I'm a man's life and I quit. I know he came back because I'm now the available one for him here but thank God I found out all the lies but it hurts and even hurt more that when ever he comes back he keeps lying to win me over and when I discover the truth I quit but there's no going back again NEVER.

Stella and bvs pls I need advice on what prolly I don't know, is it impossible for a man to love one woman and be true and faithful to her?

How do I love and trust again? I keep being cheated on and when once I notice it I'm off those who are married is that they ignore the cheating aspect and still get married?

How do I get over this repeated heartbreaks? The ladies in the house whose relationships is a one man to one woman thing how do they do it? Please I need advice and people to talk to so I can be a bit strong for my exams

Love hurts Stella how do people get married? I need help please.


  1. when a virgin gives a man her ila otu, she will give him her heart too join. Sorry oh sisi. Next time dont love with your heart. Forget about him. Go out and try other things. It must not be about man.

    There are many things you can do to occupy your mind and be happy.

    Stop waiting for a man to validate your love. Dont love with your heart but with your head. Use your head to calculate well because the heart is weak when it is in love.

    You will be fine sisi.

    1. Too emotional. Couldnt read all d epistles. Bottom line u will be fine o, it will pass & u will be a dating expert. D most important, no fail that exam o

    2. HOw people get married?
      By closing their legs and waiting till the man pays their bride price!
      You "don't want yourself to be a door mat?"
      But you spread yourself as door mat
      and received his penis; didn't you?
      He merely matched past what you spread
      And the pitiable thing is that you
      are still spreading your legs for him
      And exposing yourself to risks of "acid bath"
      It is not a threat, it is real and you better
      reorder your life and keep off from this boy
      that is using all you ladies as "holes to relieve" his
      raging libido. And girl, you can't do it without God
      Ask him to help you.

    3. Love does not hurt
      LUST hurts
      Lust is greedy
      Uncaring and that is what I saw in your story.
      The "boy" has sex buddies in all the cities he passes through
      and you are one of them.

    4. Eyaaa chai! Thats why its not adviceable to carry a man on ya head wallahi. Wont be easy at all but just try as much as you can to concentrate, read and pass d forthcoming exams biko. You will get over what you are going through with time and it will surely make you stronger. OK?!ehugs

    5. My dear, love doesn't hurt

  2. How old is this poster? sound so naive and childish!...
    This guy has not paid your bride price so why are you worried about his cheating lifestyle?...
    See,you can hardly see a guy with only one girl friend!'s not possible cos guys don't put all their eggs in one basket!!...
    I will advise you start dating other guys codedly too!...
    Give other guys a chance mehn and watch how you will stop getting bordered about who he cheat with!..
    No single girl should date only one guy!!...

    1. So so naive gosh how old are you ?? abeg forget that guy..

    2. She's 17. From what i read up there. No fail that exams o

    3. Queen is well known to be controversial but this is one fact that will spin your life around. Poster please also take this piece of advice.
      Use your head when u are wiv men. Don't be quick to fall in love with any of them else you get the greatest dissappointment.
      Do on today and off throughout next week with each one of them that way they want to have more of u around.
      Practice rotation. I am not a player neither am I joking about this. Just make this your new yourself. To do this you must love yourself. That's what this attitude depicts and only then can u transfer that same value to the men so they can love you back as you love yourself.
      Doing good girl no dey pay, it only makes them feel you are uninteresting. Put yourself first always.

    4. @ Linda 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    5. My queen Iga adi your advise reset my brain to factory mode,now I am in Ghana visiting one of my Nigerian catch, Will be rolling to S A in 2weeks time honestly I don't have time for my cheating boyfriend, cos am top of the game internationally now& am sure am buying a car atlist 2.5m for Xmas holiday, Tnks for your advise, I don't even love men now I only accept if you have something to offer as in better money, who love help,

  3. Eyah..this happens when you love without your sense

    1. baby girl, do away with that guy and I mean don't ever have anything to do with him again. He sees you as his f***ing board. He knows you are naive and he is just using you. for now erase his name from your mind, face your exams and make sure you pass, I don't want to hear story. Anytime his thought crossed your mind, see him as a man you use to satisfy your desire. Don't let the experience with him make you feel all mean are like dt. He is just an idiot.
      And if you are tempted to go back to him, remember he is only using you, he will marry his other babe.

  4. Do you know why Stella refused to use her red pen?? Because this is one of the dumbest chronicle ever sent in. I wonder what planet some of us women live in that we keep seeing signs written boldly on the wall and yet we keep acting stupidly and foolishly.

    1. U talk asif u have never made mistake or like your so perfect if we check your life now we might see u have even done more foolish things u don't know dis lady full story or her background don't judge nobody have it perfect

    2. Yes Fancyface you are right thisis one of the dumbest chronicles for 5yrs you still haven't received sense, even if you say you are done with this your chronicle I believe if he begs you you can accept him back... if you like don't read for the exam you are having soon, your certificate is yours forever and if you have good grades good for you, no one will drag your certificate with you your name will be boldly written on it... but this guy whether you like it or not he his not yours you will continue to share him like hotspot... you better receive sense

  5. Love and women, babe, don't be going back to your vomit, have some respect for yourself...what if you contact disease , how would you be able to forgive yourself?
    have an open mind, and someone will come.

    Leave that guy for good and stop being played, you are too old for that...come on now😐

  6. "LOVE" doesnt hurt! What hurts is Loving the wrong person..

    @Poster;People treat you just according to how well you carry yourself..
    You keep going back;and that is why he keeps taking you for granted...

    The moment you show a philandering man that you have got esteem issues;and that he is the best shot you have got,then be ready for being tossed like a coin at any point..

    Its good to fall in love dear;but what about loving yourself first more than any human can?

    Ask yourself @Poster;if you cant "Love yourself" for yourself;how can any other human do that for you??

    My dear;The value you place on yourself determine how people treat you..


    The greatest love is that which you give to yourself,and i think you need a break to spend time with yourself and reevaluate your priorities...



    1. Poster please do as Martins has described here.

  7. It pays to be single. Try the convent poster

  8. Replies
    1. True that. But women are foolish, let me rephrase, majority of naive ladies out there. Queen and boss has said it here several times, men are meant to be seriously tortured and tasked for any relationship to work. Do otherwise and set yourself up for doom. Since, I started tasking my bf, the peace of mind and joy I feel knows no bound.
      Poster, why are you troubling yourself?

    2. Ever wondered why a bride is to be "disvirgined"(in poster's words) by her husband? It is because the emotional tie to it is so so powerful, that it makes a woman lose her senses, that she only wants to submit to her husband.
      Unfortunately, the groom has to pay the price first before the bride becomes his.
      I sat down one day and thought about why our forefathers tasked the groom heavily before giving their daughter out. This is our culture of old oo.
      Poster, you see where you made mistake now? Where is your bf enduring interest after investing nothing? You can go back if you like sha..

    3. So how much your parents tey sell you to your husband?

  9. I feel so sorry for u. Not all men are the same. Please cry as much as you can now, it helps to heal the heart and pain. Love you self first and wait, a good man will find you. Not all men are unfaithful and cheats. Open your heart to love again, if you stay bitter you wont be able to find the right man.

  10. I couldn't read to the end; too long and full of typographic errors. I do hope queen is able to read all though as your chronicle looks like her area of specialty. Good luck

  11. Go shopping,party with your girlfriends and you LL recover from that heartbreak asap!!!
    Yes! A man can love one woman.
    Maybe you shouldn't be looking for who to love you,just enjoy loving yourself first.
    You may find love unexpectedly....

  12. Mehn.... your Typos are legendary!!! It's simply out of this world..
    Oh well, i don't understand a single thing you wrote ..perhaps some people might understand your chronicles
    Good luck 🍀👍🏻

  13. Men don't put their eggs in one basket.
    Whenever you are with guy, don't think you are d only one he's browsing, you might be d only one, but for how long? Pple slip up every day, be open minded n you will not experience heart break, love with ur head n half of ur heart, man no be passport to happiness, they just here to oil our engines.

    1. Now I get it! That's why you still single tasting several dick upandown Don t go and marry, gweggi

    2. Foolish anons when has marriage become an achievement

  14. u are hurt bcos u have only him, try to date other guys so it will not hurt u too much wen he cheat.

  15. Funny girl,the guy is not taking you serious you want to die there,lolz
    You are one of his side chick. The main chick is the one with his sister. You can remain there and fight or take your leg and run,remember to take your heart with

    1. Even the one with the sister no be main sef

    2. Even the one with the sister no be main sef

  16. Poster, just forget about the guy and face ur exams.

    The man for u will come.

  17. Madam, please put a value tag on your self. You seems to lack self confidence.Remember how you package yourself before any man matters a lot. Don't accept that guy again. Kindly trash him out in the bin and delete him from the recycle bin. And be patient with other guys you will meet in the future

  18. Poster: try and eat another soup that’s why the guy is mismanaging you upon you gave him the Pinani first, change your dancing steps or do you want to die of heartattack? Look good always go and see movies with friends, mehn free style your life men will even be complaining that you don’t have their time because you sound so nerved in this planet earth ( mba nu)

  19. Poster you write so advice to you is to find another relationship and keep your thing since it seems you get hurt easily and you are very light headed,date different men,not sleep with different men ooo.and I think you are one of your so call boyfriend sidechick,you just didn't know,you thinking you are the main babe shows how naive you are,from your narrative,any sharp babe can deduce you are actually the guy's distraction when he's bored with his main girlfriend.stop falling for his lies.move on girl and pls face your studies

    1. You know you can still use the space bar after a punctuation mark right?

  20. Can you learn to love yourself,you deserve to be happy,build your self confidence and stop settling.You keep going back because you think you won't find another man?You will find a better man who will love you and respect you.You keep going back to your vomit,you will marry him now and he miserable for life.Sister,wake up from this thrash you call a relationship

  21. My own is, face your exams because in about 6months u will wonder why u wasted time u should have spent reading, thinking about somebody that was not worth it.

  22. Its either the man is married to that babe or about to get married to her.
    He is just coming back to shine your tight puna as he knows its only him knacking
    I hope you are sha using protection for these knacks
    If you must be a mumu, please be a mumu alone, dont bring a baby to suffer it.
    He will soon have 3 children and still be knacking you steady, you will be there forming I love him, I cant leave him
    The owner of the man has warned you to leave her man, you will not hear, until they carry acid scatter your face.
    Stay there and be mumuing, in this 2017 when babes are scoring big things.
    Build your life around him inugo? If you leave him, your oxygen go finish okwa ya? jisike nwanyi oma.

  23. The guy acts like Maje. Always cheating and coming back with lies. Thank God Toke finally took to her heels.

  24. Hey lady, was your placenta buried in that guy's waist? Since you've seen and sensed the danger(s), why not walk and get busy and get over it?
    Ok, you want to know how you can get over it, write all he's done against you on the ground, take a few steps back. Keep going. Keep going. Now run with all the strength you can muster and jump over that. You see? You just got over ALL he's done to you.

  25. Love hurts? Says who??!!

    How do people get married? Firstly, they pitch tent with someone who loves, cares for and respects them. Then they handle their emotions, grow in love, get their shit together and say I do.

    If you like remain there and be sending chronicles. Don't gist your heart and find someone who is worth your time. I am certain you don't even love yourself. Anyhoo, its chronicles and we at always here to read 😁

  26. What a touching chronicle, please take a hug, you will be fine.
    Leave that guy, just let him go, a better man will come.
    Face your studies.... I wish you good luck in your on coming exams.
    Jesus cares and so do I.

  27. He Disvirgin you that why you still have soft spot towards you and that is the reason he keep treating you like law-man trash, Nne make a decision and never see the he-goat again youself will see how things will turn around for good, biko move forward and never backward. Stay blessed.

  28. Poster....its very obvious that this man is a time waster. Forget him now and face your coming exam. Block him out of your mind entirely.
    By God's grace someone that will love and appreciate you will find you....never let anyone be in charge of your happiness dear. You will be fine

  29. My dear, if you spent as much time on your studies as you did on this useless man, you will pass your exams with flying colours and write much better grammar. You are way too young for this nonsense. Develop a backbone, say a firm NO and keep your legs closed. Read books or google articles on improving your self confidence and self esteem. Recite positive affirmations every day and start planning your future career/business. All this wasted energy and time on a useless boy who NEVER even liked you. Chai!

  30. LOL, men wahala.
    Sha don't kill yourself

  31. If you spent one quarter of the time brushing up your English that you are using on this guy, you might have won Nobel Prize.
    I don't know how to kill myself over someone who doesn't value me. I don't know how it feels so I can't advice you.

  32. Babe I think you should learn to love yourself and be by yourself for a moment. If you have to date, do so without expecting commitment. For the fun of it. Date a foreigner, learn from such a person you know. As for the guy your first, I'm sure a lot of people experienced what you have gone through and take it from one whohas been there and done that, with time, you will not want anything to do with the mofo. You won't even want to hear his name. That will happen when you realise that sh*t happens and you deserve to be happy and that you are worth more than what he is putting you through first or not. Be strong and face your studies. Thank God you are not in Nigeria at the moment because a broken heart and recession na die lol.

  33. Pick up yourself girl n move on. Stop allowing him to use you as emotional waste bin. Yes ,remind me you are attached to him, do yourself that favour . else, you will become depressed, fail your exam and loose him cos he will tell you he can't marry a loser. Go ur different ways for now and develop yourself, you might meet someone better. My two cent though

  34. Pick up yourself girl n move on. Stop allowing him to use you as emotional waste bin. Yes ,remind me you are attached to him, do yourself that favour . else, you will become depressed, fail your exam and loose him cos he will tell you he can't marry a loser. Go ur different ways for now and develop yourself, you might meet someone better. My two cent though

  35. Sad you have to go through such in the hands of your first love, first cut they say is the deepest, trust me I know, you seem to be going in circles, stay away from that guy he's bad news. Be more open minded and fun, relax, do you for now, trust me someone who is worth it would come by, you just have to be patient and not be in such a hurry. Also go out more, do outdoor hobbies, and hang out with friends. Dont be so quick to fall in love, make friends and see how it goes from there. There are still a few good men out there.


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